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  1. Debates on RQ3 vs RQ:G and the relative merits of random vs assigned characteristics aside, I’d welcome any comments on assigned characteristic methods. It occurs to me that my method ends up higher than the rolled method (average 12 ignoring SIZ/INT effect vs average 10.5 randomly), and also doesn’t fully reflect the diversity of rolls you’re going to get randomly, so here’s a revision: 1) Assign these 7 stats: 6, 8, 10, 11,12, 13, 15 2) Add 3 to one of SIZ or INT, add 2 to the other (max 18 after these) 3) Add 3 points anywhere as per normal rules for being 92 or below 4) Add Rune and Homeland effects as per normal rules (I didn’t get a chance to look at the RQ6 rules over the weekend) (Also - I’m picking this array based on the probabilities shown here: http://www.thedarkfortress.co.uk/tech_reports/3_dice_rolls.htm#.W8TGYBZlDDs)
  2. Hyperlexic

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    @MOB my 6 year old loves Khan of Khans, which she calls “the Enemy Magic game”. I was making an RQ:G character in front of her yesterday and she understood it as “a longer Enemy Magic book”, which is about right.
  3. @soltakss - thanks to the reference to Mythras - I have RQ6 and I’ll look at it. I’ll think about the “giant dice pool” idea discussed by several people as well. I don’t think it’s particularly fruitful to debate methods - it’s personal preference - but just to explain my thoughts... My issue with the random method is inspired in part by making my first two characters. Both ended up with decidedly average characteristics, lots of 11’s. Also character balance is definitely a thing - not because the players are competing but because it’s almost impossible to change most of the stats over a campaign.
  4. Hyperlexic

    Memorial Gatherings for Greg Stafford

    I would like to join the Berkeley one and would volunteer to help however possible. Let me know if I can help organize space, etc.
  5. In the absence of an official preview I’m interested in feedback in this option (like the D&D “array”): 1 each of 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 After assigning all stats, add 3 to one of SIZ or INT, 2 to the other Assign Rune bonii (bonuses) as normal
  6. I have a particular hatred of random characteristics generation. RQ:G page 53 says the GAMEMASTER GUIDE will have optional methods. Could we get a preview / playtest?
  7. Hyperlexic

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Nick - thanks for this loving and honest complete discussion.
  8. Hyperlexic

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    It’s so moving to read this thread and see all the names I know commenting, whether designers like MOB, Steve, Shannon, Ken, etc, or fellow players that I’ve gotten to know worldwide. I think of Glorantha as a reflection of Greg: he contained multitudes. He was Great Sister, Argrath, and Arkat. The world - with it’s humane view that everyone is right in their own mind - is a reflection of his spirit. Without Greg we wouldn’t have this global tribe. We Are All Us, indeed.
  9. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks, @JonL!
  10. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks. And having read some of the Feats in the in the intervening time - it looks like most of them are quite broadly defined, almost a version of heroforming. For example the example character has the active ability 'lightning bolts' (an initiate level breakout) but then has the feat 'The Thunderer' which from it's description is basically heroforming Orlanth.
  11. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    second question - what’s the difference between a breakout ability and a feat? Eg Vargast the sample character has “a magical lightning spear (a breakout ability of the Air Rune); and a breakout feat from the Air Rune.”
  12. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks! That clarifies. Now all the sample characters make sense.
  13. Hyperlexic

    Where will your Heroquest game go?

    I’m late to this party but I’d dearly love to see a full on Lunar supplement.
  14. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    hi, I’m gearing up to hopefully run a game next year. so I need to bone up on the rules. by background I’ve owned every edition of HW and HQ but I’ve only fitfully played them and I’ve never played HQ2/HQ:G. I’ll post a running stream of questions as I create some characters... First question: how exactly do Companions work with creation? Do the 3 Companion abilities at their ratings take 3 of the ability “slots”?
  15. This is brilliant and spot on. How would you describe the Lunar Empire?