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  1. New errata: Page 3, Table of Contents - entry "Table 1: Spell Components" should start on Page 16 ( not 17 as stated in current PDF )
  2. I've just downloaded the latest PDF of the Grimoire from Chaosium's site and the following known errata have still not been actioned: Pages 168 - 169 - Snare Dreamer - This spell should be moved to before the spell ”Solar Gaze”, so they are in the correct alphabetical order. Then the two index entries (on page 198) for the two spells should be updated to point to the correct pages. [ Note the reported errata states this should be moved after "Solar Gaze" but that in not alphabetical! So the Errata file needs editing too. ] Page 187 - Warding - This spell is missing its icon, w
  3. @Newt - I'm a UK mainland backer so I presume the postage of the signed copy won't be much more than usual UK Post Office rates from Manchester, correct ?
  4. I don't want to start a war, and I do acknowledge that the "problem" with CoC is Keeper-centric, but it does/did happen and I'd argue that it needed addressing. CoC didn't start addressing it specifically until its 7th edition rulebook with Keeper advice and "fail-forward" etc. So prior to 7th ed any new, inexperienced ( or just minutiae obsessed ) Keeper could fall into this trap insisting this or that skill-roll be successful in order for the players to find the next scene. I don't think GUMSHOE is the be-all and end-all of investigative systems ( and the Trail rulebook isn't great
  5. I love that there is a duck on there
  6. Another good point about this is if your ISP doesn't give your internet connection a static IP then inbound connections/port forwarding is even more of a PITA but Unity gets around this by the routing via the FG servers. It definitely would be possible to "skin" the 7th Ed desktop to look like the 6th Ed but in no way is it trivial - you need to be a bit of a code jockey and a fair bit of time. I'm picking apart some skins to try and make a working Trail of Cthulhu ruleset but it is a very steep learning curve. Ironically FG's best use is in crunchy combat games with the combat tracker -
  7. What I'd say is that it is a set of rules written down on paper and if those rules don't stop your players from learning magic then they can learn and use magic as much as the rules let them ( and as much as the Keeper gives them access to spell learning ). Magic in CoC is limiting anyway ( Sanity cost and POW cost ) so there isn't much scope for players becoming Mordenkainen the Magnificent before their psyches turn to porridge and they have to be written out of the campaign. I think you are overstressing over something that just doesn't happen. What I think you are really saying is
  8. There does seem to be an option for creating the campaign on your own LAN rather than "CLOUD" so maybe you can have the players join direct to your PC if you port forward from your internet IP to your PC's IP with Unity too ? Also I think Unity puts stuff in your userid directory not in its install directory ( i.e. C:\Users\YOURUSERID\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\campaigns\ )
  9. Someone should tell FG that their website should copy and paste Valyar's text. Their own webpage is clear as mud to someone trying to work out what licence to buy/subscribe to. I think "Demo" is probably a poor choice of words for the low level licence - something like "Player Character Only" might have been better.
  10. And do the investigators need a Standard licence or just a Demo licence ? I don't really understand FG's webpage where they explain what the different licences offer. All 3 licence types offer the same abilities except for Ultimate which has "Demo for anyone" as an extra ability ?!?! https://www.fantasygrounds.com/home/FantasyGroundsUnity.php
  11. Can some FGU users explain the difference to me as a Keeper if I bought just a Standard licence for FGU or do I need an Ultimate licence to host CoC scenarios ?
  12. Very, very important point - it should be stressed hard in any "Keeper-ing 101" course.
  13. As a matter of interest are these "Keepers that only Keep" by any chance ? I feel it is very important for Keepers to experience being an investigator so as to know what it is like having to piece together information and how little of what a Keeper "thinks" is communicated to players actually "is" communicated. I became a better Keeper by being an investigator periodically and think it is frankly almost a mandatory experience Keepers should put themselves through. It can also dispossess such Keepers of the notion of how their scenario "should" play out ( where they end up railroadin
  14. I would think it would be easier to just make her Occult skill open to Mythos sensitivity. I know the game "normally" divorces the two skills but that is when, all things being equal, you are trying to "model" Lovecraftian values. Since you are doing what a good Keeper does and trying to adjust the game to please your players then just adjust the game rules accordingly. Occult = Mythos. Maybe it's worth priming the group about how the Lovecraftian version of the universe differs somewhat from the "traditional" supernatural view of the universe ( but do point out the crossovers like B
  15. There's a lot of typo errors in the "Version History" paragraph
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