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  1. There's all sorts of tensions operating on CoC ( and other horror RPG ) covers: 1. Does it get attention in the first place ? 2. Is it scary ? 3. Is it too scary/repulsive ( for a shop shelf ) i.e. could it cause trouble for retailers ? 4. Is it Pulp ( or Purist ) enough ? 5. What is the budget for the artist ? 6. Does it actually represent the contents of the book fairly ? I don't think it is easy to balance all those needs and produce a fantastic cover every time. Pagan Publishing / Arc Dream have just the same ratio of boring:good cover artwork as all the other publishers in my opinion ( I mean look at the next post ↓ ).
  2. I prefer the layout of the Rulebook and Investigator Handbook with all the little tags and whatnot as callout boxes - they give the books character.
  3. We're getting very Babylon Berlin SPOILERY here: I found the "bit" with the car and the lake far more unbelievable than what you say above. However, despite its shortcomings, I still really enjoyed it.
  4. Another suggestion: what the "crime scene" of a monster appearance might look like. i.e. what physical evidence is left behind after a monster has made an appearance - what a victim might look like or the sights and smells of physical remnants of traces of it having manifested.
  5. Not a fan of random tables. They tend to focus on physical aspects - appearance, attacks, damage etc. which anyone with half a brain should be able to come up with themselves. I think guidance on a monster's motivations would be useful. Or lists of weirdo, gonzo, creepy powers. Finally, I really love the internal appearance of the Malleus Monstrorum with its mixture of fake and real historical illustrations implying the Mythos has influenced art, science and research far back into history. It's probably too late to ask but can this approach be kept with the new volume ? It is very unique.
  6. It's great that Greg got to see all Chaosium's best lines of product return to the company and start to win awards again before his passing.
  7. I think the point is humans can not, by definition, think of the very thing we find so incomprehensible that it "breaks" the human psyche. So no human author ( Lovecraft ) or person in an internet forum ( us ) is going to be able to originate and describe said concepts. We approximate this by offering ideas that seem either isolating or frightening or sick or deranged; but perhaps the thing that causes "Mythos madness" is something that is just too beautiful or serene or truthful that it makes our mind snap.
  8. There isn't a QuickStart rules for 13th Age non-Glorantha, let alone 13G. On the 13th Age resource page http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/free-13th-age-downloads-and-resources/ there is a 2-hour demo to download ( but it's not Glorantha set ).
  9. Formatting error: Investigator Handbook - Page 176 - Table title "Period Cars and Trucks" should be in Cthulhu-Cristoforo font not "normal" Cristoforo font to match the rest of the book.
  10. The Asylum and Other Tales has many good 1-off adventures ( apart from 1 terrible one ) and Terror From The Stars has good adventures as well. I'd say amalgamate them and 7th ed them and put it out as a new collection of short adventures. Maybe throw in the adventures remaining from the version 1-6 rulebooks that haven't been put into the new Starter Set as well. It would make for an eclectic mix of short adventures for a newbie to run after using up Doors to Darkness. Not every release should be a campaign.
  11. I think Rick means the 7th Ed Quick-Start rules - it had a fairly rudimentary layout initially.
  12. Ok - it's good news that you are updating the DriveThru files as well. Thanks.
  13. Are the pre version 5 PDFs "remastered" or same as the ones from DRiveThru ?
  14. Does this latest reprint include corrections that were discovered after the first printing went to press ?
  15. It's all detailed by Mike here: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/forums/topic/32272-call-of-cthulhu-starter-set/?do=findComment&comment=340992
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