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    Grognard since the mid-eighties. Started with Star Frontiers, FASA Trek and playing bards when it was a multiclass nightmare. Began d100 with Pendragon, Stormbringer and CoC. Just got Force and Destiny so now i have entered all 3 SW rpgs. Palladium (Robotech) and WFRP were cool when I was a kid. I prefer grittier to historical fantasy but it ultimately comes down to the group you game with.
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    I am currently ungamed, but hope to reverse that once things get settled here in England.
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    Cambridgeshire, UK
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    Just moved to England. Would like to find my people here. I am coincidentally near locations in the Merrie England intro scenario.

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  1. Thanks for the response Joerg. Feel free to message me privately, but I'm interested in your thoughts in general about the German gaming scene. Drive-Thru has a fair amount of German material. What are Germans playing? Are they doing it in German or English? I have endless inane questions.
  2. Hey Guys, So, I've decided to resurrect my childhood German, and I thought, what better way to do this than to find things I know deeply and think about more than perhaps is sensible, but to do those things in another language! yay. I know there's a body of RuneQuest material out there in German, and Call of Cthulhu as well. How many forum members are German speakers? Are there German forums? I'd appreciate a gatekeeper to point me in some useful directions. CP
  3. Does anyone know if the author is on this forum?
  4. I would definitely be interested in such a project. Mine the heck out of the Aubrey-Maturin (Master &Commander) novels for period touches, political intrigues and espionage. My wife would be an easy sell for such a campaign.
  5. Logres is great. I like the layout and the lack of duplicative text from previous books. The maps are good and useful to the base campaign and elsewhere. The included campaign was excellent and had a great balance of fighting, figuring and leveraging cultural factors that didn't seem forced. I appreciated how the Saxons and co were portrayed and how their cultural perogatives were shown as drivers for their aggression. This was a great approach and the nuances shown made them very playable. Having consumed several Viking and a couple Saxon themed RPGs or supplements over the years I feel justified in labeling this the best depiction of the Saxons ever. The author did a great job of laying out the cultural bits and integrating them into play without beating the players over the head or making it clunky or contrived. My only issues are perhaps editorial. In the campaign there were a few places where the settlement names might've been switched or inconsistent. This might sort itself out after I read through it a few more times. Also I have not played out the mass combat rules but we're the Saxon forces under powered compared to the Llys spearmen?
  6. Ugh, whatever. I'm sorry but a faux-Trek setting which includes the premise that Klingons worship Satan, not a merely evil deity but the actual KJV Devil? ... Just. No. Stop.
  7. Has anyone filled out the map of Europe a bit more for Renaissance as a setting? Wars of Religion in Bohemia? Poland? Ottoman lands? I've always wanted to run a Quest for the Lost Ark campaign around the historical Portuguese expedition to Abyssinia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cristóvão_da_Gama
  8. The character sheet is cut off at the bottom, at least that's how it displays for me. Otherwise well done!
  9. Good start. Keep us posted as it develops.
  10. Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell would make a great Mythic Vikings setting...
  11. That's what I was thinking about SM Stirling's Nantucket/Emberverse. Or a similar approach with some of the previously mentioned Franco-Belgian comics. Also one could probably get away with a much smaller supplement for something like the Quest for the Time Bird world of Akbar.
  12. Yeah I've recently rediscovered all these comics that I read in dribs and drabs in the 80s from Heavy Metal but could never find outside of the magazine in the US. Pre-interwebz obvz.
  13. Someone mentioned Möbius.... What about Valerian and Laureline? Or the Jodoverse? I mean Jodorowsky is probably waaaaaay easier to work with nowadays ... :| But there's a good amount of French Language d100 fandom, who has the gaming rights for all those French comics, ala Metal Hurlant?
  14. My votes (and monies) would go for: Dune SM Stirling's Emberverse/Nantucket settings I've already suggested Naomi Novik's Temeraire for Renaissance The writings of the wizard Klarkash Ton, seem a bit pulpy for Mythras, my opinion, but I'd totally go for a "dying Earth" setting, from Athas, the world of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards to Zothique. Mythic Europe (like that first Avalon Hill version of RQ. Same time ish as Mythic Britain or later but before it becomes generically Medieval, but rest of Europe (Barbarians and Charlemagne, Byzantium at the heights, Persians are Magians, Arabs aren't yet or are just about to hear about an-Nabi...)
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribal_Hidage So I am a fan of the Midlands partly because of this complex history of being a border. I live a mile from the River Nene, and I am surrounded by layers of towns that were Roman and then Saxon and then sometimes even Viking. Some of the bits of bog iron I pick out of my flower beds may be slag from Roman iron works. Anyways I want to set a campaign imagining a Saxon conquest/settlement of the Nene valley and areas around the Fens. What would be useful to depict is Roman settlements north of London and south of Lincoln (Ermine Street or the A1 if you prefer), East Anglia, and a little bit to the left, say out to Warwick. Terrain depicted. Tribal areas. What do you think?