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I've been running 13th Age on Roll20 for 6 years, and I've just started my new 13th Age Glorantha campaign. Since Roll20 now has a Token Marker Library system, I've made a set of Glorantha Runes token markers from the Glorantha font available from Chaosium.

I'd like to make this available for anyone to use, or for Chaosium to take it up and make it available on the Roll20 Marketplace. It's an entirely derivative work, so I'm not going to put it up there myself. 

What this lets you do is mark your token with Gloranthan runes in addition to or instead of the Default token markers. It's very handy for 13th Age Glorantha when PCs attune a rune. I'm sure it could be equally handy for RuneQuest: Glorantha or HeroQuest, etc.,. 

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I made a macro that rolls on the fumble table.

I can't share the "rollable table", but it's basically a matter of

  1. create a rollable table called "fumble".
  2. enter each table entry and give it a weight of its chance to appear on the table. If the D100 result is 01-05 the weight is 5. If the D100 result is 46-54 the weight is 9.

I then made the macro:


/me fumbles!
&{template:default} {{name=Fumble Result}} {{fumble= [[ 1t[fumble] ]] }}


There's a "Make visible to players" box below the code window where you can enter "All players".

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