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I have a confession...

Zulfikar Zaban

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I have never actually played any Chaosium games. Years ago my cousin told me about the Nephilim game and I was very Intrigued by the concept, so eventually I collected them all and read them all, but could never get anyone to play, at all. I've also heard about Call of Cthulhu a bunch over the years, but have yet to play it. I'm hoping to but the starter set soon. I also bought Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, but don't think I'll probably be able to play that for a while, although I am really excited to delve into that world. Pendragon is another one I am very curious about, as I am very interested in Grail mythology and have studied about it for years. Although I have never played any Chaosium games, I very much enjoy Chaosium games.

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Try and get to a Convention, if that's the kind of thing you enjoy. You should be able to play some Chaosium games, depending on the convention, just to see if you like them.

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If you're not averse to online gaming then Roll20 is another possible path to getting in on some systems that are underrepresented on local gaming tables. I've managed to find my way into groups for a number of systems I might never have gotten a chance to play otherwise.

It might take some patient searching but there is a wide variety of games getting played on Roll20, even if the site doesn't directly promote/support them.

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+1 to each of the suggestions above -- conventions, and online games such as Roll20.

Also, where are you physically... what city, what country?  There may be a RL gamer-finder that can connect you with an actual group that meets face-to-face.  Meetup, FB, Reddit, etc ...

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