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Alternate Lunar Empire

John Biles

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12 hours ago, Orlanthatemyhamster said:

Brilliantly expanded on. Love this!

Thanks!  It works weirdly well.


Endless Tea Parties:

Most Tea Parties last a few months and one side or the other wins or just dies.  But a few legendary feuds have dragged on forever.  Some are barely noticed and others are basically publically known and bet on.

Wilden vs Theophilus

Wilden is a Cat Hsunchen initiate of Yanafal Tarnils; Theophilus is an Canary Hsunchen Initiate of the Blue Moon and priest of Lanbril.

Twenty years ago, Theophilus used his powers to assume his bird form, infiltrate a house guarded by Wilden, and then steal everything, including Wilden's underwear.  They've been trying to murder each other ever since; Wilden now leads a powerful Cat Hsunchen tribe in Doblian and Theophilus has a powerful Lanbril gang in South Raibanth and their struggle has gone on and on and on, sucking in more and more people.

Catticus is known to have openly bet on Wilden to win.  Little Sister would hang herself rather than gamble, but is known to assume Theophilus will win.

Donovan vs Yan Chiko

Donovan was a former Centurion in the Legions, a Vulture Hsunchen who started out as a scout and then became the leader of a group of scouts.  But he was pretty corrupt and took bribes from the Empire's enemies.  The unfortunate Kralorelan traveller, Yan Chiko, who had come to the Empire and become a Pigeon Hsunchen, was betrayed by Donovan and his closest friend, a Dog Hsunchen named Motley.  She managed to turn the tables and he was thrown out of the army.  The two of them have been trying to kill her ever since, but have a remarkable talent for evading imperial justice.  (And for failing to kill her.)  Any Adventurers who brought them to justice would be well rewarded by the military.

The Boom Boys vs. Inspector Sharandelle

The Boom Boys belong to an obscure Yelm Cult which basically believes in setting everything on fire.  Especially trolls.  The Cult of Yelm Incenerator (Fire Disorder) is not allied to the Red Moon Cultists, but like them, thinks the Blue Moon has to go.  They want to burn it.  Inspector Sharandelle of the BRT has been trying to bring them down for over a decade and will do anything, including hiriing adventurers, to bring them to justice before they burn more things.

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Satrapy of Oraya

Oraya is a new addition to the Empire.  After the defeat of Sheng Seleris, Hon-Eel led expansion of the empire into this area, which is mainly inhabited by Hsunchen, some of them former Pentans.  Hon-Eel challenged the local Pentan King, Shayserius, into a duel.  He chased her into the Arcost River, then her Eel relatives mobbed him and ate him alive while he was channeling Kargazant.  This wrecked the power of their god and triggered a massive flood in which many Pentan horses drowned.  Only those willing to adopt the Changing Way and serve the Empire survived in what is now Oraya. 

She then brought in other Hsunchen to settle the area; there are farmers along the rivers and a few towns but the population is mostly Hsunchen, some of them former Pentans. Corn is the dominant crop, thanks to Hon-Eel; Pentans are sometimes sacrificed to help the Corn grow but mostly Corn Dolls are made, sanctified, and then sacrificed instead.  Macall the Venerator introduced this practice, which led to much greater Corn cultivation (but lower individual yields).  

Fire magic remains weak in Oraya; few Dara Happans move here, but other urbanized folk are here in small numbers.  While Hon-Eel ascended long ago, her killing of the Pentan King is carried out every year to renew this effect.  This tends to provoke Pentans to raid... making them suitable to use for the rite.  And of course, Pentans who are fire-oriented and raid Oraya (as 80% of Pentans are) then suffer the penalty.  

Those Hsunchen who most wish all the empire was pasture tend to move here, then fight Pentans every year, making them both militarily skilled and *not causing trouble elsewhere*.   But it also means the Red Claws are strong here.

An Eel Hsunchen is always appointed Satrap here; Jar-Eel will serve in this role at one point in the Hero Wars to come.

Satrap Vaase-Eel (Water, Fertility, Motion) is a priestess of the River Goddess Arcos and many of her kin are part of  The Ancient and Honorable Society of Tubular Magi.  She enjoys being in the water more than land and actually governs from a potent fortified boat, though there is an administrative center.  She is quite cunning and tends to play her cards close to her chest, preferring to surprise foes with an inevitability they can't escape and not show off what she's planning.  However, she faces a prophecy that she will die within the next ten years and is trying hard to find a way around it.

Edasus:  This city predates the arrival of the Blue Moon Empire; it has always been protected by Denegoria, the Goddess of Savage Freedom.  Her priestesses get drunk on blood beer and kill everything that moves whenever the Pentans attack.  She is said to have watched Shayserius get eaten alive and pledged herself to Hon-Eel; she acts now as Hon-Eel's regent over the goddesses of Oraya.  Edasus is governed by the High Priestess of the cult.

Haar Zaal:  A group of folk from Holay were moved here in the 1500s as a punishment, but they have turned their settlement into a flourishing market city for the surrounding farms.  They're also allied with several clans of Jajalaring Dog People who seized the chance to accompany them to repay old debts.  The city is like a little piece of Holay dumped into Oraya.  

Hylokoth:  Home to Tarshite immigrants who saw omens of future disaster in the South and fled them here; the city is home to urbanized Orlanthi, who worship Orlanth and his kin, but in an urbanized way; they have a ring, chosen by the city's inhabitants, which chooses a 'Mayor' who then is blessed by the Orlanth cult.  They grow wheat, oats, and barley and raise pigs and sheep and cattle.  There is a Hon-Eel shrine, whose priestess holds a Ring seat, but she does not dominate the city.

Iriya:  Home to many sorts of folk, this city is dominated by Imperial administrators who collect tribute and taxes from the surrounding area.  Argan Argar and Hon-Eel are the predominant local cults and many local folk claim they are married.  There is an undercity, home to a substantial troll community.  The Kashis pay their tribute and collect tribute due them here, but are not allowed to charge tribute to the city itself.

