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  1. It's your forum. But it disturbs me that certain attitudes and derogatory terms are being allowed without any moderator censure. All this 'woke', 'snowflake', 'SJW' crap. At some point a laissez faire attitude becomes enablement. Certain types just want attention. I also can't see this as doing the forum, or indeed the company, any good whatsoever. I think you're being naive. This thread isn't 'quarantined'. Anyone who sticks their head around the corner of 'new posts' is going to be led to this car crash. If that's fine with you then I think Chaosium need to make it crystal clear to new comers that this isn't their forum and the actions of the moderators are not necessarily endorsed by them. Like I said, I have received several communications from newcomers saying that this isn't a place they feel safe coming to. But again, it's your forum.
  2. Yes, I posted it then took it down because I realised it was too extreme. Maybe you can learn something.
  3. Anyway, back to the topic: it’s a real coup to have Critical Role run the game, but it’s also testament to the worldwide popularity of Call Of Cthulhu. Did I read somewhere that Call Of Cthulhu is actually the most popular RPG in Japan, ahead of D&D?
  4. Chaosium need to clone Mike Mason and put him in charge of product development for the RQ line. What Mike has done in terms of speed of delivery of quality products for Call Of Cthulhu has been remarkable.
  5. Are there new ‘Chaosium Editions’ of the main rulebook and Great Pendragon campaign on the horizon?
  6. I criticised the cover art for being a bit too goofy for straight ahead Cthulhu gaming but wanted to applaud Chaosium for their positive representation and inclusivity regardless. Apparently the last part has proved contentious to some people on the forum. Who’d have thunk it. And in today’s world. And any time the phrase ‘political correctness’ gets bandied around as a derogatory term, game over.
  7. Because obviously making sure there is white, western male representation in gaming is a deep seated problem, and the one that we’re trying hard, despite some vocal resistance, to promote.
  8. I think you may have added a few unnecessary words. Perhaps it's not: 'for the sake of avoiding complaints about the products and their artwork not being inclusive enough'. Perhaps it's simply: 'for the sake of being inclusive'. Obviously I can't speak directly for Chaosium, or others, so it's just an educated guess.
  9. Sorry to derail, but can you give me an example, hypothetical or otherwise? Just so I understand exactly what you mean.
  10. You know that they need not be mutually exclusive, right...?
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