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  1. Dragonsnail


    I would not use rules to play that bit out if I would include it in a Pavis adventure.
  2. Dragonsnail


    I'd say uneasy is Storm Bullers resting state. So it would be on a scale, like slightly more uneasy.
  3. I challenge Chaosium to pick it up and release as an official product with a higher production budget. ; ) I know there are things which might not be solvable, like huge page count, general public interest contra sales etc. But one can dream. Anyway, I really appreciate what all Jonstown Compendium authors are doing, no matter how big or small.
  4. It's Magdalena Mieszczak from Poland. Check her artstation site here; https://www.artstation.com/eihwaz
  5. Great, new RQG material! Perfect as a present to myself. : ) The maps again looks fantastic, kudos to Olivier. You can preview the South Wilds area map in the "See 11 more pictures" slideshow.
  6. Sounds great! Please take the time to make it the king of Dragon Pass maps. I really like all other maps of the area and surroundings. Perhaps I'm easily impressed. But there has always been some minor things that could have been done better on each version.
  7. Thanks a lot for posting this, I've missed it and it was really good and interesting info.
  8. So a Scribe-Warrior would be optimal for the Egregious munchkinnery thread?
  9. I did reflect on that, but as it was titled "Preview" I thought there was something more coming. I agree that it might not be a book for store customers, but maybe a PDF only release for fans?
  10. For sure. Learning by experience when you have a high skill can take something like six seasons to earn a 3% increase. Unless you choose to roll and get the obligatory 1% increase instead.
  11. The Red Book of Magic is it late, middle or early in the upcoming books queue? I'm easily teased by topics like this.
  12. Interesting! I like sneak peeks. Is there limitations coupled with your present skill value or is it flat increase? Increasing a skill +10% when it is very high already can be powerful.
  13. I kind of miss some sort of "Skills Category Modifier" tables in the GM Pack reference sheets. Because we reference them quite often.
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