Kashis:  The Kashis are Pentans who have dwelt here since the Dawn.  After the destruction of Shayserius, they submitted to the Blue Moon and became part of the Changing Way as Horse Hsunchen.  But they remain bloody-minded raiders who only know how to kill and rob outsiders, though they treat each other with respect.  Most of their men initiate to Yanafil Tarnils and most of their women initiate to Deezola, though there is a group of older women who serve Jakeel and use her secrets to strengthen the clans.  They obey the satrap but outsiders risk enslavement on their lands.  

Palapser:  Upon Hon-Eel's defeat of Shayserius, this Dwarven city confused everyone by suddenly appearing.  It is assumed that it was hidden before and they chose to show themselves once the Pentans were driven off.  There is a walkway over the gates; whenever a statue of Hon-Eel holding Shayserius' head comes out (driven by clockwork), the gates open and any Imperial citizen may enter and trade with the Mostali.  Mind you, they're still Mostali.  They sell a variety of metal goods at high prices.  They are known to be seeking the parts needed for a giant engine they are building but what it will do, no one is sure.  A small human town outside their fortress is protected by a Mostali-built wall and provides shelter for travellers and a market for goat and sheep herders in the mountains.  

Palbar:  This city rose during the Godtime and then was destroyed in the Great Darkness.  It looked like a Kralorelan city, far from Kralorela.  Here it was that Hon-Eel battled Shayserius and that he was devoured.  She rebuilt the city and had its surviving temple rebuilt as a shrine to the Gods of Kralorela.  The city has a large number of Kralorelans in exile who dwell here and the bi-annual Eastern Expeditions depart from here to pass through Pent and trade with Kralorela.  And as the Pentans have discovered, if you try to raid the city, dragons come forth and eat you.  It now serves as the administrative capital of the Satrapy.  

Von Mountains:  Home to Mostali underground and Goat and Sheep Hsunchen and their flocks on the surface.  Certain caves are marked as okay for non-Mostali to use as shelters.  Unauthorized caving will probably mean you are never seen again.  The Mostali city of Palapser and its human counterpart serve as a place to buy Dwarven goods.  

Yelm's New Foot:  Dara Happans who annoy the Moonson are exiled to this city.  They then are forced to initiate to Yelm Aluminiumfoot, which involves having one of their feet cut off and replaced with one made of Aluminium.  This gives them the Water Rune instead of the Fire Rune.  The city is a strange place as it induces personality and aptitude shifts.  The biggest one is that the city's culture centers around shared meals which have been heavily spiced in complex ways.  This is a city of people who love to eat and want fancy food.  

Adventure Hooks:

  • The Mostali of Palapser are seeking parts for a giant engine they are building; they are willing to supply fancy items, weapons, and armor of iron to anyone who can bring them what they want.  These engine parts are ancient Mostali crafts made by the now dying out forms of Mostali.  Anyone who can find them can profit greatly by the trade as they are useless without the rest of the engine.  
  • Pentan captives are needed for the annual re-enactment of the death of Shayserius.  The Empire will pay you well.
  • The Expedition to Kralorela always needs guards who can be trusted not to screw up in Kralorela and get everyone eaten by dragons.
  • A Kralorelan Sage has arrived to write a book about your barbarian lands and is looking for guards who can help him navigate the Empire and ensure the locals don't kill him over his prejudices.
  • One of the dragons of Palbar is demanding some weird thing; please get it before it causes trouble.
  • My friend stupidly went to the Kashi lands; please liberate him from slavery.  


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Satrapy of Oronin

This land has been fought over by Dara Happans, Carmanians, Pelandans, and others for centuries.  It was laid waste by Sheng Seleris' insane, murderous followers.  Now it is a peaceful place... well, the farm regions are peaceful.  The Hsunchen are getting overpopulated and constantly feud with each other.  The tension levels are gradually rising.

As with much of the empire, the area near the rivers is farm territory, a mixture of rice and corn.  The interiror and wilder areas are home to Hsunchen - Deer, Horse, Dog, and Cat are most common.  

Satrap Anders (Water, Death, Truth) is one of the Dog People of Holay.  He is an initiate of Yanafal Tarnils, a long term military veteran rewarded with this job in his old age.  He's not so sure it's a reward.  After years of service in war tribes, he's struggling to deal with both peace and the petty feuding.  Knocking heads together doesn't work, so what will?  He doesn't know.

Dendeno:  This flourishing trade city is at the intersection of two rivers and has trade with Fronela down one of them as Fronela opens up.  Dominated by Pelandans, this city is run on a loose caste system, which is allegedly the traditional one but is not.  Masters, Soldiers, Journeymen, Apprentices, and Servants form the five castes.  Each has petty magics which assist their work.  The Empire's religion is given lip service here, but the absolute minimum is done.  They avoid open defiance and Satrap Anders knows nothing of theology, anyway.  He's glad the city causes no trouble and pays its taxes.

Harijj:  This is an unusual city, dedicated to vegetarianism.  This is due to an ancient alliance with the local elves, who bring flourishing crops in return for avoidance of meat consumption.  They saved the city's founders during the Great Darkness.  No Hsunchen may enter the city's territory by imperial decree, save the tax collectors.  This aggravates the local Hsunchen, who cause the city trouble.

Mount Jernotius:  Mount Jernotius is the center of Pelandan religion; those who have not adopted the Changing Way look to the Priests and Priestesses of the Seven High Gods.  Here, Jernotian mysticism, which releases you from the fear of failure, is taught.  This enables you to take joy in life in even the worst situations.  Here, the Blue Moon Goddess visits during Sacred Time, communing with the Seven High Gods and reaffirming their relationship.  

