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  1. After being a KAP gamemaster for 19 years, and never having played it myself, I had the huge honour of playing in a KAP game for the first time, with Greg as GM, in Bacharach at Tentacles. That was definitely worth the wait.... My condolences to Susan, and the rest of his family.
  2. Belgian? What Belgian? They were DUTCH pancakes, and I should know, as I was making them! I am glad you enjoyed them.
  3. About the intro adventure.... I've been thinking about something like the "Choose your own adventure" books. You could take one of Judge Dee's assistants, and have him or her look for clues, on order or advice from the judge. This way he or she can get into a fight, in which you use fight rules from the system, and visit several distinct social classes. And make friends with the guildmaster of the beggar guild, if possible. And he or she must attend a session in court. After all, he or she is a trusted advisor of the judge. Does that sound like a usable idea?
  4. Hello Gianni, About that adventure in the new BRP China book. Something like a Judge Dee mistery maybe? If you look at the first set of books that Van Gulik wrote, the Judge usually works on three cases at the same time, fairly often in different social strata, and there is always some fighting, either with swords or with bare hands in it. You could just rip the plot from one of the books, or make one up yourself. If you choose one from the Judge Dee books, you are even garanteed that it is a historic case! Although not neccessarily in that setting...
  5. Well, I got the GW version of RQ III, but I was planning on playing in the french Mousqetaire et soccerielle setting, so that's the one I'm currently reading.
  6. Well, after gentle prodding from the site master, I will post: Hi, I'm Louis Kolkman, live in The Netherlands (better known as holland) and have been playing a lot of RPG's through the years. Starting about 23 years back with OdM (Oog des Meesters, a dutch D&D ripof) and Queeste (also a dutch RPG, but this one a original system), but mostly RQ III, CoC, Pendragon, Castle Falkenstein, James Bond 007, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun and several WoD. I only got on the D&D wagon after they brought out version 3.0, and have played a lot of that too. And I master a lot of Pendragon, which is sort of BRP with a twist. Since I live in Europe, and am able to read french, I became interested in BRP through the french RPG magazine Casus Belli. I still plan to write my own world, but RL will probably make this a reality when I retire, so in about 20 years or so....
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