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Six Seasons in Sartar

Terry Mullins

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Starting this campaign this Saturday. So Far the characters are

- A Lhankor Myr wanabe sorcerer

- A Shaman of the white stag

- and one character undefined as yet, but likely a orlanthi noble

Character roll up is done (except the last one). Thus far the players feel a bit naked as theie characters are like 16 years old and have no armour.  or spells. Or anything really. :)

It has been nearly 12 years since my last game, (RQ3) so I am looking forward to this. 😉

I will detail the sessions, if anyone is interested

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A little update. Due to two players having real world issues of a serious nature, we delayed the game fora while. We did play the first session. It was initiation into the clan cult, becoming adults. The characters were a prospective Lankhor Myr sorcerer, a noble and a perspective assistant shaman. I added an NPC as an ernalden worshipper (though she had little role in this part.)

The party went through the minor heroquest of the clan, finding out basic truths of their existence, the meaning of the term "I fought, we won". The players enjoyed the myth pattern, and made various decisions. After the finish of the quest, they were now clan innitiates and adults. There was a short addition as one of the players assisted the noble to resolve a point in his version of the heroquest. He had encountered a ghost of a young Telmori, and he had promised to find his body and return it to his people. After much searching, they located it, and also the guy that murdered the kid. The fight was...interesting. It was over in one round. The bad guy was a more experienced Telimori who attacked the party to cover his crime (bit more complicated than that). the telimori's wolf was befuddled quickly, and the bad guy swung once...and fumbled. The fight ended shortly after that. (bad dice, my curse I think, but really, a 100. Sigh) Then the party returns the body. This may have implications further along.

more in a bit 

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