Karantes, the Red City:  In the Godtime, this city rose, built by the worshippers of the River Goddess, who manifested as a great many-headed hydra to defend the city against all evils.  When the Bull People came against the city, the goddess gave birth to the great hero ArLenish, who grew to adulthood in a single season and destroyed the Bull People.  This rite is enacted each year by the city, to the great anger of all Bull Worshippers.  But since they all become weak if they come within 30 miles of the city, too bad for them.  Until the rise of the Empire, the city was an independent city state, a holy place revered by all... except Bull People.  Then the Bull Shahs came, slew the River goddess, and instituted the custom of crowning a high priestess of the River Goddess to rule under the Bull Shah, then hacking her into kibble at the end of the year.  This continued until the Blue Moon Goddess replaced the chosen one with herself, then killed those sent to kill her.  This freed the River goddess from hell and now each year a fake Bull Shah is crowned; he is treated like a king but has no power, and when his reign ends, the River Goddess rips him into bits.  When Sheng Seleris sent an army after the city, the land flooded and his army drowned or was eaten.

Katchpidi:  This small city is home to bitter Dara Happans who dream of now long gone glory days.  Once it fielded the Quartz Phalanx, which conquered Rinliddi for Emperor Urvairinus.  Now the city is home to an annual re-enactment of how the arrival of the Loper Hsunchen led to the destruction of the Quartz Phalanx when it foolishly betrayed the Empire during a Dara Happan uprising.  This is a gloomy city, largely controlled by a Lanbril gang controlled by Rat Hsunchen.  Riddled with crime, it is in slow decline.]

Kendesos:  All that remains of the original version of this city is the repurposed blue marble from when YarGan the Blue King and his Blue People ruled over the land.  Through secret, hideous rites, he blocked the powers of the High Gods and oppressed the Pelandans.  His people commanded vast powers of sorcery based on a system of logic.  Jernotius eventually defeated him by finding the contradictions in his system of thought.  This caused contradictory energies to surge through his body and he died, and then his shield collapsed and the Pelandans rose up and drove the Blue People into Lake Oronin.  In later years, the Carmanians conquered the city and built a great legal school which teaches those who still hold to the old ways.  But with that declining, the school has seen better days.  The city is now primarily a market town and a place of pilgrimage for those serving the Pelandan gods and goddesses.

Kevrinth:  This city is noted for its production of copper coins, known as Navars for the goddess Naveria.  The cults of Argan Argar and Naveria run the town; trolls bring in large amounts of copper and get lead from local mines.  The town has periodic problems with Ernalda cultists stealing the copper for their unholy rites.  

Mesavos:  This city of Dara Happans continues to worship Yelm and the old war gods of Dara Happa as much as they are allowed.  The Marble Phalanx has its headquarters here and faithfully serves the Empire.  They were rewarded for their valiant defense of the city against Sheng Seleris (which ended with almost everyone dead and the city in flames) with the rebuilding of the city and freedom to worship their own way.  The Temple of Polaris is made of the finest materials and dominates the city.  Standards captured at Moonbroth hang proudly in the temple and the bulk of the force, all save the training group, now serve in New Pavis.

Natha's Well:  This unholy, filthy bog lies in a crater and has long been a center for worship of Navar, goddess of Human Sacrifice.  Hon-Eel defeated her in a duel and gained her secrets.  Pelandan priestesses live here with snake and alligator Hsunchen.

Pelandre:  This holy city at the base of Mount Jernotius is where many pilgrims stop and rest before climbing it; it functions as a market town, but has an unusually high amount of inns and shrines to the Seven High Gods.  Daxdarius, who founded the Pelandan Empire, was born here, and is worshipped here as the God of War.  Many Hsunchen tribes in Orinin worship Daxdarius still despite taking up the Changing Way, so the city has many Hsunchen pilgrims and warriors as well.

Petela:  This city of Pelandan artists is home to a great Museum of Historical Art, gathered from across Pelanda and administered by an alliance of Irippi Ontor and Jernotius worshippers.  The city is well noted for its mosaics and fresco painters, who are in high demand across the empire.  The city also has the Art Recovery Agency, whose job it is to recover all the city's art when it is stolen for the 20th time by the Lanbril gangs who keep targeting the city.

Ulawar:  This city survived the Great Darkness by having Uleria, the goddess of Love, present in the city.  Her greatest Pelorian Temple still stands here and the city is basically one giant brothel/tourist trap/garden/brothel.  Many nobles keep an estate here if possible.  Violence is basically impossible within the city, except for those who can overcome a lot of magical power.  The city is notorious for how its houses of love can provide basically any service you can imagine, including sex with abstract ideas, being serenaded by a song incarnated as a person, and changing your body or enabling you to sleep with someone who resembles anyone you want.  

Uteneos:  This city is dedicated to the Star Hero Lendarsh, who saved the Pelandans from the Great Darkness.  At least according to the inhabitants of Utenos.  They dress like Lendarsh - blue jackets, tight black shorts, blue boots, and a black blouse under the jacket.  Like Lendarsh, the inhabitants of the city tend to look androgynous and do not seem very concerned with gender.  Asking someone's gender is an insult.  Uleria is also worshipped here but on a smaller scale, more like her worship elsewhere.  






