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  1. Aeon's copies are Mythras branded and referenced throughout. There is no POD version of Mythic Britain currently, but all RQ branded version are to be ceased this month.
  2. One thing I forget to mention was your reference to 'Guilds, Factions and Cults' as a basis for modelling one of the HL states. You're right, in that it's the wrong scale. Instead, you may find RQ Empires, the old Mongoose title (if you can find a copy) to be a better fit, which aims to model things at a state level. It uses similar mechanics to GF&C, and is also compatible with Legend and Mythras to a reasonable degree.
  3. G33k's not trying to draw that comparison; what he's asking is if the Guelden supplement is similar in inspiration, approach and execution to Fioracitta (ie, a fantasy version of a European city), which it is.
  4. You're actually in the wrong sub-section... Ships & Shield Walls is a Mythras supplement, not a Legend one. I'd move it over, but I don't have admin privileges to do so.
  5. No, it's nothing to do with Stupor Mundi (although it's a great little supplement). It's a Mythras book, and intended to be a deliberate fantasy version of a European city state founded in extensive commercial interests that have brought it considerable power. I can't talk too much about it as I'm not the author, and it's a way from publication. But it is in the works.
  6. We have a supplement in the works - Guelden - that is in part based on one of the Hanseatic League cities.
  7. It's worth watching the Lyonesse live plays I did with Inwils and his team. I make use of social conflict and the Task rules all the time, and they feature in these sessions. Part 1:
  8. Task resolution systems have been around for yonks, and they're certainly not unique to Mythras or Revolution. But it's always interesting when a solution presents itself that does have an equivalent in a BRP game.
  9. Yeah, I'm struggling to recall where I saw a similar system too...
  10. Destined is completing editing and will be heading for art direction very soon. As it's Mythras-based, its similar in crunch level. In terms of simplicity, the powers are very easy to understand and implement. Powers are always 'on', and don't cost any Power Points to use; however, they can be boosted, and this is what takes a superpower into remarkable and quite unique territory. Boosts cost Power Points to activate and enhance the core power. It's a very simple, very elegant solution that allows for quite a high degree of scaling up, without wrecking the underlying power economy. The Destined team (Mike and Brian) have just featured in a Mythras Matters podcast, discussing where they're up to. I'm really impressed with the work they've done on Destined. I can't wait to see it out there.
  11. We actually insisted that that disclosure be included as part of resolving the copyright issues with the first edition, so it's something we're fully aware of, and it acknowledges the role Mythras played in Sabre's development, even though it uses the Legend OGL as its licensing mechanism. We've no problems with what Sabre are now doing, and certainly wish the game well, but it is produced outside of the Mythras apparatus, hence my comments upthread.
  12. Sabre isn't part of the Mythras family, or use the Gateway license. Its structure follows Mythras in many key areas, and in its first edition there were some problems with rules being copied without permission. This was problematic, as Sabre was released under the Legend OGL (as is the second edition). The new edition has steered clear of the earlier version, and from what I've seen of the rules, has started to forge its own direction. Any further discussion of Sabre should take place in one of the other areas here on BRPC, rather than in this one, which is reserved for Mythras and its Mythras Gateway cousins.
  13. The TDM roster of games and events are confirmed and viewable by the general public. Sign up begins on Monday 6th July. Shrine of the Traitor Gods Friday, July 31st, 6pm, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183543 Lyonesse: In High Dudgeon Saturday, August 1st, 11am, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183541 Mythic Britain: Chariots of Fire Sunday, August 2nd, 11am, Roll20 https://www.gencon.com/events/183542 Design Mechanism Panel: Mythras & Lyonesse Saturday, August 1st, 7pm, Zoom https://www.gencon.com/events/183841 Roll20 & Zoom links will be sent to those who secure spots in the games. Very much looking forward to seeing you there!
  14. I haven't heard any complaints about the DTRPG Mythras core rulebook quality. I have several copies, and they're very good. While printing errors can happen (even with offset copies: we had to junk the entire first print run of Logres because the bindings were faulty), DTRPG are usually very quick to replace. But, if you don't want to use DTRPG, you can find Mythras on Amazon (various sellers), Barnes & Noble (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Mythras?_requestid=15743276), and Lulu (https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/lawrence-whitaker-and-pete-nash/mythras/paperback/product-18r84kp8.html) Note that if you buy from a third party, you won't get the free PDF, which you will if you buy through DTRPG or Lulu. There are also German editions available too. I can't answer the questions on the printing, but I'm sure @AndreJarosch can help.
