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  1. After hearing that the new Malleus Monstrorum was finalizing, the wheels started turning in my head about adding some Lovecraft to Logres. I was digging around, and found this thread of interesting ideas. Some highlights: Anyone have any other dark thoughts? πŸ™
  2. Post acquisition by Verizon, Yahoo abruptly announced it would end its Yahoo groups service 😭 Groups are now no longer accessible to the public, and there was a KAP players' group dating back to 2001 that was affected. The good news is that Yahoo is allowing users who had belonged to the group to download its data until the end of January, which encompasses: All emails sent to the group. The list of useful URLs the group had recorded. A number of player's aid files, including things like maps, house rules, compendia, etc. I was a member of the group, and was able to obtain it. The Chaosium forums seem to be the new hub for KAP players, so does it make sense to share the files here?
  3. I've only recently started running a game too. The traits and passions really set Pendragon apart from other systems. Be sure to engineer moments where two or more different traits/passions conflict when the character's making a decision. Bonus points if they are 16+ values, because there's an extra element of compulsion. Each of these situations will accumulate, year over year, allowing the player to make their character their own.
  4. It looks like the forum may not be indexed by Google currently? I tried a Google search using "site:http://kapresources.wpengine.com/" and no results came up. Is there a robots.txt or something that can be configured to have Google index it? Is the volunteering Chaosium-only, or could some hypothetical grassroots Pendragon-playing IT folks take it on?
  5. BTW, great free resource on medieval beasts online: The Medieval Bestiary
  6. I saved this from the nocturnal forums, which hopefully will be restored soon. Below is someone's - I believe Greg's? thoughts on boosting APP. Note that it boosts certain skills and costs you honor at character creation time if it's below 10. === APP Appearance is one’s exterior look, being visual and thus entirely outward and superficial. Appearance provokes deep responses in human beings, automatic and normally outside of our awareness, never mind being within our control. (Exceptions exist, but not among knights.) APP Interpretation 01-05. Ugly. See below 06-09. Plain, unattractive, flawed 10-15. Handsome, pretty 16-20. Superlative; beautiful (women) or spectacular (men); gorgeous, dazzling. See below Appearance is only useful when it can be seen. It has no affect when men are clad in concealing armor. Superlative Appearance Gorgeousness has its advantages, and disadvantages. In a crowd of equals, the most handsome person will be addressed first, as if he or she is the leader (since handsome people have Honor, the most handsome is the most honorable!). Everyone is always watching, especially when the beautiful person is not watching. Thus it is very difficult for them to do anything in secret, including whispering at a feast, speaking to anyone, and even how long is spent with him, or her, or that group over there. Appearance Bonus Each superlative APP point (16+)grants a +1 bonus to the following: Flirt: Natural attraction makes it easier to Flirt. Intrigue: The handsome fellow, giving even just a little bit of unusual attention to the staff, gets information much easier than usual. Orate, Singing, Play, Dancing: People prefer to be entertained by pretty people, because even if the performance is not as good, at least they had a pleasant evening observing the attractive performer. It does not affect Romance. Ugly Appearance Ugliness carries a taint with it. Commoners lack Honor, and are thus less appealing to the noble eye. OPPOSITE OF ABOVE--text not complete Ugliness has its advantages and disadvantages. In a crowd of equals, the ugliest person will not be addressed. At all if possible. If something goes wrong, the ugliest person is always blamed first. Nobody looks at you. In a crowd you are practically invisible, able to stand nearby to whisperers, or in a room perhaps entirely unseen, as if you are one of the servants. Honor All heroic characters are handsome, and all their ladies are beautiful. Being ugly is a terrible disadvantage since people immediately judge a person on his superficial traits. Thus, at character generation, each point of APP below 10 costs 1 Honor. Losing APP due to major wounds or aging does not diminish Honor, however. Scars from wounds are a note of courage and strength, and counteract the loss. Likewise, aging adds to honor in exact proportion to losses. ===
  7. It's a Ming dynasty conversion instead of Three Kingdoms, but you may find useful material in the Great Book of Pendragon Treasures, page 27.
  8. Oh for sure! Always interested in placing the tales in the context of the happenings of the wider world. (I read a good thread yesterday about trying to re-create a cheeseburger in Roman days 😁)
  9. That sounds good, too! BTW, for anyone who isn't aware of it, I'm a big fan of GURPS Camelot as a general sourcebook.
  10. Thanks for all the perspectives! I feel like I have a good understanding of the situation now.
  11. Yeah, maybe something like the Dragons of Britain, which I believe @sirlarkins contributed to.
  12. All right, now say you are a single knight riding in the woods and you spot a band of three Saxon marauders. I see a few ways this might be approached: Surprise attack them (i.e. unopposed attack) - is this dishonorable? Charge at them. You get the charge bonus but you're probably too loud on your horse to be "surprising" - no dishonor here, right? Hail them and formally announce you'll attack them, allowing them to prepare - overkill, right? For 1 and 2, does the scenario of being an outrider, in a build-up to an imminent battle change the honorableness?
  13. What is the general consensus on surprise melee attacks? KAP says "it is very dishonorable" to attack an enemy from surprise. Yet there are a couple instances of battles where the Cymri catch the Saxons by surprise, and these aren't characterized as dishonorable moves. I'm wondering if surprise is ok on a relative basis, like: vs. beasts: not dishonorable. vs. honorless men (e.g. bandits, Saxons): not dishonorable, but gain less glory to do so. vs. fellow knights: dishonorable.
  14. Seems like nocturnalmediaforum is down. Does this mean migration is happening soon?
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