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Because my attention is on politics, here's just some adventure seeds for Kostaddi:

  • Forbidden Luxuries:  The Sable Riders forbid a variety of luxuries to be brought onto the plateau; only the khans and Great Khan live big and rich.  But one of them has decided this policy is stupid and his people are sick and need help. You must smuggle medicines into the plateau to his camp and he will reward you.  Good luck!
  • One Bride For One Brother:  Queen Wind Talker wants a bridge for her seventh brother from the Sable Riders of Prax, who have agreed to it.  All you have to do is travel the entire length of the empire, cross a war zone, get the bride, and bring her back.  Your reward will be great.  Surely no one would be trying to kill you to stop the wedding.  
  • One of Our Goats is Missing:  The great holy shrine of the Goat Hsunchen *has been stolen*.  They need someone who can pass through wards against Goat Hsunchen to recover it - namely the PCs.  IF they can keep their sanity once they recover it.  
  • The Drums of War:  The Pcs can suddenly hear the continual drumbeat coming out of the Temple of Shargaash in Alkioth, urging them to kill.  Unfortunately, it hasn't come with instructions on WHAT to kill.  How do you get this message clarified and/or out of your head?
  • The Witching Hour:  The Counting of the Hours in East Raibanth has gone wrong - the hour of midnight isn't being called and clocks somehow skip over it.  *Something* is happening and you're just the people for the job.
  • When Pigs Fly:  A flock of pigs has been *swept into the sky* by the winds which assail the city of Hargoth for its sins.  Please save them before they become flat pork.
  • The Wrong Order:  The PCs stop at a tavern for food in East Raibanth and one of them accidentally gives a password, leading to the PCs being passed a messenger spirit which knows where the drugs are.  Where about 2000 kilos of drugs are.  And now every Lanbril gang and murderhobo in East Raibanth is after them.



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Satrapy of Bindle Adventure Seeds

Evidence Needed:  Satrap Jahangir Paisan is worried about the Charg menace.  Periodically, he sends people to basically go up and down the border where the Sweet Sea touches the Ban around Charg and make sure nothing's gotten out.  That's your job.  Certainly nothing bad could happen.

The Holy Exploding Egg of Humakt:  It's a long and somewhat disturbing story involving Duck worshippers of Humakt.  Suffice it to say the Humakti Heroine Saya Quacks-a-Lot laid an egg full of Humakt's power which can explode with vast force.  The worshippers at the Humakt Temple in Storal convinced a temple in Arrolia to send it to them, but a storm sank the ship to the bottom of the Sweet Sea.  You just have to dive to the bottom, fight off anything which has colonized the wreck, and bring it back.  Without exploding.  You're not undead, right?  We know it will go off if any undead get close to it.

I Like Big Brass And I Cannot Lie:  The job is simple.  Go to Kitor, pick up the shipment of brass weapons, armor, and other things the Satrap has ordered, and sneak the shipment to Harandash so it doesn't get stolen like the last shipment.  This *should* prevent the Hobo Association from making a move on you.  And don't mention the Brass Monkey to anyone so Satrap Jhon doesn't get suspicious and execute you before you can bring us the goods.  

The Meanies to Blues:  One of the problems with being one of the Blue People is that Heroquesters from Oronin show up and beat you up or kill you every so often, because your super-distant ancestors allegedly served an evil god-king.  The thing is, Tharic has figured out the patterns behind this and will pay the PCs to help him ambush some Heroquesters and put an end to this obnoxious behavior.  This can't possibly go wrong.  

One Ring to Rule Them All in Harandash, Anyway:  Long ago, the original founders of Harandash built potent defenses controlled by a ring worn by the city's king.  Then it got stolen and has long been missing.  The walls still function as walls, thankfully, but that's not good enough for the Satrap.  There's reason to think this evil crack in the ground emitting foul mists has the ring in it.  We don't know why or how but the reward to recover it will be high.  

The Rat Pirates of Bindle:  A Lanbril gang has gone pirate and is raiding the Fronela-Bindle trade routes on the Sweet Sea.  The satrap wants to keep the navy fresh for the inevitable giant Ram-Powered Ships he hallucinates will come out of Charg.  That's why he's paying you to deal with them.  

The Sword of Jaleh:  Nahid, a warrior of the Morvarid, approaches the PCs.  In a Heroquest, he learned the Sword of Jaleh, a weapon wielded by the founder of the Morvarid, but lost in the wars with Sheng Seleris, is now in the hands of bandits far to the east, in the woods around Merinta Reborn.  It is a long quest, but he needs the sword to give to the tribe's leader so he can marry fair Jalia.  It is a hard quest, but he will offer anything within his power to get the help of the PCs.  

What's Aldog?:  Aldog is technically inside Bindle, but pays tribute to the Char-Un because the Satrap is going to need them.  But a group of drunken young Char-Un have been going too far and need encouragement to move on that won't bring down a bloody retaliation.  There's a reward in it for those who can solve this problem.


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Satrapy of Jhor Adventure Seeds:

  • Bull vs Panther, FIGHT:  A Cow Hsunchen clan and a Panther Hsunchen clan are feuding because the Panthers keep raiding them and eating their True Animal companions.  There's a lot of cheese in it for you if you can convince the Panthers to stop.Celibacy Raiders:  Palamedes has had enough of Mentinus' constant 'holy lust'.  Make a mess of one of their sacred festivals and he will pay you well and ensure they don't render you impotent forever.
  • Courier Service:  Little Sister's Deputy, Paramedes, needs a message delivered to the Satrap of Bindle.  Agents of Satrap Jhon are likely to interfere, but you have to stop them without killing them to avoid political trouble.  Humiliation, though, that's just fine.
  • Get Me a Prophesy:  The Satrap of Bindle will pay good money to someone who can get the oracle at Osthens to give more information on when Charg busts free.  That shouldn't be too hard, right?  
  • My Cousin Vinnie:  Your cousin Vinnie is desperate to join Beasts and Boys.  He is a good singer, but the competition to get in is *intense* and he has no connections.  You're great heroes, can't you do something?
  • One Of Our Spirits Is Missing:  The city of Lasadag is torn by conflict between Changing Way following Carmanian Lion Hsunchen, and Animist Bismoli Hsunchen.  Carmanian bigots made off with several fetishes and the Bismoli will reward you well if you recover them and... they aren't sure.  Do something in retaliation.  They're not even sure how to best retaliate.
  • The Pelandan Lover:  Satrap Jhon is staging a Games, but one of the biggest attractions is going to be the play, The Pelandan Lover, all about how Pelandans are pathetic losers, basically.  The Carmanians love it but Little Sister's Deputy  Paramedes is likely to try to sabotage the play.  Please ensure it goes off without a hitch.  (Or if the PCs are buddies with Little Sister and her Deputy, they have to sabotage it.)
  • Save the Pilgrims:  Someone keeps ambushing and killing Aldryami pilgrims to Balovius.  Please put a stop to it.  
  • Slave Liberation:  Mostali from elsewhere are not pleased that a 'dog' is keeping slaves under The City of Brass.  They are willing to pay quite a bit if you will liberate some of them. 
  • Stop That Monkey:  The Brass Monkey has been hijacked by White Moon cultists, who are on a rampage.  Only you can stop it.  If you can find out *how they got it to go without the sacrifices*, we'd like to know that too.


