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  1. From the album: Some of my Art.

    One of my old chaosium RQ2 NPC's

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

  2. From the album: Some of my Art.

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

  3. From the album: Some of my Art.

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

  4. From the album: Some of my Art.

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

  5. From the album: Some of my Art.

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

  6. Looking forward to seeing it! I was considering converting monster manual I , II ,fiend folio. and Deities and Demigods . Perhaps my gaming ego just wants it all
  7. Thanks everyone i appreciate the input.
  8. I have found a website where you start projects with pledges from other people called kickstarter.com . I have noticed some PNP Roleplaying projects have been started on this site. i was wondering has anyone used kickstarter, and what do you think of it? If i recall correctely Punk Town was done on kickstarter. I am thinking it could be a good resourse for some of us who want to do some projects.
  9. I am curious if anyone has used alternate skill category modifiers obviously COC, and BRP use different systems for skills. Has anyone tried a system based on adding all characteristics up and that is the skill modifier, or has anyone tried having skills tied to one characteristic only? if so how well did it work? I am really curious to see what everyone has done or come up!
  10. I really like this discussion on damage. As far as melee weapons i agree there should be a chance to do 1 point of damage. However firearms get more complicated. grazes from high powered rifle or pistols are very unlikely to do only one point of damage. example a graze from a .50 BMG will never do 1 point of damage even if it was a grazing hit, we are talking about a weapon that hits with such incredible force. i do like idea of grouping max weapon damage and damage bonus into one die roll for certain weapons. I think it is great that we can rethink things reverse engineer stuff, maybe not ev
  11. Chaosium 2111 Rogue mistress stormbringer adventure ,had some weapons like pistols that gave penetration values . at one time i had penetration values for many weapons also recoil values. it does get a bit complicated, if you add penetration values then you sometimes have to lower the damage dice. I never realy found a effective version myself. you could try to convert the penetration values from twilight 2000 2nd edition, but i am not sure if that would be worth the trouble. i think probally the striker side arms mentioned above from traveler or even a conversion of mega-traveller would be
  12. Gamma World mutation conversions for BRP is in the science fiction download section. feel free to modify them as you wish. Some BRP mutations ,psychic powers, etc. have similar or the same names feel free to use the BRP book versions if you prefer. Enjoy!
  13. ,The eight attributes used in the Talislantan system are as follows: INT (Intelligence): Intellectual capacity, WILL (Will): Willpower PER, (Perception): Sensory awareness, CHA (Charisma): Presence, forcefulness, STR (Strength): Physical strength, DEX (Dexterity): Agility, CON (Constitution): Endurance, resilience, SPD (Speed): Quickness, rate of movement. Talislanta BRP INT = INT if it is not listed then it = 10, if listed take 10 + the listed value. WILL = POW if it is not listed then it = 10, if listed take 10 + the listed value
  14. a_naturalists_guide_to_talislanta 1st edition stats so far it looks like basic stats conversions would be easy take 10+the stat bonus listed example . original stats talislanta the nice thing is they give the height and weight ranges wich makes calculating size easy. if only all rpg's did that my life would be easier for doing conversions. lol! Talislanta a_naturalists_guide_to_talislanta oringinal 1E stats ARAQ SIZE: 6'-6'6'; 130-230 Ibs. EXCEPTIONAL ATTRIBUTES: STR + 2, DEX + 2, CON + 8 LEVEL: 1 + ATTACKS/DAMAGE: As per weapon employed SPECIAL ABILITIES: Survive up to six
  15. Last i knew all the Talislanta Books were free PDF downloads from the authors website, i will see if i can find the site again. Anyways i was considering doing some conversions of it my self, its just a matter of having time. doing conversions is like extra hobby for me if i cant sleep i work on projects. Also if memmory serves me i think there was other non talislanta book PDF's free for download by the author found it http://talislanta.com/?page_id=5
  16. Its working fine now, great work!
  17. I deleted the gamma world base animal stock pdf. apparently only one page of the conversion worked, i will try to fix it and upload the corrected version.
  18. Bipedal ,humanoid animal stocks are based on average of basic animal stats and a humans stats averaged by characteristic dice. example a black bear has a STR of 3D6+10 (20-21) a human has a STR of 3D6 (10-11) so average the two. A mutated humanoid black bear has a STR of 3D6+5 (15-16). Anyways that is how i do it! feel free to do it your own way or fudge things as you see fit!
  19. Oh by the way feel free to fudge or change stats or values as you see fit, i will not claim that my figures are perfect or even close. if you have questions on anything feel free to ask me. i would love to try the gamma world monsters in a rubble & ruin campaign. So far i have not detailed much on mutation except partial, and full carapace wich i touched on lightly in the gamma world animal stocks.
  20. Ok everyone my Gamma world creature and base animal stocks are in the science fiction downloads now none of the documents have images of the creatures. i did not have time to draw my own renditions. if you want images i suggest the open office files that i uploaded as you can add pictures . Hopefully i will get basic mutation conversions done soon. if you have gamma world 1e,2e,3e i think conversions are fairly simple. Well i hope everyone enjoys. Thanks Trifletraxor, i got them uploaded good job! I know its not easy keeping a site like this going, and i want to thank you for all the ha
  21. 242 downloads

    GammaWorld creatures for BRP PDF
  22. I am still getting a upload error ,is anyone else having trouble? Wondering if it might be my computer having issues. I tried PDF, and .ODS/.ODF files.
  23. Sorry everyone its been a while. unfortunately i cant get my files to upload i keep getting errors i tried .odf/.ods and tried to upload the pdf versions to but no luck. So i dont know if anyone else is having this trouble also or if its a issue with my computer.
  24. I will upload the Gamma World conversion files as soon as i can. i just tried but i keep getting a upload file error. so i will try tomorrow.
  25. I am getting a upload failor error today so i will try another day.
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