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  1. So, what'd be the point of printing that if most of us won't be able to read it??? The flayed living skins might drive the price up a bit...
  2. Only if each cult has a different list. If a cult has All, then write "All". Or, you could have "All except..." That has far greater significance than first glance would suggest....
  3. Slightly tangential... When a lay person gets initiated and sacrifices their first point of POW, do they suddenly know how to cast all Common Rune Spells? Or do.they need a week to lean each? ETA: if it does take time (as it should), surely being a member of multiple cults would also mean having to learn all those Common spells all over again, because it's not "a spell", it's "invoking the deity".
  4. GMs shouldn't be giving out non-meaningful (ie, trivial) taboos (well, occasionally...). Obvious "taboos" would be sacrificing a point of POW every X... Only/never eat the flesh of X... Things that are flavourful, meaningful, and make for interesting times... Not things that the player gets to handwave away are a minor annoyance or irrelevant.
  5. This is the whole point of the thread... If it's realised (during or after) that magic was used to influence the situation against them, do the PCs (or even NPCs) get to basically ignore the results of the rolls? You've just said "yes", whereas most other posts would say "no".
  6. This surely hints at how both enchantments can come back and have them nerfed appropriately... Shamanic abilities cost more stat points per upgrade. Do the same here. So, the first AP costs 1 POW, the second costs 2, third costs 3, etc... I'm sure there will still be some super-munchkins out there, but oh they'd have to work long and hard to get to anything even moderately powerful... 10 AP would cost 55 POW.
  7. And what if the spell is cast mid-debate?
  8. This is obviously your personal interpretation of what goes on... Not all will agree. Especially since the bit about discorporation actually goes against the RAW. Personally, I can see the possibility of a character having awakened their Fetch, but unable (hasn't learned/been taught) to discorporate (e.g., HQ reward - great for the extra POW & CHA)
  9. Personally, I dislike the idea of a shaman having a 100% chance to discorporate anywhere anytime. A teachable skill makes a whole lot more sense. But then so does a special ability given when the fetch is awakened... Something that perhaps was the intent, but never specified.
  10. I presume so... A couple of Resurrections is always handy. And IIRC (probably not), Sever Spirit was 1-use...
  11. I suspect most Orlanthi duels are to first blood, precisely because of the weregilds and fueds that can come from them. Warring tribes may go that step further though.
  12. I like the imagery, but makes me think having multiple castings prepared of said One-Use spell a bit odd...
  13. They both have Extension 1.... Yay, you can now discorporate for 1 hour... Which is still a lot less than a full shaman is usually spending (at least 1D6 hours)
  14. Not at all... It was long discussed (and argued), and needed a real RAW rule from Chaosium to end the debate. Some agreed with your interpretation!
  15. You lose the Rune points (POW) sacrificed permanently. The RPs don't come back after worship.
  16. Ooops, sorry.. wrong Chaosium staff member. My bad.
  17. You know this has already been suggested a few times, right? Over the last few pages... Yeah, that'd be an issue... Which could be overcome. Base % of 0 means you'd have to be taught by someone... Not a permanent fix, but given the dangers of such travelling anyway, and without the knowledge, or abilities (including fetch), very few are going to risk it, let alone survive for long.
  18. Do you lose knowledge of the spell after casting? And, Jeff has stated "no, you do not lose that knowledge". Thus, you should be able to sacrifice your Rune Points on further castings without having to re-learn the spell.
  19. Not all spirit cults, and thus all shamans, will have accepted to Extension.
  20. Firstly, we've got solutions to the Sleep problem. Secondly, regarding the "35+ POW", that's a fair chunk of gaming there, and having most (or all) of that POW going to the fetch. (Edit: AND Daka Fal shamans need to sacrifice at least 1 point of POW annually... Presumably, spirit cults will have the same requirements). However, if said shaman wants to actually be useful at their main job, they need to have a significant amount of POW themselves... 18+ ... That's going to make successful POW gain rolls less likely to succeed... Somewhere around 1-2/year. That's averaging about 7 years
  21. No, it doesn't. And enemies are going to be tougher and have their own tricks up sleeves to counter a lot of what's seen as OP. A chaotic being with the power to reflect spells would be hilarious against the shammy... Or Absorption...
  22. So, we don't want our adventurers to be heroes?' Or face powerful enemies??? The offensive POW v POW is nice, but we shouldn't be encountering that particularly often. And ridiculously high POW shamans and fetches take a long time to achieve, especially when you consider the cost of shamanic abilities. 1 up, 3 down...
  23. That wasn't the topic of discussion though. It's about the Sleep spell. And making it a Rune spell, or clarifying the role of spirits, is the actual fix for this "problem".
  24. Nope... That has major impact on every other spell. The easiest fix is simply to make Sleep a CA Rune Spell.
  25. But, apparently, no Extension, so that assistant shaman is limited to a mere 15 minutes of travel... After a 1 hour ritual. And on p376, it talks about shamans getting 1 Spirit Travel roll, and one encounter with a spirit... After that 1D6 hours have passed... Looks like Kolati apprentice shamans aren't going anywhere...
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