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  1. Sounds great! Please take the time to make it the king of Dragon Pass maps. I really like all other maps of the area and surroundings. Perhaps I'm easily impressed. But there has always been some minor things that could have been done better on each version.
  2. Thanks a lot for posting this, I've missed it and it was really good and interesting info.
  3. So a Scribe-Warrior would be optimal for the Egregious munchkinnery thread?
  4. I did reflect on that, but as it was titled "Preview" I thought there was something more coming. I agree that it might not be a book for store customers, but maybe a PDF only release for fans?
  5. For sure. Learning by experience when you have a high skill can take something like six seasons to earn a 3% increase. Unless you choose to roll and get the obligatory 1% increase instead.
  6. The Red Book of Magic is it late, middle or early in the upcoming books queue? I'm easily teased by topics like this.
  7. Interesting! I like sneak peeks. Is there limitations coupled with your present skill value or is it flat increase? Increasing a skill +10% when it is very high already can be powerful.
  8. I kind of miss some sort of "Skills Category Modifier" tables in the GM Pack reference sheets. Because we reference them quite often.
  9. I saw the new RQG character sheet uploaded by Galafrone here. See link just below. It is an very nice four page character sheet with more space for everything. I recommend checking it out. It also had a small table for easy referencing the Skills Category Modifiers. I borrowed it from Galafrone's character sheet (hope that is ok) and made a small printout for my players. Because almost every season end (between adventures) one of my players goes up or down in a characteristic and need to check all the categories again. Let's say one player train DEX and goes from 12 to 13. First check the bottom table. You find that it gives an +5% increase for the "Major" row. Then check the upper table column "Major". It shows that skills category modifiers for Agility, Manipulation and Stealth goes up because they DEX is in the "Major" column. Credit to Galafrone and Silvia. I just found it was a very good and compact table.
  10. Thanks for the update. Great art as usual! Will the two scenario packs Smoking Ruins and Pegasus Plateau be smaller softback books?
  11. As you say, with any older material people have to be aware of corrections. For overview map I prefer the new map in RQG which is available in the GM Pack. It is the best looking one and also has the major roads. Only minor issue is the somewhat too dirty textured look. Neither of those have the details of the old Dragon Pass Gazetteer map by W.Q. But it is fine as details are better left for more zoomed in maps than those two.
  12. Books on Nochet, Esrolia and the Holy Country, I want that very much. It's very close to Sartar but different in culture and a huge city to explore.
  13. Isn't it this map? https://www.glorantha.com/docs/dragon-pass-land-of-thunder-map/
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