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Satrapy of Spol Adventure Seeds:

Ancient Treasures To Be Taken:  This treasure map will show you where one of the vaults of Enthyr is; you can go in, get the treasure, and come back.  Just watch out for traps and guardians.

Appeal to the Moonson:  You're the greatest heroes the Brass Count could find.  He wants you to go to the capital and appeal to the Moonson for more resources to fight the Spolite witches.  Good luck!

Avenge Martin:  Your cousin Martin (adjust name to suit the PCs) went to Rafelios for a party and got ripped apart and eaten by angry deer.  Find out why he got killed and whether he should be avenged or if he had it coming.  

Char-Un Revenge:  Many Char-Un are unhappy with the Brass Count's attitude that the solution to Charg is to just throw the Char-Un at it until both sides die.  They want you to go cause him some trouble. 

The Deer Hunter:  An ogre is hidden in the city of Rafelios; he has a taste for venison and is busy eating the population.  Please find and kill him.Stop the Rampage:  The Brass Count's crops are being attacked by darkness monsters sent by the Witches of Spol.  He wants you to kill the monsters, find the source, and deal with it.

Fruit Blight:  Someone, probably Spolites, is blighting the fruit trees of Elsid's Better Dezarpovo; please find out what's going on and end it.  (Potential Twist:  It's actually jealous fruit merchants from another city!  Or angry Aldryami!)

The Spear of Andros:  Yelmalio scholars in Zern have learned that the Spear of Andros is somewhere in a cave system in the Brass Mountains, due to a past hero dying there.  They need you to go in, kill the inhabitants, get the spear and bring it back to those who deserve it.

The Witchfinder General:  A Yelmalio Witchfinder has come to town to root out Spolite witches.  He is mostly rooting out people's secrets they want kept.  Please get him to leave without killing him, which will only bring a *squad* of them.  

Yelmalio's Revenge:  The temple of Yelmalio has been having problems with Spolite Witches wrecking their holy rites.  They want you to ambush the witches at the next rite and will pay well.

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Satrapy of Worion Adventure Seeds

  • Book Run:  The Hierophant wants a crate of ancient Carmanian texts which is going on an estate auction in Raibanth.  Here's money to bid for the crate; get them, bring them to him, and you will be well paid.  You may have to fight off rivals who want the books too.  
  • Brass Guards:  The Satrap needs you to escort these wagons to the Brass Mountains, pick up a shipment of Brass Gear there, and bring it back, while bandits and evil Ernalda cultists try to steal it.  
  • Clear Orlanth's Good Name:  The Hierophant's latest ceremony was a disaster because the sacred incense was replaced with stuff which smelled like dung.  He blames Invisible Orlanth and thinks IO is just an excuse for the Orlanthi priests of Mount Dabos to mess with him and is calling for his worshippers to attack the Orlanthi.  Please calm the winds of war.  
  • Establish Esos:  The cult of Esos the Red is having problems because the BRT suspects it's a front for Ernalda worship.  They need someone to do Heroquests to show that Esos the Red is totally NOT Ernalda at all.  
  • Invisible Touch:  Ajaak has serious problems with Invisible Orlanth making a mess of everything.  Now an entire shipment of weapons rolled out of control and sank into the river.  The Moonson seems unconcerned, but they will pay well if you can get rid of the problem or at least reduce the intensity.  They will back a Heroquest if need be.
  • Imperial Security:  Catticus is coming to the upcoming Games in Tynops, and extra security is needed!  All sorts of assassins, monsters, mad cultists, and Invisible Orlanth spirits need to be kept from coming at him.  
  • Protect the Pilgrims:  A lot of Changing Way Carmanians mock those who hold to the old ways.  You are hired to protect a group of Carmanian pilgrims coming from Zern to Brinnus and back from everyone who would humiliate them, from Invisible Orlanth to bandits, to thieving Falcon Hsunchen.
  • Revenge Raids:  One of the clans of the Kalanar is raiding local farm villages who had backed the losing side of the civil war, justifying it as revenge.  Please get them to stop.  
  •  Revenge Road:  You've learned one of the clans of the Kalanar tribe of Hsunchen wants revenge for their defeat by the Satrap; you've got to outrace them to the capital to warn her of the surprise attack which is coming.
  • Some of our Cheese is Missing:  Someone is stealing huge amounts of cheese from the dairies of Vornops.  Find out who and you will be richly rewarded (with cheese).   The leading suspect is local rat hsunchen, who go crazy for the stuff, but it's never the FIRST suspect, is it?



