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  1. I wanted to start a discussion for those of us in the hobby using a BRP system as to how you feel the current state of BRP systems are as a whole, and how we as a community can solve some of the percieved issues surrounding BRP to bring more people into the system. Personally I'm unhappy with the state of BRP as a system and although it's the only system I run I'm frankly worried about the future of the products surrounding the system. Although open license systems will always exist having a big, officially branded system is always great to attract new players. I feel the biggest
  2. Magic World is the most recent supplement from Chaosium that is the Elric RPG stripped of Moorcockisms. Some people find it dull, but I find it streamlined and I feel it gets out of the way of the storytelling. So with that said, you might have more luck finding a play by Skype or one of those RPG playing sites for Magic World, but it could have a bolted on setting that doesn't appeal to you. That would be my first avenue of research. BRP is a relatively obscure RPG system in and of itself so trying to find a game under an older system would probably be next to impossible. Unfortun
  3. I have no ties to the Elric property and it is still my preferred Fantasy system. Why? A combination of mechanical things. A lot of things are abstracted and not simulationist. I am well past the point of enjoying buying mountains of books and having to cross reference powers in half a dozen of them to figure out how they interact (D&D style) or even flip through several pages of rules on combat styles, combat maneuvers and those kinds of things. Magic World provides simple, cinematic combat. A couple of swings and misses until someone takes a big hit and then combat is over. V
  4. Swords of Cydoria and Fractured Hopes are my go to roleplaying settings. I often mash them up. In fact I ran the Swords mission in a Fractured Hopes world during the last campaign I ran. It went absolutely sideways and I loved it. Great settings both of them.
  5. Personally I'm against anything that slows down combat. I want it cinematic and I want it quick. Doing a "price is right" style comparison would slow down combat for little benefit. It's simply a more granular "success matrix" that fluctuates based on skill values. Doing any sort of "effect" or comparison on the tens digit, or reducing each other's skill percent likewise slows things down. If my players complain about things like this, I remind them it is merely an abstraction. This is not meant to be a combat simulator or a video game. It's a quick and easy way to drive the narrat
  6. I'm firmly in the same boat as you. I like loose frameworks to follow, but come up with most hard rules through roleplay these days. My players call it "experience" but what they don't know is I'm just lazy.
  7. Highly recommend it. I like its voidship rules better than Cydoria's, however Cydoria's ships are powered by tech while voidships in Hopes are powered by magic. Void Sorcery is a big thing in Hopes, however Earth was destroyed by a race of biomechanical aliens who experimented on humans so there's tons of mutations / cyborgs, bio weapons, human psionics, everything you'd basically expect. I love the weapons section of Hopes. It says everything in the BRP core book exists in some of the fragments of Earth. Basically it's not too long after the loss of earth, the defeat of the evil invading
  8. Picked up Classic Fantasy (Mythras) in hard cover to support your work. I have to say, I liked your BRP book but your Mythras one is a work of art. Well done. I look forward to lifting tons of content from it in the future. The organizations and spells as always are very well done.


    Any additional supplements on the way besides the expert set?

    1. threedeesix


      Thanks. I appreciate the complement and support.

      You can look for the first of many adventures to release for Classic Fantasy very, very soon. Plus, check out the Classic Fantasy Expert set if you want/need some higher rank spells and cant wait for the Companion.


  9. I run a magic world / mythras mash up and I've been running organizations similar to how classic fantasy / mythras does it. It's a simple rank system. It doesn't decay over time as the connections you have in the organization will always remember what you've done for them - unless they get deposed, but that's another story. To track fame / infamy I use the allegiance system in Magic World. It's not exactly infamy per say, but players are much more likely to be recognized for their alignment so to speak the higher it is. I keep a loose track of the organizations they are part of, th
  10. So I picked up Fractured Hopes and Chronicles of Future Earth. Not the biggest fan of Chronicles. It's a great setting, but doesn't really introduce any new concepts. However, if someone was looking for a future fantasy type of setting book I would absolutely recommend it. Personally I tend to run my own settings so there wasn't much I could "steal" from the framework it put forth. Fractured hopes is very solid. It's very kitchen sink science fantasy. It has a bit of everything. Tons of cool concepts and setting things that would be easy to lift from it. Great book. Has a different
  11. So I got my copy of Swords of Cydoria - interesting stuff. The setting is very sci fantasy with a touch of Numenara (ala somewhat rare alien tech). I enjoy it. I might not run it straight up, but it has lots of cool concepts. Chronicles of Future Earth is still in transit so I'll report back when I get it.
  12. I like the "fiction first" point a lot. That's how I prefer to run my narratives, but it drives gameplay very well in BRP. In 3.5 D&D I ended up doing this a lot of the time anyways since I didn't want to look up rules constantly for all the nonsense my PCs tried to do. If your players can get a grasp of that (not - I want to cast 3 levels of fireball at the person with the lowest resistance kind of thing) then they will enjoy BRP or any d100 based system really.
  13. That's exactly how I prefer to run my campaigns - hence my unbridled love of MW. I build a setting, throw things occasionally at my PC's, but otherwise let them play in it.
  14. I'm going to grab Fractured Hopes, Swords of Cydoria, Chronicles of Future Earth, M-Space, and River of Heaven for my initial needs. I'll probably tap Numenara and Shadowrun for concept stuff. If none of those scratch my itch I'll probably reach out for Eclipse Phase and Traveller. (Who am I kidding - I'll end up with them eventually...) Thanks again everyone.
  15. Any good bits in particular to yank out? Spaceship creation (probably one of the main reasons I'll try to track down old Traveller), cybernetics, good hacking rules that don't make a separate game within a game the other players can't participate in, a good comprehensive weapon and armor set, anything of the like?
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