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PENDRAGON : Source of an adventure set in 480

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As I registered to this forum, now I can ask a question that I have in my mind since some time now.

I have the french edition of "Book of Knights". At the end of the book there is an adventure set in 480. It's about a druid named Thankhad that want kill Aurelius Ambrosius and perform a ritual during Uther crowning.

It's a short adventure, two pages, but poorly written and inconsistent. That start by a camp followed by a (fake) saxons attack, ok nothing special here. Next, there is a paragraph with some "hints" for the gamemaster. The first sentence is "The stones want speak". The problem is that no "stones" are mentioned in the text before. After that it's worst and worst, Merlin arrive, call the cymrique dragon, everybody go to the crowning in Corinium and fight against Thankhad and his minions (a mysterious Mc Nally must make a important perception check, maybe a, not provide, pregen PK).

Is this adventure exists in the book of knights or any other publication in english ? 

Thank you very much.


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I'll third that. I have most, if not all of the supplements, in one form or another, and I don't recall any such adventure. Considering that starting at before 490 wasn't really suggested until KAP5 and starting at 480 wasn't really a supported option until the Book of Uther, I think it would have to be a fairly recent adventure., and probably a French edition exclusive.

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I am sure that the English version of BoK does not include any scenario, just 2 pages of instructions to build scenarios. I have the book before me in this moment.

I am also almost sure that the name "Thankhad" is never mentioned in any of the English-language books published over the years. I did an automatic's word search on the PFDs of all the books, and found nothing.

Edit: By the way, @Crabus, what is the title of this scenario? I've never heard of it.

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