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Satrapy of Doblian Adventure Seeds:

  • Can You Beat the Grand Falconer:  The Satrap himself has organized a falconry contest for the next games and has *entered it*.  A great chance to impress him; he will respect anyone who *does not* let him win.  And there's a good prize.  But he is a *Falcon Hsunchen*, so good luck stopping him.  
  • Debate-Club with Swords:  Kessella is having one of its fads, where people sword-fight and debate at the same time.  Normally, the Empire would let it slide, but the winners seem to be sliding into the White Moon heresy.  Investigate, find out the truth, put an end to this.  The leader seems to be a tailor named Dryden, but imperial authorities can't find him at all.  
  • The Grand Caral Tournament:  This sport is so popular that if often replaces or is just more popular than *gladiator fights* at Games in Doblian.  The Satrap is holding a big Games in Doblian City; get your allies, form a team and go for the glory and the top prize!
  • Honey Smacks:  Renegade Bear Hsunchen keep stealing Happy Farms' honey.  (Trollkin do the grunt work; Trolls and Bear Hsunchen take care of the bees) Find the raiders, recover the honey.
  • Hunk of Burning Ghost:   The ghost of Emperor Igneous has appeared in Mephos, even though Emperors *do not leave ghosts*.  Emperor Igneous is now an ascended one on the Blue Moon!  It must be an imposter.  Deal with it.  
  • Monster Man Mash:  Melzorki Moon-Crusher wants to know if Sheng Seleris really is in a box under Ebon City, because he would be *useful* to weaken the Empire.  Of course, she won't *directly* hire the Pcs, but she wants them to sneak in and find out for her.  If the PCs don't have to have a footrace with Monster Man while you play Monster Mash in real life, you're doing it wrong. 
  • One Righteous Fist:  The ghost of one of the Six Righteous Fists is terrorizing Doblian; anyone who can find it and stop it will be rewarded, doubly if you find out *why* it is back in black.
  • Riddle of Blood:  What is worse than a vampire?  A *Riddler* vampire.  They're after one of Nysalor's body parts in Xarkarsh.  The trolls need you to find their base and wipe them out before they try again, while avoiding being corrupted by their powers. 
  • The Running of the Bulls:  One of the festivals of Huvisos is turning criminals loose in the streets while angry bulls chase them; if you die, your crime is now expunged; if you live, you go free.  There are rumors that someone from Tynops in Worion is going to mess with this; ensure the event goes smoothly.  
  • The Seven Salmon Guys:  A group of Salmon Hsunchen have been harrassing a village of Lodrilli peasants along a river.  They may be Red Claws.  There are rumors the Red Claws hope to flip Doblian entirely to nothing but Hsunchen.  
  • Unwanted Caves:  Oarst-Upon-Jord has an underground area; Karshtkids broke through, opening a connection to chaos caves.  Please root them out.  
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First Blessed Adventure Seeds

  • The Eagle Murders:  Eagles are sacred to Vrimak, who is much beloved.  Someone is murdering True Animal Eagles.  Find who is committing this blasphemous crime.  
  • Heroquest Assist:  You have become so noted the Satrap has asked you to assist her in one of her many Heroquests.  Will you answer the call?  A good way to get contacts and the gratitude of a Satrap.
  • Holy Message:  In the city of Diavizzi, the Star Captain Kurantis has *manifested himself spontaneously* and demands to see the Pcs.  He has a message for them to take to Catticus.  Shape up or face divine wrath, you fat slob.  You may wish to deliver this and run.  Is it really Kurantis?  
  • Honey Badger Does Not Care:   The great retired war hero Cornelius, a Honey Badger Hsunchen, is drunk, bitter, and rampaging in First Victory.  Please gently stop him until he sobers up.  
  • Maiden Voyage:  In Elz Ast, there's a tradition that if a ship survives its first voyage, it will go on to many more.  So adventurers are hired as security for the maiden voyage of a ship.  I hope you like ice monsters!
  • The New Tower:  A *new* star tower has appeared in Yuthuppa with the return of the Boat Planet (this event happens in 1624).  Authorities want someone to explore it to make sure it doesn't contain any dangerous surprises
  • Pentan Heads For Sale or Rent:  The Vizier is worried about Pentan raids, despite having Oraya as a shield.  He's paying a bounty on Pentan heads again.  (Twist:  A Lanbril gang needs front men for a pile of *fake* Pentan heads.  You get a cut of the bounty and they get a cut.  Sound fair?)
  • Red Claws Rising:  Red Claws based in Oraya are raiding into First Blessed.  Crime and treason.  Please put them down like dogs.  Like... rabid badgers.  Not dogs.  Forget I said that.
  • Riddler Rampage:  There's another outbreak of Riddlers in Gambarri.  Please stop them without getting infected.  
  • A Special Deal:  The Mostali of the Brass Mountains want a ton of bird dung; the city of Sushz is, frankly, awash in it.  All you have to do is collect a ton of it, then escort it across the Empire so you can get a special shipment of brass from them.  Surely no one would try to make off with dung, right?  Right?
  • Water Trials:  The city of Herele holds a great race every year for swimmers.  The winner is blessed, the losers are mocked and there's feasting, Games, and gambling.  A good way to get some cash and holy power.  
  • Who Let The Dogs Out?:  Members of a rival Jajagappa Dog Clan have been raiding inside the Satrapy and they need to be stopped; they are trying to make the Satrap look weak.  Crush them so she can focus on her important holy work.


