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    Started gaming in 1978, played just about everything through to the mid 90's then slowed down to a dozen or so a year. I think I have finally settled on a system. ;)
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    Mythras: Classic Fantasy, Mythras Fallout (home brew)
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    Sol System, Earth, North America, New England, New Hampshire, Rochester, at my computer.
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    Writer of Mythras Classic Fantasy and BRP Classic Fantasy. Classic Fantasy Line Manager for The Design Mechanism

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  1. Picked up Classic Fantasy (Mythras) in hard cover to support your work. I have to say, I liked your BRP book but your Mythras one is a work of art. Well done. I look forward to lifting tons of content from it in the future. The organizations and spells as always are very well done.


    Any additional supplements on the way besides the expert set?

    1. threedeesix


      Thanks. I appreciate the complement and support.

      You can look for the first of many adventures to release for Classic Fantasy very, very soon. Plus, check out the Classic Fantasy Expert set if you want/need some higher rank spells and cant wait for the Companion.


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