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  1. I've had the recent fortune of having a few Keeping Conversations with new Keepers. They always want advice, and I am normally happy to provide some, so long as the advice can actually do some good. Most advice given in the world is wrong. Not in of itself, but given with poor timing and without considering someone's improvement needs. Human experience is too varied for advice to do what it is intended to do. It isn't about "what worked for me." It is about what will work for the other person. I've been mentoring colleagues as an educator for many years, and the way we address this problem is
  2. Along these lines, you know what would be great? A table that gives options for how it is DETECTED by Spot Hidden and Listen. Given that description is key to evoking a good table feel on this, the table becomes a resource for Keepers to help them describe...
  3. I'm a "more options and we reach more gamers" style of person, so I say both 1 and 2! Personally, I find #2 to be most useful. But I wouldn't begrudge someone wanting a good table.
  4. In the old version of Masks, she actually WAS a werewolf. The designers realized (I think rightly so) that having the werewolf angle be a attractive red herring made for a more interesting scenario than foreshadowing a werewolf and then getting a werewolf. Breaking the Full Moon "rule" should really emphasize this. The less players know about "how things work" the better the dramatic horror.
  5. Hey CJ, "Missile weapons" are a separate category than firearms. On that page it gives Bows as an example of a "Missile weapon." I think the intent here is that the time that it takes to knock and draw an arrow allows extra time to fight back that is not included when facing pulling the trigger of a firearm. Hence, why readied firearms get the DEX+50 Initiative bonus and gun fire cannot be dodged. Only seeking cover. My reading of the rules is that "fighting back" when using a firearm is essentially using the gun as an improvised club/and/or using your free hand. Which would use Figh
  6. Depending on how it goes and how much engagement they have with Lawrence or Arthur, one of them could be firm that they can't go through another transformation again, encouraging players to act before a full moon. You can also throw a complete curve ball at them. Eloise has gone through enough "full moon transformations" to no longer "require" a fool moon. The "Fool Moon" has now turned into a red herring...
  7. I think you mean "rules-g33ky." You missed a big opportunity there. I'm honor-bound to point it out.
  8. Last video is up (see first post)! Thanks to all of you for your feedback!
  9. I use a generic 50 for skills that I need for Call of Cthulhu so those options make total sense to me.
  10. Is RAW, "read as written?" MGF = Maximum Game Fun?
  11. Last night was my first time GMing Runequest. As a veteran GM of DND (all versions since 2) and Call of Cthulhu, the challenge for me was making sure that I effectively communicated just enough Glorantha lore, system feel, and fun all in one evening. I think it went well. I did a lot of prep for this game, with most it focusing on making sure I had blocks of text to introduce lore, and that my players had the resources to engage with the combat system. Example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10uZrm72-Sd6_CAA0L8tWetBnomVZqw9Bw2QHuetI2zA/edit?usp=sharing I recognize that there are probably e
  12. Written by @EpicureanDM: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqmq88ratu5s6go/Newcomer's Guide to Runequest's Strike Rank Combat v0.5.pdf?dl=0 And @g33k, I always appreciate your critical analysis! I'll be doing a short write-up on how it went (spoiler: very well), but when we got to combat I ended up allowing move and attack. The decision was more a table-management one and I think when I explain what happened you'll see why I did it that way. Stay tuned. And here's my report!
  13. I'm not one of the designers, but I think the simple answer might be that Luck doesn't apply to Monsters. Period. So if a mechanic like Burn relies on Luck to avoid, the monster just suffers Burn. I don't know that this is correct, but it seems to fit the "kill it with fire" conventional wisdom of the game, and it is how I would rule it in my game. Consider consulting this discussion (couldn't find an equivalent here at BRP): https://www.yog-sothoth.com/forums/topic/30368-burn-damage-7th-ed/
  14. Hey everyone, Tonight is my rescheduled first Runequest game as GM. I'll be running Cattle Raid for players experienced with 5E and Call of Cthulhu, but completely new to Runequest. This will be my first time running Runequest too. I have lots of handout resources to make things run smoothly, and all character Spirit and Rune magic printed out for them so we can focus on fun and decision-making. I'll post a report with some photos and then get to making my last "I Make A Runequest Glorantha Character!" video! @Bill the barbarian Quick question: Quickstart says "Those moving up
  15. I know what you're referring to. In DND, for example, AC boosts. I've always viewed damage reduction to have a very clear implication that is fairly universally applied across many games. Damage reduction subtracted from damage. And in that case, stacking DR for armor worn on completely separate parts of the body seems completely strange to me.
  16. I also did not mean to imply that you aren't proud of all your work. My apologies if I unintentionally implied that. I was just trying to suss out in my brain reasons why there is "suddenly" a leatherette for a setting book.
  17. Hey @MOB, I'm just curious. Would you be willing to share with us what kind of decision-making goes into what gets a Leatherette and what doesn't? Not everything gets a leatherette. Is the leatherette pictured just for staff, or will it be made available to the public? If public, is the group particularly proud of Berlin, hence investment in a leatherette?
  18. I'm just curious as to how you see that going. Someone puts on a helmet... And then puts a helmet on top of the first helmet? Why would a helmet on your head stack with armor on your body? What games do you know of where a head piece stacks with a body piece?
  19. Thanks. He seemed to really enjoy it! I did my part in asking him what he wanted to do whenever he hadn't suggested a course of action for a while. But he was a natural. He was absolutely delighted to sacrifice himself at the end for the good of the party. I could imagine him being at other tables and being told "No" over and over again whenever he was actually creative. I think we did a good job of modelling for him what "giving" RPing is all about.
  20. Here’s my report! Note that it gets progressively more positive as the day goes on, so stick with it! My Free RPG Day began by going to my FLGS to find that they didn’t get in any product. So, off to a rough start. The worker told me that that they tried to order but weren’t allowed to use a credit card this year because the endeavor is under new management. So, by the time they got to doing Paypal, the FRPG people were out of boxes. So, kind of a sour start, but I had plans for later in the day and I’m fortunate that Omaha has a ton of game stores, so I knew that somebody had to h
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