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Darjiin Adventure Seeds

  • Appease the Spirits of Arirtikoth:  The spirits are demanding *1000 sheep*.  Please secure them cheaply so that they don't flood everything.  
  • The Broach of Manimal:   SurEnslib is the mother of Manimat, god of the Sun.  Long ago, he ruled Darjiin, wearing the Mantle of Sovereignty, pinned by the Broach of Manimal.  The mantle gave him power to rule and now is invested in the Satrap each year, while the Broach is missing.  It gives the power to assume any animal form, just mundane ones.  Reliable reports indicate it was stolen and taken *all the way to Holay*, where it in the hands of a clan of Red Claws.  Put them down and bring back the broach!  
  • Halo:  Halo is a drug which induces holy visions; the monks of Ulfilias are having mounting problems with it and want you to deal with whoever is supplying it before everyone ends up high on hallucinations of divine glory.
  • The Myth of Yelm's Death:  The official Darjiin Myth about Yelm is that he was not killed by Orlanth, bur rather, tripped on a rake while kicking a peasant and died.  He stayed dead and the current sun is Manimat (Antirius if you are Dara Happan), while Yelm is trapped in a special hell where he dies on a rake or other farm implement *every day*.  Each year in the ruins of Darokon, a criminal Dara Happan is crowned as Yelm, then dies on a rake.  This year, they are short on such criminals; please go secure one.
  • Once-Bitten, Twice Eaten:  Your friend accidentally said the Forbidden Word in Yushargos and now he's going to be eaten - but hey, if you can fight off Shargash in the form of a crocodile, you can save him!
  • The Repairer of Reputations:  Tarnak is an unusually socially adept Troll who helps people fix their reputations when they ruin them.  He organizes parties, bribes people, arranges 'adventures' which bring them 'glory, and so on.  But now he seems to be grooming a young Boar Hsunchen, Hildred.  Hildred claims to be descended of Vormain the Voracious... and it may be true.  But he seems to have the idea that Catticus has stolen his rightful throne and somehow thinks he can 'take it back'.  Investigate and find out what's really going down.
  • Sank Into the Swamp:  Having not come back in 2 seasons, everyone assumes the Company of the Blue Heron sank into the swamp and got eaten near Yunirtos.  Whoever finds them can have all their loot if they survive the menace of the Swamp-Lurker!  (Imagine an octopus the size of a football field, though mostly made of tentacle.)
  • To Wed a Heron:  A friend intends to take a shot at marrying SurEnsLib this year and has heard she favors alligator-skin clothing; he would like you to go alligator-hunting with him in the swamp. 
  • Vaskoli Nights:  A merchant wants extra security while doing a deal in Vaskoli for fear that a Troll Lanbril gang will strike at him.  (Twist:  The Lanbril gang WANTS the deal to go smoothly... why?  What's in it for them?)
  • The Wedding of Elmal Horsefriend:  The Satrap is throwing a huge Heroquest to promote her favorite cult and she needs people to play the *hundreds* of roles needed to do this one.   She needs your party to be part of this process!  Earn the favor of a satrap *and* a holy blessing!
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Cursed Satrapy Adventure Seeds

  • The Big Box of Treason:  Finn the Merchant has no idea how one of his crates got filled with texts claiming the Gods Wall used to show the gods submitting to Yelm.  He will do anything if you can clear his good name and find out where this big box of treason came from.  
  • The Hot Springs Episode:  This is what Joy Rest is for.
  • The Neverending Party:  There is said to be a party in Glamour which never ends.  Wouldn't that be cool to experience?  Find a way to get yourself invited! 
  • One Of Our Villages is Missing:   Last year, the village of Ermos hung an Ernaldan witch; now the whole village has fallen into a chasm.  Find and save any villagers you can and defeat the Ernaldans who did this.  
  • The Red Right Hand:  There has been an outbreak of Riddlers and it can be traced back to when a bandit gang came to Kalvostos; they were a gang of Emu Hsunchen and no one noticed them tormenting the locals until too late.  Now the city has yet another problem.  Their leader is named Rastamos Red-Hand and he has a red right arm which has super-human strength and may be one of the missing chunks of Nysalor.  The Satrap wants him put down like a rabid dog and the arm brought to her.  
  • Stop That Pigeon:  A friend in Kalvostos is being harassed by Pigeon Hsunchen.  Get them to back off.  
  • This is a Bust:  High-Ranking Imperial Officials have been smuggling drugs into Glamour through Good Shore.  Other officials, who hate the drug trade, want you to raid a shipment, posing as a Lanbril gang, and destroy it.  
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Karasal Adventure Seeds


  • The Beard of Wisdom:  Agents of the Empire have obtained the powerful Lankhor Mhy artifact, the Beard of Wisdom.  The Satrap wants it; travel to Boldhome, get it, fend off jealous other priests of Lankhor Mhy and bring it to her.  
  • Cousin Escort:  The Thrice Blessed Trade Consul's cousin, Porthos, is coming to visit Keravero; the consul needs people to escort Keravero around so his naivete about the Empire doesn't get him killed.  Show him a good time.  
  • Dendara's Needle:  Priestesses of Dendara in Arirvales and Thardenero are feuding over a potent holy artifact - Dendara's Needle.  It quadruples the speed of sewing in the city which has it.  This gives the weaving and tailor guilds a vested interest in the issue and every few years, the needle is stolen back and forth.  Now the guilds of Thardenero are willing to pay the PCs to steal it for them. 
  • Estate Sale:  The Satrap wants to beef up the libraries of Graclodont to cover the local goddesses.  A noblewoman in Thardenero just died; please attend the estate sale, get everything relevant and fend off rival collectors.  
  • Prisoner Protection:  Nicodemus Patrakosis was an operative of the Imperial Arteries for decades.  Busted for skimming off the top, he has been selected for the rite of Punishment of the Wicked Sun in Perkos.  The problem is that people keep trying to get revenge on him before we can ritually execute him.  We will pay you to guard him.  
  • Sacred Barley Escort:  Little Sister needs a load of sacred barley shipped from her capital to Arirvales for the yearly special ceremonies.  Agents of six different alcohol gods want to hijack the shipment to make super-holy alcohol.  Don't let them succeed!
  • Skull Slamming:  The Boar Hsunchen of the Darsen Hills have gotten into the custom of Skull Slamming - running at each other in boar form and smacking full-tilt into each other.  The ladies of their clans are sick of this idiocy and would like you to find a way to stop it.
  • Squelch the Rumors:  Disgruntled Irrippi Onto Initiates are spreading rumors that the Satrap got the job by seducing the Moonson.  Find out who's behind it and end the rumors.
  • Timinis, Lassari is Down the Well:  Someone threw the True Dog companion (Lassari) of a Priest of Dalastan named Timmis down a well.  He will pay you to find out who did it and avenge Lassari.
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Satrapy of Oronin Adventure Seeds:

