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Fantasy Game prices

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I'm using the RQ currency and prices found in the download section for my game.

But there is a few things that would be nice to have prices for if anybody have any suggestions out there :).

Ships (RQ only goes to galleys)




And a few warship types up to dreadnought..

Gemstones and valuable metals (cut and uncut prices on gemstones)












Lapis Lazuli




Gold bar

Silver Bar

Bronze Bar

Copper Bar

Lead Bar





Gunpowder Weapons


Flintlock pistol



Wooden Shack

Farm House

Town House





That is all I can come up with for now, but feel free to add to stuff that could be nice to have in :)

Tea and Madness

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Should well also have put in.

Gunpowder pr. rifle shot

Gunpowder pr. kilo (for cannon)

The point of an extensive list is because, the players in my setting can go all they way for the epic and rule nations, and prices for many things are good to have, especially as one of them has a dream of raising an army.

The gemstone part is because one of the players are a juveleer/gemstonecutter/goldsmith.

Tea and Madness

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The prices for gemstones and valuable metals are a bit of a problem, because

their value depends very much on the background culture.

Certain stones can have a religious significance, can have medical properties

attributed to them, or can be considered "cursed" and therefore without any

value in that specific culture.

It is almost the same with the metals, although these are more likely to be

considered valuable across many cultures - but there have also been cultures

which considered gold useless and without any value.

You could try to connect the various stones and metals with the culture(s)

of your setting, giving each a "history" and a reason why it is considered as

valuable as it is.

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Yes, but as the setting resolves around the alliances of four races, the values would be a generic one, also for the easiness of things as is not going so far as advanced economics.

Gemstones are first and foremost, valuables and for the rich. The religious part of the setting do not use them, as the veneration of the gods is a humble and pious one.

Tea and Madness

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If I can find my copy of the White Wolf supplement for Strombringer I think I can get you prices for the ships. Whle SB used a different economic system that RQ, I can just rate the prices relative to the other ships. So if a Caravel costs twice as much as a Galley, you have something to go by.

As for Gems I think SB also had a chart with prices. While realistically such things would vary by setting, as has been mentioned, it does give you some sort of benchmark to start with.

I know RQ3 had prices for Trebuchets.

I'll check and get back to you.

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Another option could be to steal from another game. Harn has a pretty detailed economy with prices and weights for lots of things. There are various files scattered across the net, but the following links might help.

Hârnmaster Equipment List

Bill Gant's HârnMaster House Rules


I also a few files on my drive, PM me if you're interested.

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Thats a good list, but my problem with that list and many settings, is the use of only one type of currency.

A battlesword at 230d and a basket at 2d, I presume gold ducats, is not a good way to handle it. Swords are expensive, but maybe not in a way where they where priced in gold, but in silver pieces, and a basket would be in a much lower currency, copper pennies perhaps. And stuff like onions and a couple of potatoes even a lower type of currency, thats why I liked the RQ currency model, though it was not so very comprehensive.

Tea and Madness

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Harn uses the silver penny (d) as the basic coin, a shilling is worth 12d (12 pence) and a pound (£) is worth 240d.

I think the shilling is mostly used for notation and is not an actual coin though.

A penny can be cut up into two (ha-penny) or four (farthing) pieces for pocket money. Gold coins are extremely rare and copper coins are not used.

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I'm using the RQ currency and prices found in the download section for my game.

But there is a few things that would be nice to have prices for if anybody have any suggestions out there :).

I've uploaded a PDF to the Downloads section BRP Central - Downloads - Prices.pdf containing some of the equipment prices from RQ2 and RQ3.

It contains prices for a Large Cog, construction prices for

Poor Shack, Commoner's House, Superior House, Small Log Fort and Small/Moderate/Large Castle. Prices are in Lunars (L) or Silver Pieces (SP) which are the same.

RQ3 has damage stats for a trebuchet but no actual costs.

There was an article in a fanzine about gemstones and their prices, something tells me it was Different Worlds, but I can't be sure. I don't have it, unfortunately, so I can't extract it.

RQM has prices for different ships in the SRD.

RQ Pirates has prices for a few ships, but says that most pirates steal ships rather than buying them. A reale is a silver piece.

Rowboat 50-200 reales

Sloop 5000-25000 reales

Schooner 50,000-250,000 reales

Brigantine 100,000-1,000,000 reales

Silver Ingot 320 reales

Gold Ingot 10,000 reales

Pearl 500 reales

Emerald 1,500 reales

Ruby 2,500 reales

9 pounder (demi-culverin) 2,500 reales

18 pounder (culverin) 5,000 reales

24-pounder (demi-cannon) 6,500 reales

45 pounder (cannon) 12,500 reales

Swivel-Gun 1,500 reales

I can't find any prices for cannon ammo.

Blunderbuss 100 reales

Musket 150 reales

Pistol 250 reales

Blunderbuss Pistol 350 reales

Pocket Pistol 350 reales

Grenade 5 reales

Powder & Shot (12)

Pistol 2 reales

Blunderbuss Pistols 4 reales

Blunderbuss 5 reales

Musket 2 reales

Edited by soltakss

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On page 158 of the Deluxe RQ III book...yes, the soft cover with the sheets that shed :D...there is an interesting price guide for Cut-Gems.

Perrin and Co. basically laid some definitions down on cut-stones saying, that 1 carat = 200 mg; 5 carats = 1 gram. A small gem was worth anywhere between 1-20 carats; a medium 21-100 and a large 101+

Further (the first number is "pennies per carat", the second is "pennies per gram"):

Diamond 10/50

Ruby 8/40

Emerald 7/35

Sapphire 6/30

Pearl 6/30

Amethyst 2/25

Opal 4/20

Amber 4/20

Jade 3/15

Topaz 2/10

Turquoise 15

Of course clarity, cut and source need to be taken into account and a seriously intricate cut or gem without inclusions might be worth much more even though only a few carats in weight. Adjustments-adjustment and more adjustments.

For your Jeweler--a setting multiplier in which the result was added to the gem-cut price is also highlighted on that page. A good silver setting was multiplied by 1; an excellent setting by 2.5. A good gold setting was multiplied by 10; an excellent setting by 25! :shocked:

Might be useful.

On a final note. I have NEVER found a price list that had everything I wanted on it or with prices fortuitously adjusted to my satisfaction, let alone matching the economics of my personal campaign. I have always had to tinker and adjust , add and delete. Like most GMs here and else where, I've had to haunt the 'net, search old game supplements and in the end, reinterpret what I found for my particular campaign. If things were originally worked out in gold, I'd figure out a formula for adjustment with handy calculator in hand. I discarded nothing because it didn't fit my economic model; I simply put in the work to make that square peg fit that round hole ;)



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Also remember location and demand will determine price.

In Ancient Egypt Silver was more valuable then gold because Egypt had gold mines but had to import silver.

As for ships you would have to factor in what wood was needed to build ships and where the wood came from . And was there a ship building industry around .

Also for a ship , how soon do you want it. Big ticket items like ships where often built to order and not lying around in case some body wanted to buy one. Wood would be needed to be cut and seasoned , nails made and workers hired.

Hmm just thought of A new spell .Season wood : when cast shortens the time needed to season wood .

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