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  1. It's great that Greg got to see all Chaosium's best lines of product return to the company and start to win awards again before his passing.
  2. I think the point is humans can not, by definition, think of the very thing we find so incomprehensible that it "breaks" the human psyche. So no human author ( Lovecraft ) or person in an internet forum ( us ) is going to be able to originate and describe said concepts. We approximate this by offering ideas that seem either isolating or frightening or sick or deranged; but perhaps the thing that causes "Mythos madness" is something that is just too beautiful or serene or truthful that it makes our mind snap.
  3. There isn't a QuickStart rules for 13th Age non-Glorantha, let alone 13G. On the 13th Age resource page http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/free-13th-age-downloads-and-resources/ there is a 2-hour demo to download ( but it's not Glorantha set ).
  4. Formatting error: Investigator Handbook - Page 176 - Table title "Period Cars and Trucks" should be in Cthulhu-Cristoforo font not "normal" Cristoforo font to match the rest of the book.
  5. The Asylum and Other Tales has many good 1-off adventures ( apart from 1 terrible one ) and Terror From The Stars has good adventures as well. I'd say amalgamate them and 7th ed them and put it out as a new collection of short adventures. Maybe throw in the adventures remaining from the version 1-6 rulebooks that haven't been put into the new Starter Set as well. It would make for an eclectic mix of short adventures for a newbie to run after using up Doors to Darkness. Not every release should be a campaign.
  6. I think Rick means the 7th Ed Quick-Start rules - it had a fairly rudimentary layout initially.
  7. Ok - it's good news that you are updating the DriveThru files as well. Thanks.
  8. Are the pre version 5 PDFs "remastered" or same as the ones from DRiveThru ?
  9. Does this latest reprint include corrections that were discovered after the first printing went to press ?
  10. It's all detailed by Mike here: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/forums/topic/32272-call-of-cthulhu-starter-set/?do=findComment&comment=340992
  11. Thank you for the time you took to research and post this very illuminating <ouch> info.
  12. I use https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-editor but it isn't free, however it is quite quick to render pages in MoN 7e. You could try their discontinued free app https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer but I don't remember if it does layers.
  13. Just want to second the problem for those with RED/GREEN colour blindness - RED/BLUE is always a better combo. Probably too late to make the change now though but please, Chaosium, work this into your procedures somehow for the future.
  14. I'm no RQ expert, but isn't the movement rune on Orlanth's shoulder ( if it is the movement rune ) spinning the wrong way around ? Otherwise, fantastic cover and new logo ( but I think the logo needs something to make it pop off the cover art a bit - maybe a small dropshadow, or very thin black outline ? )
  15. I also think it would be useful to give date stamps to the PDF files somewhere ( either in the filename or in the PDF itself on the credits page ) so users know which version they have and whether an update is available.
  16. If I was in charge I'd actually cut out the werewolf adventure from the new edition - it is totally out of context and not even near the main England setting geographically. It is a real needle scratch off the record moment when it drops. Plus, as stated, totally non-Mythos. Having just been an investigator and finished Masks I think it still stands the test of time but it really does need guidance for the Keeper on ramping up or down the danger/pulp so the investigators don't end up with TPKs every other session.
  17. The second cover is excellent - two books does sound strange though. What is the split ? Is one handouts ? Or is a single volume too thick for ease of use ?
  18. Big round of applause for Dave and André for their hard work.
  19. I don't think you'll find many for a single player. "In Media Res" by Pagan Publishing in their collection The Resurrected Vol III - Out of the Vault (originally in The Unspeakable Oath #10) is for multiple players.
  20. The cover to Pendragon 1st Edition is the best it has ever had.
  21. Page 7 - American Indians call-out box 7th line: "The authors wish to [be] culturally sensitive..." Missing the "be"
  22. Sadly I must agree with several of the posters that the new logo is not to my taste - the design is a real throwback to noughties tropes and looks like it came from sometime then. I'm a supporter of the RQ3 logo too. Or go to the quickstart logo and have a go at jujzing it up a bit.
  23. Realms of Cthulhu by Reality Blurs is for the Savage Worlds ruleset and I think that does a good job of explaining the various flavours of Mythos campaigns you can run as well as covering all the usual bases of investigator archetypes and Lovecraft's monsters. The new 7th Edition of Call of Cthulhu has a chapter (10) devoted to running the game but overall it's not that many pages for the price you would pay for a copy as the chapter deals with game rule questions as much as handling Lovecraftian theme. A cheap copy of an older version of the Call of Cthulhu rules might be a good bargain on eBay ( 5th Edition is my favourite ). P.S. If you do want to get Realms of Cthulhu then don't get the PDF alone on DriveThruRPG as the price is too steep - it is part of a cheaper bundle on DriveThruRPG: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/102942/Achtung-Cthulhu-Three-Kings--Realms-of-Cthulhu-BUNDLE?src=also_purchased
  24. The Keepers Companion is a hodge podge of info - it wouldn't really be a basis for what you want, it's not really a Mythos primer. What actual game system do you play ? BRP/d100, d20/OGL, FATE, Savage Worlds or something else ? I'd start with that question and then see if there is a Mythos add-on for your preferred system. If you just want a big list of creatures then Chaosium's Malleus Monstrorum is the biggest book of same for d100 systems.
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