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  1. As the old saying goes, everything old is new again. To the point the old Cyberpunk 2020 game got a name change to CP 2077......
  2. As the saying goes, no duh. Maybe you should try reading posts, instead of trying to incite flame wars by putting words in people's mouths. Reported.
  3. Nah. There are numerous cyberpunk novels that cover that too. Of course, the "idealistic protestors" generally turn into the exact same thing they were fighting 20 years earlier...….
  4. I have 3rd edition (hardback), 5th, and 6th editions. The main thing stopping me from getting 7th is the price point. Even with the starter box set coming out soon at around $50 I'm pretty much holding off. The reason is pretty much the fact I have 3 bloody copies of the rules (for beauty? 3rd edition wins, hands down...) and Ghu knows how many adventures, etc. Now if I was JUST NOW getting into CoC yeah, 7th would be the way to go....but I'm not. Also, I've found over the years the fact that the stats were very D&D-like made it possible to lure in unsuspecting victims.....er...players.....from D&D. For scientific reasons, of course..:)
  5. I downloaded the free quickstart rules and the differences are basically minor. Major diff? The Resistance Table is no more. Not needed, now that the stats are all percentile. LUCK is its own stat now, as is SAN IIRC. And since all the stats are d100, no more "derived" rolls (Idea, Know, etc.) The game engine is basically just a bit more...streamlined. To be honest I was struck by how similar it was to the old FASA Star Trek game engine. So the changes are essentially very minor. For me, its simpler to just stick with 6th edition.
  6. I think the example the author used was that an elderly librarian that had never seen actual violence was going to be extremely traumatized by just finding a dead body, while a hardboiled homicide detective should barely bat an eye. Keeper's discretion, basically. Delta Green, which has most of the players being former military combat veterans, and special operations at that, covered this topic in greater detail. Kinda hard to be shaken by fishmen when you fought at Bagdahd/Berlin/Stalingrad...……….or the Somme.
  7. I believe its in The Keepers Companion; apparently someone basically had the same question and the author advanced this as a method for dealing with the 'lesser' horrors. Delta Green covers this as well, IIRC.
  8. It did have fighters and capital ships; the Kinunir was meant to be a capital ship (at least before Book 5: High Guard came out...…). And there were blasters (laser pistols) once Book 4 showed up, and where do you think the Psionic rules came from? And why did the Imperium view them as illegal? And the Imperium, in the very first books/adventures, was very much inspired by a certain Empire in a galaxy far, far away. IIRC COTI (Citizens of the Imperium) even had write-ups for a certain farm boy and an Imperial Lord with psi powers, replete with black battle dress. As for laser swords....or light sabers.....I suppose Miller didn't want to seem TOO derivative. Or attract the attention of the dreaded Lawyer-beasts.
  9. Star Trek is basically space opera. Being Star Trek essentially copied Forbidden Planet and other pulp serials of the 30's and 40's. Flash Gorden and Buck Rogers instantly spring to mind. Star Wars is space fantasy. Wizards, magic swords, knights.....with spaceships instead of horses. Both spawned numerous imitators, mostly from Italy. At this point both are basically genre examples, as pretty much EVERY new "science-fiction" show/movie gets compared to them. Other genre examples are Bladerunner (cyberpunk), Halloween (slasher killer flick), and every Godzilla movie ever made (giant atomic monster movie). Firefly came to epitomize the Space Western. Traveller was inspired by Star Wars and grew into something else. Given you (Mr. Durall) just said it won't be either of the 2 largest 'SF' genres, I'm hoping its not going to be so specialized that it won't have an audience....
  10. IIRC once you make a SAN check (successful..or not...) after seeing a Mythos Horror, the effects are basically supposed to lessen due to you becoming 'hardened'. While this obviously wouldn't apply to the Major Threats (Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, etc), after you see (and gun down...) a few dozen Deep Ones/Ghouls, SAN loss, if any should be minimal at best. Unknown Armies , IMO, actually has better sanity rules, and models this perfectly.
  11. It should, out of the box, be able to emulate Star Trek (space opera) and Star Wars (space fantasy), as these are the 2 major genres people think of when they think of "sci-fi". Later modules could address Aliens (there were only 2 movies. You imagined the rest.), Firefly, The Expanse, etc. Note these would not be LICENSED BOOKS, just 'generic' takes on the topic (Cthulhu Rising does a pretty good job of being Alienesque all by itself...). I would LOVE a BRP Forbidden Planet-style book, for instance.
  12. And always make sure you are the fastest runner in the group. Remember, you don't have to outrun the monster, just everybody else....
  13. W e can always hunt down Moorcock and take him to a "gentlemen's club". We pay for the booze and the lap dances, he'll agree to anything.....:) Last I heard he lives here in Texas. It'll be EASY.
  14. *looks at the IRS* ……. I plead the Fifth. *starts drinking heavily*
  15. I think we have found the one man.....I think its human anyway......to do the Duck Module/Supplement for RQ/HeroWars. If Trolls got one the Ducks should get one too!!!!
  16. The EQ game was kinda an '80's thing. Rumors of a movie were all over the place, or maybe an animated TV show. Nowadays all you see of the series are maybe one or two cosplayers, and they....are getting pretty long in the tooth, tbh. IIRC the Pini's ended up shutting down their EQ website, which was a shame, I think.
  17. I do. I once had a copy of the game, and I curse my horrible fate due to having misplaced it years ago. For those who don't know, Hawkmoon was another Moorcock series set in a far future where magic and technology both worked. It used pretty much the exact same mechanics as Stormbringer. There were, of course, scenario ideas in the back for crossover games with Stormbringer. Any chance Chaosium would ever reprint it, I wonder? Probably not. From what I remember it didn't sell well. I also have a copy of ElfQuest. Somehow that didn't get lost over the years.
  18. Damn. Everything under the sun.....what does a guy have to do, make a game about cyberpunk Inuits fighting the Canadian-French Empire whilst riding robo-moose and cyber-Kodiaks?
  19. You can use GURPS Ice Age and GURPS Old West I suppose. They are easily adaptable to BRP (obviously). Altho I would love to see a setting where the Glorious Apache Nation clashed with dinosaur-riding Aztec's, with Spanish conquistadores thrown in for good measure. What? I'm inventing a new genre here. Hmmm...…..ArrowPunk? Needs work.
  20. RuneQuest was the second RPG I ever played. I was around 12 and was a cadet in the local Civil Air Patrol. Our resident GM was a navigator on a B-52 based out of Elmendorf AFB. His aircraft had a hard landing and he lost all his D&D material, so he replaced it with RuneQuest. Many, years have passed since then. I joined the Army, did stuff, got out. But Chaosium has always been there for me during the years, providing great games like Elric!/Stormbringer, Pendragon, Ringworld, ElfQuest, and of course, Call of Cthulhu. Here's to you, Greg. I know right now you are having a rules argument with Loren (Wiseman) over a Traveller game. You'd better win, Loren can be a pain at times. o7
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