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    I contributed art to The One Ring, several Glorantha books and many others.
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    Czech Republic
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    I'm an illustrator mainly working in RPGs. (Chaosium, Cubicle 7, A Sharp...)
    I enjoy (and occassionally mod) computer games, bronze and iron age history/archaeology and linguistics. I'm writing a graphic novel set in 2nd century CE Central Asia.

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  1. Sorry for the late reply, probably not relevant anymore. The honor belts were intended to be overlapped on the body and tied kinda like a wraparound skirt. I imagined the ends would need to interlock and tie together pretty tightly to carry the weight, so that was sort of me freestyling something that looked plausible as a fastening mechanism. Feel free to invent something more functional! For the belt material itself I'd suggest something load-bearing and tough, leather or maybe felt? As for the plaques - I know some museums used to sell sheet metal stamping kits for making Scythian stuff, and if you were to make this - I would go for really thin sheet metal so that the weight is not massive and so that it can wear properly. Metal foil over wooden/bone plaques might also work?
  2. Nobody's putting actual media on the blockchain, all NFTs just LINK to media somewhere online. It's absolutely useless for what you propose. And if you did want to put actual media on the blockchain, just the cost of doing that would make the use you're suggesting incredibly not worth doing. The blockchain is slow, inflexible tech that doesn't have a practical use, despite cultists trying to find any for years.
  3. Blockchain is not magic, it's really really stupid tech with no practical use. Again, as a primarily digital artist - NFTs ain't "it".
  4. I think this might've been the reference I was given for the troll art in the Guide. (it's quite large in that one)
  5. I never did post these drawings, but I did draw your suggestion. 🙂 (as well as the naked wolf pirate scene) These were fun and I will probably make more. I also put them up for sale on my website: https://www.janpospisilart.com/original-artwork/project-one-mjj5a-pmchy
  6. There are still many scenes for sale left, so I added them to my website: https://www.janpospisilart.com/original-artwork (there's just more info in one place, with prices and specs listed etc.)
  7. These are original Russian "White Nights" watercolor paintings on Canson Montval watercolor paper.
  8. I'm selling some original Glorantha artwork, which I painted for the first Six Ages game. (If interested you can comment, PM or email me: JanPospisil42 AT gmail.com) I can't currently sell to UK-based folk. (If you're wondering - it's because the post-Brexit VAT/import of goods rules are mega confusing and unclear. I suppose if you can organize a non-UK proxy, that'd work.) See all available pieces here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UxBW4oUXeJs1pD2XsvmLkdAIosh7hAkq?usp=sharing
  9. The Nogatendites (who are called Weeders in Six Ages) have large "feathered" temple boats. Although they are not seen in the game, I think they'd be reed boats.
  10. The world was originally made as a GURPS game the two authors played. (Erikson and Esslemont) And the books are a loose rewrite of their campaign.
  11. I think I've recommended it before: Warriors of the Rainbow (2011) - Especially the longer 4 hour version. (it's really two movies) It's a fascinating immersion into a thoroughly foreign feeling culture, with unflinching portrayal of the brutality that goes with it. Also the fact the one side are tattooed headhunters who revere their ancestors, vs the other being a more "advanced" invading empire, that's pretty Gloranthan. (also don't be fooled by the marketing that's trying to present it as some kind of Taiwanese Braveheart. They had to way downplay the violence and make the Sediq seem like "good guys", while the film itself does not whitewash anything.)
  12. From Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Skiing_Horse (so these are Hyalorings)
  13. Ooooo, nice! Is it Mark Smylie again?
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