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    I'm an illustrator mainly working in RPGs. (Chaosium, Cubicle 7, A Sharp...)
    I enjoy (and occassionally mod) computer games, bronze and iron age history/archaeology and linguistics. I'm writing a graphic novel set in 2nd century CE Central Asia.
  1. I find that religious iconography is often like anime. (great sentence to be typing in the morning btw :D) It can be very stylized and characters are often distinguished only by their attributes like accessories or hairstyles and hats. And often the characters reflect parts of society and their fashion. If you look at 1st or 2nd century buddhist statues from northern India and Afghanistan, you'll see a whole lot of moustached dudes, because that was the noble fashion then. If you see a guy with a full beard who also carries a weird club or a stick, there's a very good chance of him being Vajrapani (Herakles). When it was time to draw the gods, we definitely looked at how the people worshipping them dress and groom themselves. (I think that'll be clearer once the game is out)
  2. No idea. Maybe she was just used to it and the description in the art brief didn't mention it? Anyway, this particular difference does have a cultural explanation. (in Six Ages)
  3. Orlanth in KODP wears a blue cloak: and the "reenactor" depicting Heler (?) is painted blue: You can also see that Orlanth here has a beard. If you look at recent depictions (in the sourcebook and 13th Age Glorantha), you can see he's got a moustache. What's that all about? Well...the artist is Michelle Lockamy who also did art for Six Ages. There just may be some continuity there. (if you watch the trailer that just came out...)
  4. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Apologies for butting in, but I don't see a thread about the actual book - Aside from the art, should I buy it if I already have the Guide? (sorry, I've not followed this much, not sure if there's new material in this)
  5. Six Ages progress update

    It's about numbers, right? So a certain percentage of people will buy the game on Steam for 10 bucks. (the rest will pirate it) Same on iOS. A much much smaller percentage will buy it on Android, because that's too much money for the platform. So you can either make it cheaper, or not sell as many. (both options mean making less money) Now if you're already developing multiplatform from the get go, you might be ok with that. There are still some costs to shipping a game on multiple platforms, but it's more doable. If you have to port a game you started developing on a single platform to other platforms, it's going to be some work you have to do yourself, or hire someone to do for you. Both of those options cost a certain amount of money. If you expect the sales from that platform won't even cover those expenses (or they will, but barely), you probably choose to not port to that platform. You'll have to wait and see on release, or until David talks about it more. edit: For comparison of piracy on Android and iOS: Piracy rate of 90-95% on Android is the most commonly reported. Imagine that. Because people are stealing your game so much, you're FORCED to make it free. Still think this is a good and sustainable way for people to make and sell games?
  6. Six Ages progress update

    Worst in the users/money ratio. I have both an iPad and an Android tablet (a gaming tablet actually), I love the openness of Android and love to play games on it. I fully understand why developers are hesitant to port their games on Android though - 1) rampant piracy 2) absolute floods of ad-riddled shovelware that's either free, or selling for pennies. Hard to sell a game with a 10 USD price on there. It's set in Glorantha. Both images show a single culture. (as do most, if not all the other bits of illustrations we ever showed) Here they are: Yep: This is titled "distant past" (and it is, for the same culture) (that's all of them, I think) Not this one, as the address implies, these are "Goose people". (hard to guoosse, I know. ;P) This is clearly a troll: As is this (though there's a person of Protagonist Culture in the background) This one is not the Protagonist Culture:
  7. Six Ages progress update

    This is my guess and I can't speak in any official capacity, but I'd say: iOS > PC (GoG and Steam combined) > Android Android is always the worst, because it's so easily piratable and full of shovelware. Steam is hard to break into these days, also too much shovelware. (plus the Steam port had issues) A surprising number of grognards prefer the old GoG version, but globally I don't think they make up too big a percentage of all players.
  8. Six Ages progress update

    No platform info has been released yet.
  9. Those are interesting! Huge-nippled barbarians aside, you can kind of tell he liked Frazetta. (look at Frazetta's ink drawings, and also at his signature..)
  10. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Saw this on a HEMA forum and remembered this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH9176AdLFk
  11. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Speaking of Kalevala, if anyone hasn't watched "Jade Warrior" (Jadesoturi) yet, I highly recommend it. Not an objectively great film, but very interesting. The trailer you can find on Youtube is awful, so I recommend listening to a bit of the soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fVv1wdlNH4
  12. The Eleven Lights artwork

    Not sure I've seen that one, I thought the Hedeby garments were mostly dresses. (made from fabric) Can't speak for any other parts of Glorantha, but there are definitely a few skirts like this in Six Ages. A book I've read by Elizabeth Wayland-Barber ("Women's Work") has an entire chapter on them, they are apparently still part of the traditional costume in (iirc) Macedonia. Here's a rope skirt from the Egtved girl burial (14th century BCE): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egtved_Girl
  13. This one is by Per "Perkan" Sjögren, also one of my favourites!
  14. Glorantha attracted me by having things 13yo me would love (ducks, dinosaurs!) as well as things 30yo me loves (inspiration from real ancient cultures not often seen in games or fantasy art. I furiously looked into King of Dragon Pass after randomly seeing artwork from it online, clearly depicting horsemen drawn after the finds from Pazyryk burials.). And the fact there are points of view for almost every culture, showing the world from their own perspectives (happily embracing contradictions!), inspiring the players to do the same.