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  1. G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. Just saying...
  2. I'm in! I had that (together with the Results table and the Fumble table) on my Referee's screen. I had some plans to use it for all contested rolls, but we never got around to playtest that variant. We did however make up one based on the actual odds, since we felt that 8 versus 5 should have a better chance (62%) than 18 vs. 15 (55%).
  3. BRP fans are nothing if not patient, and there is the saying "If it is late, it is late once. If it is bad, it is bad forever". Take the time needed.
  4. Am I the only one getting flashbacks to Worlds of Wonder? BRP core rules plus Magic World, Superworld, and FutureWorld? That would make an awesome Bundle!
  5. Yup, dug it out yesterday. Interestingly Chaosiums "own" continent, Kanos, stretches from the equator to about 75 deg. south; I don't think I've seen a setting map where the action takes place in the southern hemisphere anywhere else!
  6. I like the way Mini Six handles Complications: you don't get "Character Points" at chargen, instead you get a CP every time a Complication hinders you in some way. CP:s can be used to increase attributes or skills between adventures. I would also use them as Hero points, that can be spent for a reroll as needed (even when rolling for experience).
  7. I seem to recall that the old Chaosium Gateway boxed set had something on worldbuilding, specifically what mountain ranges did to rainfall and such stuff. I have to dig it out of storage...
  8. One of my players (I'm running RQ2 again, yay!) is a Lhankor Mhy initiate, who has decided to study dragonkin for his thesis, so I have to come up with something to write about... Aren't dinosaurs dragonewts that has strayed from the straight and narrow? They turn into a brontosaur if they let Sloth overcome them, allosaur if anger, etcetera. So what causes wyrms then? Curiosity? Indulgence? Hmmm...
  9. What is your take on the relationship between wyverns, wyrms and True Dragons? Are they related, are they odd-shaped dream dragons, or something elese entirely?
  10. Yah, that's where I got the phrase from (I am tha old. That's why i play RQ2) ...and that's where THEY got the phrase from. Hmmmm... Well, he didn't get out of there until Orlanth came to get him! * Pipes being wind instruments ought to be a favourite of Orlanths. * Finding a missing person, perhaps a Sun worshiper, where no one else can reach him. * The Sun god himself cannot see the shadows, as Ratslaff (wasn't it?) once pointed out. I think I can twist a simple Search and Rescue into a HeroQuest. Thank you all. (If anyone has more ideas, please do not hesitate to jot them down here!)
  11. This phrase has been bouncing around in my head for some time now. I feel there is the seed of an epic Glorantha campaign here, but how would you do it?
  12. 1981. A friend of a friend introduced us to AD&D. After a couple of sessions I went down to the game store to get my own books, and found that I had not the money for PHB + DMG + MM, so I picked up another book. It promised to be a complete game in one volume, and reasonably priced too. It was RuneQuest 2nd ed. I never looked back.
  13. Nope, they had all been eaten by the rock lizards... luckily they get sluggish in winter, being reptiles and all, and we had winter 11 months of the year. Summer was a couple weeks of bad skiing.
  14. It's a Rock Lizard, dammit! Doesn't anyone else know the RQ2 creatures list by heart!?!?! Dragonewt, pshah! Youth of today, think they know everything, mumble grumble, Back In My Day....
  15. Please note: the rock lizard is chewing on the mace, not on the trollkin. It obviously prefer the crunchiness of a wooden mace haft over the skin and bones of a lousy trollkin. And who knows what said trollkin has been eating? Huh?? Do you really want to know???
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