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3D video of ancient Babylon for Glorantha inspiration


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Just remember it was painted really gaudily in real life. It wasn't tan - all we are seeing are the raw stones and dyed tiles.

Residences were all like that gate, but painted. Pinks and greens, yellows and reds, marked with images of divinities and covered with rush sun-covers and brilliant textiles. Think of real-life places in the Mediterranean and reconstructions of painting schemes on actual art from this era. Below: Burano by Venice; Yazd, in the deepest deserts of Iran; a video in Second Century Jewish Babylonian Aramaic (JBA) with distinctly Babylonian art motifs (yes, there was a Jewish Palestinian Aramaic and it was a deeply distinct culture and language).

Also watch the video because it's really cool.

The Mad Colored Houses of Burano – Venice, Italy - Atlas ObscuraTraditional Middle Eastern Home Interior Garden In Yazd Iran ...


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Just now, Bill the barbarian said:

I have had the pleaser of working with these ladies and the gent, very nice. And when they evoke the charge of the Mongol Horde bearing down on one, the earth shakes.

PS They regretted the hats, I worked wth them at a summer folk fest.

because the hats were hot?

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