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  1. Yeah, it's been shared a bunch on FB and other places. What I find odd is the guy's called "the Griffin Warrior" based on an ivory plaque, yet I have not seen a single photo of said plaque. Everyone just shows the awesome carved gemstone.
  2. ("Slon" breaks my Gloranthan immersion, because it means "elephant" in Czech.)
  3. I don't wanna say this one's outdated, because iirc there isn't anything exactly wrong being said. But the field's definitely moved quite a bit in the past 8 years. I think there are even newer talks by Mallory, Mair and others on Youtube.
  4. I was originally pushing for the tent to be fully illustrated and I even did a test, including this very event. (it ended up being too much work, so we focused on finishing the actual scene art instead.)
  5. Hey, Sheliak, I replied to your post about new runes on Reddit. Here are the ones I did: Michelle Lockamy then used the Ekarna rune quite beautifully in her ritual's illustration. (because of course it's a trader's tent!) https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Ekarna_Four_Trader
  6. NA appearance and material culture were both among the (admittedly multiple) ingredients we put together for the Riders in Six Ages. (also for the Dara Happans that eventually became the Riders) Not a huge influence, but it's there.
  7. Here's a bunch of pictures of the laminated bronze swords: https://imgur.com/a/6GeLa9Y
  8. Hard to keep up with the discussion, so throwback to a few bits discussed earlier: - there are some Chinese bronze swords with (supposedly, there's almost no documentation in English) a laminated construction, of a softer core and hard edges wrapped around it. - bronze is tricky in some ways - you definitely wouldn't want to quench a bronze sword after casting and further heat treat - that leads to softer metal rather than harder! Bronze is instead work hardened by hammering the edges while cold.
  9. I've also done a silver shield guy in the past, I think: https://www.deviantart.com/merlkir/art/GtG-05-White-Shirt-Day-446446797
  10. I do realize you're done with this, just something I thought of - you could also show her gorytos, peeking out behind her back. (And it's fine, I'd assume if it wasn't shown, that it's probably hanging unseen, on the other side of the unicorn)
  11. Being called a "walker" is a grave insult among the Hyalorings. You can even see it in one scene in Six Ages, with an additional rude gesture (curling up your fingers and "walking" them across your other hand). I suspect this one might've survived into the later eras in Peloria.
  12. I'm glad this comes through in the game, we thought quite a bit about these concepts.
  13. Yeah, I think that's it. The protagonists do call themselves Riders in the game.
  14. Why should "Hyalorong" be the primary name then? (I honestly don't know David or Robin's reason, but to me it seems like an easier to understand name, a commonly constructed plural. Which for a game also played by non Gloranthophiles is probably good.)
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