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  1. Yes. I forgot the satire emoji.
  2. So the new version is going to be PBtA then?
  3. I’m hoping that a new edition is on its way with the lavish art that it so richly deserves.
  4. I see that the second edition of Cthulhu Dark Ages has popped up on a few online retailers as a preorder. Are there any advance glimpses of what we can look forward to?
  5. Are we going to find out what’s been happening in Sun County with a new book anytime soon?
  6. Great interview that touches on, amongst other things, gaming and fantasy. https://appendixnbookclub.com/2019/12/02/an-interview-with-michael-moorcock/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Any news on whether the license is likely to return to Chaosium?
  8. Are the two main books - rulebook and campaign - going to get a New Chaosium facelift?
  9. From MM himself: ‘This is a perfect time for the series, which seems more relevant today than it did when I originally wrote it.’
  10. Addison


    Regarding RQ/Glorantha, for the last twenty years 'patience' has been my middle name.
  11. Addison


    There is a balance to be had between quality and dumping stuff on the shelves as fast as possible, obviously. Yes, I totally agree about MRQ...
  12. Addison


    I don't care which version, as long as it is thriving.
  13. Addison


    My interest is only Runequest. I'm not trying to apportion blame for the sake of it. At some point there is a trade off between obsession and making things 'perfect', and simply making things. I say this as an obsessive musician who has to fight this everyday. I have tried to say this without appearing insulting. I am not alone in this view of what is going on. The concern for Runequest's health : Runequest is as much mine as yours. I hope you have the understanding to realise that I do not mean that either as a put down or in arrogance but out of love for the game.
  14. Addison


    Obviously I wouldn't want this post to seem disrespectful of Greg's passing, nor of Jeff's love and care for Glorantha or the quality of the material Chaosium is releasing. However, I still believe the points are valid and significant regarding the longevity of Runequest.
  15. Addison


    Posted this elsewhere but thought it worth repeating here:I have a suspicion that we have now moved out of the era where Runequest fans were always in danger of being 'Gregged' only for it to be replaced by one where the game is now being 'Jeffed'. I suspect that the bottleneck to getting a steady stream of product is Jeff's desire to 'dot the i's and cross the t's' on every single word of Glorantha that comes out of Chaosium. I'm guessing that that (despite the intention of the huge Gloranthan Guide doubling as a handbook for writers, freeing them to produce stuff without needing an editor on the shoulder at every turn) is the reason why there is a dearth of RQG stuff on the shelf.I'm hoping that 'Jeffing' doesn't lead to the game languishing once again. My fear is that, without a steady stream of support, once again we'll be in a situation where the game is being held afloat by old grognards (people in their 40s and 50s) alone.No doubt the Gods Of Glorantha kickstarter, when it happens, will be a roaring success and give the illusion that the game is still thriving. But no doubt again, it will be mainly old Gloranthan devotees from back in the day that are the ones lining up. This is not healthy for the game.Whilst there may be problematic differences in subject matter, compare the Runequest line with what has happened to the new revitalised Call Of Cthulhu line with Mike Mason at the helm. Fantastic product, with great art and layout, released every four months or so.So hopefully Jeff can either relax and speed things up, or clone himself.However, I'm still desperately excited for the new Robin Laws Pavis/Rubble opus that should be out sometime next year...
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