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  1. Great report Steve. Also note that you did a great job with resisting the "No" when they wanted to dig and gave them a "Yes, but...[insert fair warning]" instead. Player choice drives great deaths.
  2. It's a fun scenario. Definitely check it out.
  3. Lulu.com is where you can get copies of a lot of the Free RPG Day products. For example, you can still get the Free RPG Day scenario The Derelict on Lulu.com (down to 4 USD + ship), but note that it was re-published in Petersen's Abominations. You can also get the most recent FRPG release "Scritch Scratch" on Lulu.com. I'm not sure why Chaosium does Lulu for just these products. Perhaps licensing fees or diversifying platforms.
  4. DriveThruRPG is still down for server maintenance but I'd be surprised if a POD copy of Deadlight wasn't possible. Update: Deadlight is still available on Lulu.com as POD, but not at DTRPG.
  5. Is the Arkham Horror card game of any practical use for Call of Cthulhu Keepers? Is the defunct Call of Cthulhu LCG of any use? Art? Card Text?
  6. Its worth noting that part of the purpose of Armor in this game is to give a statistic that really makes Mythos entities very difficult to defeat in combat. I would call it a gateway statistic to the intended balance of the game.
  7. Another great product. I appreciate how much love this specific Mythos threat is getting from Chaosium. I will be porting the bulk of this into my 1920s campaign. Or, there will be time travel. Probably time travel.
  8. My wife has depression. Given her struggles, she never would have promised someone something that she wasn't sure she could deliver on. This is not about being successful or not. It is about making promises you can't keep.
  9. Some of that news was new to me, thank you! Packed schedule forthcoming.
  10. I couldn't disagree more with this statement. I have backed many projects and seen the delays that you are talking about. Most projects get delayed by just a few months. This is understandable and there are frequently detailed descriptions for the delays. This is different, and it absolutely amazes me the extent to which people will make concessions for Creators that show nothing but contempt for fans. Years is unacceptable. Communication matters. Action matters. I don't care how prolific, stand-up, or iconic someone is in ANY profession. Reputations take years to build and moments to ruin. And the only reason that people engage in behavior like this is because people enable them. This goes for Sentinel Hill Press and the disaster that is The Dare Kickstarter as well. You don't make promises you can't keep in a reasonable time frame. End of story.
  11. I prefer the newer layout, color scheme and type face.
  12. The internet is, of course, really bad at communicating tone of voice. Everybody is entitled to like what they like. I DO still recommend Annihilation to people, especially CoC players/Keepers. I just don't think I'll read the last two. 😕
  13. As a biologist, VanderMeer doesn't seem like he consulted with any scientists in writing his characters. I find the decision-making of the characters to be counter-intuitive to how actual scientists would approach situations. I understand that some level of suspension of disbelief is needed for fiction. He just went too far for me. And, I'm not talking about after they start to be mentally affected by the zone. I'm talking about before that even happens. In the first few chapters I'm like: "Yeah, this is not how we think about things like this." That's my biggest beef and it may not be a question you can answer. And if not, that is fine. I enjoyed the Lovecraftian and science fiction elements of the novel. But when you don't "buy" the characters, it is tough to get into it. I'm not condemning the novel or anything. I can see why a lot of people like it. I just couldn't personally get into for that main reason.
  14. I'm not saying I expect Lovecraftesque. There are lots of reasons why people like and dislike novels. I'm asking if the last two books are similar in terms of how the author handles characters, theme, plot, setting, etc. You like them. Awesome. That isn't my question. My question is: Are the last two like the first one?
  15. Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer is very Lovecraftian in it's cosmic-horror style of Science fiction. I think what transpires in the novel is great inspiration for Call of Cthulhu Keepers. That said, I didn't quite care for the novel itself as a literary piece. Are the later books "more of the same" or are there enhancements to the story that made it more engaging for you in later volumes?
  16. A lot of necessary information is include in the introductory chapter. The "combat" section does not identify a "hit points to use for thugs encountered." I also followed your path and agree with you that it appears as if there is missing information. My personal opinion is that the key to enjoying AATD, or any solo scenario, is to know when to fudge it and to know what will be fun for you. I can't tell you how to feel about your sense of fair play. For me, I don't consider it unfair to just decide that this steward has 10 hit points (an average person) and play accordingly. The key factor for me here is that you feel "stuck" when you could be enjoying yourself and it wasn't due to any decision you made, but unclear text. It should be fun! Solo scenarios are ambitious endeavors with so many moving parts and one of the challenges of them is that we sometimes have to help the author out just a tad and allow for the fact that these endeavors have errors.
  17. I smashed that order button. Edit: Congrats to Mike Mason and Friends, MOB, and Chaosium on this product. Leafing through the PDFs, the production values are superb and the cost of this product is a tremendous value for what you get. Three classic scenarios truly updated for the modern era. Some highlights for me: I think the labelled character sheet for these updated Quick Start rules is a key graphic to point out critical aspects of a character sheet. The Society cards for the pre-made investigators are really cool and do a great job of modeling immersion. The sidebar about racism for Dead Man Stomp engaging on a critical social issue is another example of this game leading the industry in pushing for full acceptance within the hobby. The answer to HPL's racism is to hit it head on. (I see that Chris Spivey was consulted and I see his practiced hand of educating people in the text. Thank you Chris for your continued contributions to the hobby and social issues.) That map of Harlem is excellent cartography! I see a Gold ENnie here. More importantly, I see a stupendous way to invite new players to this game. Well done, Chaosium!
  18. Does this mean that Wednesday Dec 12 is the confirmed worldwide release date for the Starter Set?
  19. In my mind, "kind of seasoned" and "vaguely aware" are not synonyms. One scenario doesn't season anyone to the Mythos if the release of information is carefully controlled by The Keeper. The Peru Chapter for Masks 5th Edition can be run as low or high Mythos with some thoughtful decisions, for example. A group of characters could have lots of familiarity with some aspects of the Mythos that give them absolutely no advantages in tangling with The Crawling Chaos. I think the bigger question is: What is Jackson Elias' purpose in the narrative? To die? Well, why should him dying matter? Somebody you don't care about or know dying doesn't carry much weight in role-playing games. The purpose of Jackson Elias is to anchor and invest the players in the story so that they have a reason to drop everything and tour the world on short notice. If your players are experienced role-players, perhaps they will just "play along." And if that is the case, no problem. Some role-players not only enjoy, but expect a narrative that gives their characters a reason to investigate. So, what are your players like? Do they need a reason, or will they just "play along?" Personally, I feel like I owe it to my players to give them a reason, whether they expect it or not.
  20. This. And we may be splitting hairs at this stage. At the end of the day, all editions can be played.
  21. I really love what you are doing here Jared. I'm the guy who tweeted to you about the magazine "speaking to me" like olds ones do. My hard copy should arrive in the mail soon and I will give more specific feedback when I get it in hand. I just can't effectively organize my thoughts from a PDF. 😕
  22. We agree on that. Expressing views invites critique of views.
  23. When I watched that Runeslinger video a year ago, I remember thinking: "Wow, I couldn't disagree with this guy more." I don't need to "get to terms" with anything, my friend, because my games run just fine, with any of the systems we've discussed.
  24. I think you solve your own concern. And I think it is worth noting that the intention of the CON check is to determine if an unplanned chase should happen, in case it has the potential to bog down a game. The CON mechanic does not prevent a Keeper from saying: a Chase is part of the natural story-telling of this section and it is happening. Is that railroading? Maybe. Telling a story is a balance of player agency (very important) and aspects of the narrative that just make sense.
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