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  1. Don’t get me wrong, the internal art is , on the whole, very good. There are just a couple of, from what I remember, unfortunately large off pieces with goofy figures. I think it particularly stands out because there is a clear period aesthetic which one hopes for, and because, as you say, the cover is superb.
  2. I don’t know, as great as the Berlin book is, from the little I’ve seen, there were a few pieces of art which I felt were definitely a bit off, with goofy central characters. Rather unfortunately they were full page pieces. Im not saying we’re in Elder Secrets territory by any stretch of the imagination, but a few pieces have been a little disappointing by Chaosium’s new high standard. The question of style is another thing. Perhaps the rise of pulp play is leading the direction. As has been said, the cover of Terrors clearly suggests pulp contents.
  3. Yes, I too am concerned that the art for the world’s premium horror roleplaying game is becoming way too goofy.
  4. Is there an estimated date for Robin’s Pavis/Rubble for RQG?
  5. Psionics and Pulp Cthulhu... colour me super interested. And hats off for the diversity in the lovely illustration above. Hopefully Seth Skorkowsky will make an epic Youtube review of this similar to his wonderful Two Serpents series. If you’re out there Seth, grab the pdf please...
  6. Addison


    Similarly, is it PAY-vis or PAH-vis?
  7. Thanks for chiming in Rick - I was looking to print at the local stationers which allows for larger sizes. Obviously if there is no pdf existent then it's all moot.
  8. A simple pdf of the wrapper to allow us to print on card would be the solution.
  9. ... I wish that the Gamesmaster Pack was enclosed in something a lot stronger than the paper cover. There's no way that this is going to stand up to repeated use. Also, because of it's flimsiness, trying to feed the enwrapped bundle back into the half box is proving to be a real pain in the arse. As a standalone item the packaging may make sense but as part of a slipcase edition, which one obviously chooses partly for aesthetic reasons, durability of the 'container' should have been more of a consideration. At the moment I would be happy with Chaosium providing a pdf of this 'wrapper' so that I could print it on card stock, something akin to the half box it's supposed to slide into. Like I said in the title, I love everything else about the set.
  10. Please tell me that there will be a Sun County book coming out for RQG. That would make my day.
  11. So this is going to include the Chaos Gods book material?
  12. For those wanting to get a flavour of the setting, as well as a great TV show, I really recommend watching Babylon Berlin.
  13. Will the slipcase contain a second printing of the basic rulebook i.e. with errata amended?
  14. I am hoping that Chaosium bring their wonderful ‘new era’ production values to bear.
  15. Here's hoping that Chaosium can add their stunning art and layout to the mix.
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