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Caravan Calamity, Session 2


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Tomorrow night is my second session of my online HQG game, Caravan Calamity.


Last session, the PCs discovered the body of their Caravan boss, started collecting evidence at the scene, and also became worried about the social-political consequences of the boss dying.


As all three players are new to Glorantha and Heroquest, I am slowly bringing them up to speed.  Setting-wise, they are aware they are on a caravan, and they know Elves are humanoid trees.  This session they'll be introduced to Chaos, or at least the threat of Chaos, as someone will be starting a panic that there is an Ogre on the caravan!  The ACTUAL Ogre on the caravan is rather upset at this rumour, as he's far too smart to kill the head of the caravan in the middle of nowhere.... that's just stupid.

In terms of rules, I'm introducing extended contests and using Hero Points. 

Core things I know:

  • I know who actually killed the caravan boss: a Trader Princess on the caravan, who is trying to taker over his freelance spy network.
  • I know this was witnessed by a scholar from Solung who is on the caravan.  The murderer is currently unaware of this, but if the players are sloppy they may inform her.
  • I know which NPCs care, don't care, and are happy the caravan boss (who had a penchant for blackmail) is dead.


I'm planning on re-reading the rules on long-term benefits to make sure I know how that works, so there is a mechanic to help them put the pieces together if they don't themselves.


So... yeah.  Wish me luck.  I'll be back over the weekend to let yo uknow how it went.

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1 hour ago, Minion1stClass said:

Sounds like a fun time for all. Except the poor ogre who didn't do nothing to nobody. Well, SOME bodies. But not that one in particular. :D 

The PCs didn't know them, so it's ok 🤗


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People are having fun.

The super short story that emerged during the session:

  • They have continued to investigate people
  • the PC cook of the caravan has befriended the amoral bookkeeper and confidant of the murdered caravan boss
  • they really have it down to 2-3 suspects
  • there's been another murder.


Things I love that they're doing:

  • They're trying to keep the murder a secret from the rest of the caravan until they solve it.  They are working fast, so I haven't had a chance for this plan to blow up in their faces.
  • I love how proactive they are all being.  They are not waiting to have clues fall in their lap;  they are running around and doing things, trying very hard to solve the murder..
  • They keep forgetting to use Hero Points for poor rolls.  I've started reminding them, which helps.  One of them at the end of the session decided to spend a HP to cement the experience of befriending the bookkeeper, which was great.
  • I'm very happy I created a scenario that was extremely setting lite in its orientation.  They know the Trader Princes are a network of cities and trade routes connecting 2 very urban and "civilized" areas, and they know a few other things.  But really, any setting info more than 2 steps away from "somebody killed the caravan boss!" is unnecessary right now, and allows them to just have fun.


I'm planning on wrapping things up next week, maybe the week after that.  This was a light, simple, goofy mini game, and everyone is enjoying it.  I'll be curious what people want to do next.

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6 hours ago, Nevermet said:

They keep forgetting to use Hero Points for poor rolls.

My players have been going for quite awhile and seem forget as well. 

6 hours ago, Nevermet said:

any setting info more than 2 steps away from "somebody killed the caravan boss!" is unnecessary right now, and allows them to just have fun.

There's often no need for anything overly elaborate.

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