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  1. The world was originally made as a GURPS game the two authors played. (Erikson and Esslemont) And the books are a loose rewrite of their campaign.
  2. I think I've recommended it before: Warriors of the Rainbow (2011) - Especially the longer 4 hour version. (it's really two movies) It's a fascinating immersion into a thoroughly foreign feeling culture, with unflinching portrayal of the brutality that goes with it. Also the fact the one side are tattooed headhunters who revere their ancestors, vs the other being a more "advanced" invading empire, that's pretty Gloranthan. (also don't be fooled by the marketing that's trying to present it as some kind of Taiwanese Braveheart. They had to way downplay the violence and make the Se
  3. From Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Skiing_Horse (so these are Hyalorings)
  4. Ooooo, nice! Is it Mark Smylie again?
  5. Oh damn, how'd that happen? Artesia is awesome and Smylie can really draw cool knights. Nice!
  6. Interesting armour, is it perhaps inspired by the canakkale sarcophagus?
  7. I suspect those might be frilly trousers, maybe even silk. Compare with the way his tunic (?) is textured on the sleeves and around the waist.
  8. Knowing Nadeem, this was most likely based on an actual find, too.
  9. (Just because you've been doing cataphracts lately - I find it always helps to look at the real thing before drawing.) https://twitter.com/eranudturan/status/1282365109436907521?s=20
  10. It was meant to be lamellar vest over padding, but you did a pectoral, which you can see on Meriatan. So that's probably also a viable variation. The Glorantha wiki says "The guardians are typically armoured with Lacquered Leather or Bronze Plate", so I think either works. (it should also be noted this is winter gear, so in warmer weather they might not be wearing trousers, or heavy leg wraps. Or the tunic under the padding might be swapped for a lighter one, or just an invisible undergarment.)
  11. But yeah, you correctly identified the shields have a central rib with a boss, like Celtic ones.
  12. If I remember correctly, these were somewhat inspired by Chinese and Central Asian stuff, though made to look less Chinese so as not to be mistaken for Kralorelans. For the shields:
  13. Oh and both Chalanna Arroy and Erissa priestesses (in KoDP and Six Ages) wear green. (as well as white. It's a sash, a belt etc.)
  14. Some gestures I invented for Six Ages: 1) "Earth rune arms" on the main priestess of Ernalda: 2) Various communication runes on traders and envoys: 3) Solar blessing - "giving the Sun" on the priest to the right: 4) Rider insult - "You're a walker!"
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