  15. As a special 4th July treat, we're delighted to release two brand new adventures for Lyonesse and Mythras: 'In High Dudgeon', and 'Meeros Doomed'. Both are available via DrivethruRPG and our own website, in Print on Demand and PDF formats (you get the PDF free when buying the print copy). In High Dudgeon https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/314519 http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/In-High-Dudgeon/p/210803496/category=36165487 An adventure for Lyonesse $5.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Colour, 36 pages Games Without Frontiers... Every year, the villages of High and Low Dudgeon meet for the midsummer games. Every year for the past 10 years, Low Dudgeon has lost. The villagers are suspicious; what is High Dudgeon's secret? Could it be magic? Could it be some secret training technique? Is it outright cheating? Enter the intrepid characters, visiting the villages to enjoy the games, but drawn into the intrigue of Low Dudgeon's misfortune. And if the true source of High Dudgeon's success isn't found before the current games end - well, things could get ugly. In High Dudgeon is a Lyonesse scenario for 2-6 characters, and involves a high degree of investigation and social interaction. The adventure is complete with maps, and a plethora of colourful non-player characters. Also included are four pre-generated characters - Madam Neneveh's Festive Fellows - designed for use with the adventure. Meeros Doomed https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/310825/ http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Meeros-Doomed/p/212297067/category=5186110 $4.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Premium Colour. 28 pages. The City State of Meeros lies broken. Queen Herathos wants the renegade priestess, Kara, brought to justice to atone for her treachery. The characters are tasked with venturing to distant Kopash, and charged with making her arrest. But is all as it seems? Powerful forces are plotting to destroy Meeros completely, and those who have protected the city may well be the ones who secure its doom. The characters must uncover traitors, travel into monster-infested swamps, confront sorcerous fiends, and perhaps even ally themselves with Meeros' ancient foes, the Badoshi Warlords, if they are to avenge the Doom that has come to Meeros! This mini-campaign follows on directly from events found in the Mythras core rules, and the scenarios Sarinaya's Curse, and Meeros Falling, although it can also be played stand-alone.
  16. It's a typo. Locale is not part of Lyonesse; it is replaced by Folklore.
  17. Both are great additions to the Deutsche Mythras line.
  18. How many of these Hidden Worlds are there? Why are they hidden? Surely the whole point of having something hidden in a roleplaying game is for it to be discovered sooner or later? If it's one or two worlds out of an entire galaxy, and if the government has hidden them effectively, then the chances of the characters stumbling upon the hidden world(s) should be very, very remote anyway. And presumably if the government has gone to great lengths to 'hide' worlds, then they've put surely in place defensive measures and disinformation strategies to prevent them being accidentally stumbled on or found: deep space installations that scramble sensors when a ship gets too close; automated weapons platforms that fire on intruders; weird nanotechnology that can infect engines and life support (like Smatter from Iain Banks Culture stories), or other such nasties to prevent deliberate or accidental discovery. All the above are simpler and preferable to imposing arbitrary roadblocks and brakes on space exploration generally - unless there's an an exceedingly good campaign rationale for limiting it. As you've said, the campaign needs star hopping ("Well it's Master of Orion, star hoping is a must!") so if you start throwing obstacles in the way of the characters for no good reason, save to stop them finding a hidden world, then you're shortchanging them very heavily. It's your campaign of course, but if you've got a 'fully mapped' galaxy, then there's a reason why it's fully mapped: if space exploration is as hard, slow, and ponderous as you want to make it to simply keep a few worlds hidden, then you're undermining the logic of a well mapped galaxy. Personally, if this was my campaign, I'd engineer a way for the characters to find the hidden world, experience its secrets, and then spend the rest of the campaign dealing with/fleeing from/attempting to expose/being changed by those secrets. That's usually how most good dramatic SF stories develop...
  19. This is a perennial problem with any setting that involves large unmapped areas and few impediments to travel. The players inevitably want to go off-grid, and it's the GM's job to either have an idea of what's in the direction of where they're going, or some means of managing it. Placing artificial constraints, or engineering them to prohibit exploration is basically shortchanging your players. If you're set on running a sandbox campaign that involves the characters whizzing around the galaxy, then my advice would be to create a bunch of random charts (such as the many found in Traveller) that allow you to quickly create an inhabited world from a few dice rolls, if the characters suddenly head into uncharted territory. Customise the tables to fit the local authorities/rulers/empire so that it fits the themes of the campaign. And roll up a few worlds in advance and have some scenario seeds developed for them in case the characters head out there. In other words, you need to be prepared, and be ready to improvise. These are two of the most important things for any GM. The worst thing you can do is put constant obstacles or constraints in front of the characters to stop them doing what they want to do. By all means have risks - and rumours of risks (the route to star NGC1646 is fraught with peril; no ship has ever made it through. Why is that?) - but try to avoid dampening the enthusiasm to explore. Instead find ways of managing it, or switch to a campaign that is rooted in one system or on one planet, so that the need for exploration is negligible.
  20. GenCon's online this year, and we're going to be running some virtual games via Roll20 over the GenCon weekend. I'll be on duty running sessions of Shrine of the Traitor Gods, Lyonesse, and Mythic Britain. More details to come on these, (and possibly other) TDM events.https://www.gencon.com/
  21. (and you know this is coming) African or European?
  22. You can paste in text from another source without its formatting. Thus forces the text to adopt the prevailing style of the text you're working on in Publisher. Plus, Publisher can now open idml files from InDesign, and thus brings in any styles or formatting you had from the InDesign original.
  23. Join Loz, Inwils, and the InCrowd for an epic, 3-part play through of the Lyonesse scenario 'In High Dudgeon'. A word of warning - contains extensive spoilers for the scenario itself, so best for GM eyes only...
  24. TDM will be virtually attending. More details on what we'll be hosting soon.
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