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    I contributed art to The One Ring, several Glorantha books and many others.
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    I'm an illustrator mainly working in RPGs. (Chaosium, Cubicle 7, A Sharp...)
    I enjoy (and occassionally mod) computer games, bronze and iron age history/archaeology and linguistics. I'm writing a graphic novel set in 2nd century CE Central Asia.

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  1. That's nice! I feel like her and Zarlen would've invented horse skiing together. ("Come with me, I found a wonderful mushroom field while wandering!" "I can't ski as fast as your horse runs, brother." "Hmmmm...let's see about that!") (after "Zarlen's First Wander", obviously, she wasn't super nice to him before that) edit: Ooh, you probably meant your aurora goddess. Sorry, I misread.
  2. There are a few posts about it on the SA blog, also.
  3. Oh, the latest Seven Samurai episode. (there's a recent twitter thread I can't find right now where someone gets very angry at people disagreeing that the Mandalorian is a western. As someone else points out, it's really inspired by both westerns and samurai movies, because they too inspired each other as they were being made.)
  4. Bronze swords from Luristan were an inspiration for weapons of the Vestantes tribe in Six Ages.
  5. Could also be Raven taking credit for something that happened on its own. :))
  6. Take your favourite iPhone/Android smartphone and imagine two of them side to side. That's about the size of my paper. Now imagine drawing on that with a brushpen. Nice ideas, but I specifically asked for single figures because of these limitations.
  7. Mobile games have always been cheaper, I guess. (it's a matter of perspective, I think. It's not that the PC version is more expensive than it should be, it's that the mobile was undervalued so it would sell in the mobile market.) (this is just me guessing.) (also for me it shows 17.79 USD on GoG. Might be regional pricing?)
  8. The game is out! Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/881420/Six_Ages_Ride_Like_the_Wind/ GoG: https://gog.com/game/six_ages_ride_like_the_wind (the GoG link is currently not working, GoG takes a while to update from "coming soon" page to "released" page)
  9. We did base the Vingkotling houses in Six Ages on american northeast longhouses, to some extent. Of course they're arranged into spiral-shaped Arkaim-like walled towns, and have painted roofs for flying people. So not exactly the same.
  10. Since we're close to release, I should probably finish those three WIP blog posts about working on it, right? The ones I started writing last year when it came out on iOS? Also this: A Rider Meets Death “I came out from the river valley. I drew near a darkness. I set off for it but could not catch up to it. I called to it, but it did not heed me. This darkness turned about of its own accord And set off after me, catching up to me. His two-headed spear of black bronze came out to my saddle And then tore the reins from my hands. This darkness forced the snot of eight plow oxen out of my nostrils And rubbed my golden mustache in the foul dirt. All the mother’s milk that I have drunk It made me vomit up. It drew forth a great sword And stepped forward as a man to take my head.” The tawny steed on which he rode had the head of a deer, And its head reached into the heavens, And from its fetlocks sprouted long claws. When it dashes out, it gallops. When it gallops, you cannot see it. The warrior who rides him Is a white youth with mighty arms and thick wrists. He goes about with his chest bare And shows no care in his wanderings.” (In our boring reality this is a slightly adjusted and cropped poem from "Nart Sagas of the Caucasus" by John Colarusso. Not an easy book to read, but full of great material for Glorantha.)
  11. I'd have to scan them, and I'm currently lazy to do that. Maybe when I have more than four? And yeah, they're ink and white pencil drawings on smallish toned paper, not great for anything super detailed. (or colour obvs)
  12. So I finished the wolf pirate woman today. Looks like I'm doing one every two days or so. (it's really 30 - 60 minutes before bed, no time during the day) Keep the ideas coming!
  13. That's tempting, even if I wasn't really looking to draw nude ladies.
  14. In "Six Ages" the Hyalorings have: Nyalda, the Earth Mother and wife of Elmal. (she gives a Crafting blessing, so I assume it's an Ernalda equivalent of weaving, pottery and whatnot) Tepekos, the Smith. Perondeto, god of glass. (maybe also Nocheli, goddess of the red dye insect?)
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