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  1. There's a lot of typo errors in the "Version History" paragraph
  2. It might be worth adding a note to The Derelict that it appears in the collection Petersens Abominations
  3. Secrets of Tibet is statted for 7th Ed and The Lightless Beacon scenario
  4. All that artwork appears in the Chaosium 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook ( or Investigator Handbook ). Those books were Kickstarted, so maybe the higher-end pledges included those prints.
  5. I think this is an excellent film. I listened to the podcast and agree with Scott at how its understatement at times is perfect. Nothing more needs to be shown. I didn't realise there was a director's cut which I will seek out now. A few things to mention about the podcast: 1) The day before the cliff ritual Josh, who is initially the most into researching the community, is reading ( a book of Pele's ? ) and sees the word Ättestupa. He questions Pele if this is actually going to happen and Pele confirms it. Josh's facial reaction is important here - he actually knows the two elderly community members are going to sacrifice themselves but chooses not to tell his friends what they are about to witness. Excessive scientific detachment or bad call ? 1) You didn't tackle when Simon's girlfriend goes missing, several of the Americans hear screaming in the distance and dismiss it - why ? This is possibly the only thing I find puzzling about the film. 2) I think it is her foot in the flowerbed actually, not Josh's. 3) In the podcast Matt is derisive about the bear saying it is a random, unexplained thing but several of the cult's tapestries depict it as the "big bad" that they have to protect against.
  6. It would all depend on when Kickstarter.com actually releases cash to the Kickstarter creator vs. at what point the pound started falling. It's hard to dispute that the pound has slowly and continually been falling ever since the referendum so all UK businesses ( Stygian Fox included ) have had their banked sterling money devalued if it is purchasing anything in dollars/euros.
  7. I suspect it's a case of just not costing out the projects adequately and learning from your accounting mistakes as you go. A lot of people Kickstarting RPG products are not financial professionals - they are just keen RPG hobbyists hoping to publish something professionally. It's not surprising the accounting falls short some of the time. I wouldn't know how to cost the creation of a CoC scenario PDF ( never mind the costs of hardcopies ). Didn't the UK Brexit referendum result also cause a crash of sterling which would have had a nasty impact on Stygian Fox's purchasing power if they were paying for any services outside of the UK.
  8. No, that should not have happened but, like 7Tigers said, "s**t happens" and I'd rather help Stygian Fox out with some cash for product ( The Bundle of Holding and the PDF of New Tales 2nd Edition ) if it means a chance of finishing some of those poorly managed Kickstarters. The more some of those outstanding Kickstarters are finished the more chance of income from extra sales from them might bring home some of the other outstanding projects ( etc. etc. ). Hopefully everything will get finished and Stygian Fox can be more considered and more accurately costed moving forward.
  9. I've also just bought the PDF of this at DriveThruRPG.com - it's a fantastic 2nd Edition. Lovely artwork and maps of the Lovecraft towns and a bonus new scenario set in Innsmouth added to the 1st Edition. Each town has a wonderful 2 page spread piece of artwork at the beginning of its section of adventures. Worth the dosh I think.
  10. This thread on Yog-Sothoth reveals Stygian Fox are doing a Bundle of Holding to help get funds to finish the New Tales of The Miskatonic Valley 2nd Ed and Wild Hunt Kickstarters ( obviously the physical books parts ). It's sad that it's come to this but I am going to participate in the Bundle of Holding with a hope that Stygian Fox can get back on track and close out all their remaining projects. The products are top-notch so if they can just get liquid again I hope they can then move forward on a more careful course and create more great stuff. The Bundle of Holding offer is here: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/StygianFox
  11. Although I agree with your sentiment what you say is far easier said than done. Look at all the migrants fleeing war and persecution at the moment - they are hardly being welcomed with open arms by other countries and this is after giving what little money they have to people smugglers to get them out of their place of origin. Not every oppressed person has a passport and a nice wodge of cash to get a plane ticket to paradise ( never mind evading whatever restrictions their government puts on foreign travel ). And that's beside the dilemma of leaving behind any family, friends or job security.
  12. Exactly - it's MY choice - I didn't tell anyone else what to believe or not believe, so everyone cool your jets. It's not science at all. It's philosophy. All the traditional/historical proofs of the existence or non-existence of god stem from philosophy not science. To reiterate - I was saying what I believe in and why - I didn't tell anyone else on this thread what they should believe.
  13. That shows a lack of understanding of scientific principles. Science is about what is most likely to be true ( and, if a scientific proof is verified, what is true ). According to science, any currently inexplicable natural phenomena are extremely unlikely to have been caused by an outside sentient force ( i.e. a god ). Science would say there is a non-theistic reason behind any currently inexplicable natural phenomena and that reason just hasn't been discovered yet ( because that is how all science has behaved/progressed over the course of time ). It's a waste of time to a scientist to pursue a proof of what is least likely to be true. Personally I go with Epicurus: That leaves you with God EITHER (a) is not omnipotent OR (b) is not good OR (c) doesn't exist. I choose (c).
  14. Speaking as an atheist I find that the "fanatical" atheists ( I'm looking at you Richard Dawkins ) can be very tedious and annoying. It's no use shouting at religious people or condescendingly explaining how science contradicts their faith since their very belief system IS faith. It overrides any other logic or scientific principal in their world. As long as a religion isn't encouraging the demonisation or denigration of other persons or groups ( which, sadly, a lot of them do ) or exploiting their congregation ( money-grubbing TV evangelists ) I don't really care one way or the other. I'm glad you are in a better place now Fábio. As you say, suicide is a very permanent solution to a problem that may or may not be insurmountable, but seems very attractive when stuck in the depths of despair. You must have great strength of character to survive what happened to you. To anyone contemplating suicide - hold on for one more hour and phone for advice immediately to any national suicide hotline that operates in your country. You can always kill yourself next month if things don't work out ( sort of joking but think about the logic -> don't kill yourself now -> try some help first and then see how your situation is a bit later on ).
  15. GUMSHOE is also fairly "rules light" compared to d100 systems. The GUMSHOE version of CoC is called Trail of Cthulhu and the rules can be downloaded for free here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ai8pO1rZaQtElw7JraIkngSoCM--?e=hOsn8A Casting the Runes will follow those rules very closely.
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