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  1. It was meant to be lamellar vest over padding, but you did a pectoral, which you can see on Meriatan. So that's probably also a viable variation. The Glorantha wiki says "The guardians are typically armoured with Lacquered Leather or Bronze Plate", so I think either works. (it should also be noted this is winter gear, so in warmer weather they might not be wearing trousers, or heavy leg wraps. Or the tunic under the padding might be swapped for a lighter one, or just an invisible undergarment.)
  2. But yeah, you correctly identified the shields have a central rib with a boss, like Celtic ones.
  3. If I remember correctly, these were somewhat inspired by Chinese and Central Asian stuff, though made to look less Chinese so as not to be mistaken for Kralorelans. For the shields:
  4. Oh and both Chalanna Arroy and Erissa priestesses (in KoDP and Six Ages) wear green. (as well as white. It's a sash, a belt etc.)
  5. Some gestures I invented for Six Ages: 1) "Earth rune arms" on the main priestess of Ernalda: 2) Various communication runes on traders and envoys: 3) Solar blessing - "giving the Sun" on the priest to the right: 4) Rider insult - "You're a walker!"
  6. And since you mentioned the Infithtelli, this was my original concept for them. The ruff top of the helmet, with tusks on the side was to resemble their mammoths The spear is inspired by large bronze spears from the Yayoi culture, and the broad dagger by very old iron age scandinavian ones. (Peter Johnsson wrote a wonderful article about them, and made a cool fantasy replica troll knife, which had a human face leather scabbard.) IIRC the tattoos were made to resemble Tarshite ones in KoDP. (the potential cannibal angle was much less subtle here, with scalped hair pendants and a cape made of stitched human faces.)
  7. We knew we wanted the Vingkotlings look distinct from the Riders. So it was moustaches vs. beards. And because of that, the chin became a good place to show off tattoos. (cheeks were another, but it can get messy at smaller sizes) And yes, Maori tattoos were definitely an inspiration, though most Ram tattoos are much more directly inspired by the Taiwanese Seediq people. (as were some bits of the clothing) (I watched "Warriors of the Rainbow" at the time, which I seriously recommend. A very Gloranthan story. Trailer: Note that the trailer makes it look super action packed. If you watch the two part long version, which I recommend, it's much more of a slow burn, with some horrifying war sequences.) The woman's tattoo as well as Ainu women's tattoos are what I thought female Issaries worshippers would have, rather than fake beards or moustaches: (the Ainu were a second big inspiration for the Rams, especially their clothing patterns.)
  8. Yep, that is Redalda's mom, and her aunts in the back. (who you can also see in the ritual image Sheliak posted)
  9. Art is just problem solving, to be honest. If you draw this, you're an artist. (and imo it's a meaningless distinction)
  10. Your art is fine. As someone who WAS published by Chaosium, and as someone who did very similar drawings for one of their books - they're fine, some are even quite lovely. I genuinely envy your productivity and output volume too.
  11. Central Asian lamellar usually doesn't have a gap between the cuirass and the "thigh plates" (it's often more of a skirt), so I might be responsible for that if this was used as reference. (https://www.deviantart.com/merlkir/art/GtG-06-Castes-of-the-Malkioni-446448169) At least you put more armour underneath, so the gap is less dangerous. We already talked about these knights and the real world inspiration here:
  12. The triskelion (more commonly with bird/griffin heads rather than horse ones. There are plenty of other animals too though.) was a motif among the various Scytho Siberians btw (I think most people might be familiar more with the celtic spirals, or the Italian legs) Pazyryk (I think these are elk?) Dacians/Thracians (could be horses, could be beaked hybrids like in Pazyryk art) Sarmatian griffins And outside of the three-lobed Movement rune:
  13. That's a really cool one! I love anything that reminds me of the Emperor and his monsters from Nausicaa.
  14. Ooh, which books do you have on Indian warfare? I have "Warfare in Ancient India: Organizational and Operational Dimensions" by Prasad Thlapliyal, which is pretty good. "Shastra Vidya: The Ancient Indian Martial Art of the Hindu Kshatriyas" and "The Lost Warfare of India: An Illustrated Guide " are still on my Wishlist.
  15. That's nice! I feel like her and Zarlen would've invented horse skiing together. ("Come with me, I found a wonderful mushroom field while wandering!" "I can't ski as fast as your horse runs, brother." "Hmmmm...let's see about that!") (after "Zarlen's First Wander", obviously, she wasn't super nice to him before that) edit: Ooh, you probably meant your aurora goddess. Sorry, I misread.
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