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@Trifletraxor, just had a disaster occur that has happened to me many many times before but not to this degree, anyway it made me think I should send a bit of a note...

The problem: I had just finished a large PM and thought I had better check it for errors, found one as I was correcting it made another error while editing and the spellchecker begins to incorrectly correct it. To prevent this I hit escape (some of you are gasping at this point from recognition) and instead of stopping the auto correct, I lost all the information I had just painstakingly typed. 

So to the point of this missive. Is it possible to introduce a save or a draft feature in the PM area or disable that horrid escape feature in PM (it serves no function other than saving a keystroke or two at the risk of losing many more keystrokes) which tends to destroy all that one has typed in PM? My new work around is now to use a text editor first and copying and pasting, but... Thanks for your time.


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As someone who regularly drops huge word-counts on this and other forums, this happens to me a few times a week.

The safer solution is indeed to use an external editor rather than the one provided by the browser in combination with the forum software. Point by point quotations get lost that way (I'm told that's a good thing), but formatting carries over, sometimes better than what the browser editors offer.

Another possibility to "back up" your work so far temporarily is ctrl a ctrl c, placing a copy of your text in the copy-paste buffer.


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Just now, Trifletraxor said:

Judas has the solution Bill. The software we uses regularly gets updates, but us tenants have no influence on what the coders are working on. ;)

Well. oh great breeder of beetles, so it goes as Kurt Vonnegut was given to say! Thanks anyway and I will remember to use a text editor for my long PMs. 

Thank you.

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