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  1. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks, @JonL!
  2. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks. And having read some of the Feats in the in the intervening time - it looks like most of them are quite broadly defined, almost a version of heroforming. For example the example character has the active ability 'lightning bolts' (an initiate level breakout) but then has the feat 'The Thunderer' which from it's description is basically heroforming Orlanth.
  3. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    second question - what’s the difference between a breakout ability and a feat? Eg Vargast the sample character has “a magical lightning spear (a breakout ability of the Air Rune); and a breakout feat from the Air Rune.”
  4. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    Thanks! That clarifies. Now all the sample characters make sense.
  5. Hyperlexic

    Where will your Heroquest game go?

    I’m late to this party but I’d dearly love to see a full on Lunar supplement.
  6. Hyperlexic

    Some character creation questions

    hi, I’m gearing up to hopefully run a game next year. so I need to bone up on the rules. by background I’ve owned every edition of HW and HQ but I’ve only fitfully played them and I’ve never played HQ2/HQ:G. I’ll post a running stream of questions as I create some characters... First question: how exactly do Companions work with creation? Do the 3 Companion abilities at their ratings take 3 of the ability “slots”?
  7. This is brilliant and spot on. How would you describe the Lunar Empire?
  8. I love that all the people of Glorantha feel real - they have their own motivations, and even trolls make sense. Aside from pure Chaos there's no clear good side vs bad side.