  • Attack of the Fake Tomatoes:  The city is suffering from *fake vegetables*, made out of meat that has been processed, dyed, and flavored to resemble vegetables.  This is angering the Aldryami whose favor the city wishes to retain.  Find who is doing this and why and stop them.  
  • Bull Shah in a Pottery Shop:  The Satrap of Worion is holding a Bull Hsunchen prisoner in Tynops, Worion, for his many crimes.  You need to go there, pick him up, and escort him to Karantes without him being rescued by his Bull clan allies.  He will then become the ritual Bull Shah and be sacrificed when the time comes, as punishment for his crime.  
  • Copper Top:  Kevrinth has a shipment of copper ready to send to a Temple of Lodril in Northern Raibanth.  They need guards to Ernalda cultists and criminal gangs don't steal it; it's all hidden under bundles of wool.
  • Defend Mount Jernotius:  Bands of crazed Orlanthi have been showing up, blaming Jernotius for 'Ragabagle' or whatever his stupid name is, some evil god of theirs.  They seem to be doing a Heroquest.  You must travel to the southern part of the Empire, find out who is doing this, and stop them before more Heroquesters get killed. Find out if Ragabagle needs to be added to the Banned Gods List also.  
  • The Fast Road:  It is said the Priestesses of Navar can send anyone to precisely where they want to go in the Underworld.  The downside is that they do it *by sacrificing you*.   You will have to make your own way back to the living.  But for those who think they can overcome Death, this is the express route to whatever hell or heaven you wish to find.  
  • Flaming Ghosts of Mesavos:  Ghosts of Sheng Seleris' army are showing up on fire.  Find out why and put an end to this!  The gratitude of the Marble Phalanx is no small thing.
  • Punch a Philosopher:  In Kendesos, part of the annual celebration of the defeat of YarGan the Blue King is that criminal Pelandans are dressed up, taught some philosophical catchphrases, then roam the city, allowing the citizens to mock and abuse them.  This can get out of hand, so your job is to make sure this guy *lives* through it all, and just pays for his crimes. (He stole 40 cakes.)  Twist:  He's a Riddler and you have to stop him infecting people without disrupting the rite!
  • Smuggle Your Cousin:  Your cousin shouldn't have run up those debts to that Lanbril gang in Katchpidi.  You just have to sneak into a town of depressed, nostalgic Dara Happans, find the gang, rescue your cousin, and bring him home with all of his limbs attached.  
  •  Stop the Invisible Rabbit Murders:  Dendeno normally is a quiet place where crafts are made and goods are traded.  But of late, some of the men of the city have started killing people.  Each person claims a beautiful Hare Hsunchen seduced him and told him to kill.  Everyone else around them has seen no signs of this alleged assassin motivator.  Investigate, find out what's going on.
  • Uleria's Secret Kisses:  This book is on every banned list ever, and even Ulawar doesn't have a copy.  Which is why they want you to go to the ruins of Enthyr in Spol and find your way into a hidden underground shrine of Uleria which has it and hopefully was not burned with the rest of the city.
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Satrapy of Sylila, The Land of the Conquering Daughter

In earlier ages, this land was disputed between the Elves of Rist, the Orlanthi offshoot of the Odaylings, the Dara Happans, and various small groups that got ground underfoot by the major powers.  In the Second Age, Vorwaha Bisonlord united much of this area in a brief lived empire of Bison Hsunchen.  However, he got squeezed between the Dragon Emperor and the EWF and ended up dead.

In the Third Age, this land was once again divided until the arrival of Postikar the Crafter.  He was a renegade Mostali, who built a trading company around the sale of Jolanti; while this angered many other Mostali, they were too far away to stop him.  Then one day, his Jolanti murdered the leaders of every nation and he seized control of the area, though the Odaylings managed to resist him.  He also could craft Jolanti who resembled normal people until they revealed themselves, enabling him to spy on his enemies.

In his arrogance, he tried to do to the Empire what he had done to the petty kings and rulers of this area.  This led to the Moonfall which destroyed Rist, which Postikar then conquered.  This angered the Moonson, who responded by sleeping with a Stingray Hsunchen to produce Sylila, the Conquering Daughter, the Second Inspiration of Moonson.

Sylila collected an elite corps of female warriors and a much larger force of well-trained but basically normal warriors of every gender.  Her elite corps forswore love in favor of war and gained the blessing of Yanafal Tarnils (or in the case of her elite Trolls, Zorak Zoran).  Operating from one of the first Moon Boats, she led an army south, crushing the armies of Postikar in alliance with the Odaylings, who swore to serve the Emperor in return for keeping their own religion.  

Postikar's capital, Old Jillaro, was laid waste in the final confrontation between Sylila and her Element Warriors (She was Water and they embodied Air, Fire, Earth, and Darkness) and Postikar and his warrior Jolanti.  Postikar was slain... maybe.. and his empire collapsed.  Sylila built a great highway to connect her new land to the Empire and ruled it until her ascension with the Element Warriors.  Since she had no children, it became a Satrapy, but a Stingray Hsunchen is always chosen to rule it, to honor her.  

During the wars with Sheng Seleris, the Satrap successfully embodied Sylila and her closest allies became the Element Warriors, and combined with the unbowed power of the Odaylings, they repelled Sheng Seleris' armies.  This created a great deal of pride in the history and legacy of the area and one of the results is that today, Sylila is basically a giant living museum, a place where it is still basically the early 1400s.  

The Sons of Postikar are the biggest danger in this Satrapy.  Directed by a hidden crystal brain which claims to be Postikar, they try to subvert the Satrapy government, build another army of War Jolanti, and conquer it.  Prophecy indicates they will make their big push during the Hero Wars.  As a result, *anyone* you meet *might* be a Jolanti in disguise, though probably not.

The Red Claws are extremely weak because everyone here hates their guts and sees them as traitors.  They mainly survive because the Sons of Postikar are hated more and the Red Claws especially hate the Sons of Postikar.  

The Odaylings are an Orlanthi people, but they follow Odayla the Hunter as their main god; many have become Bear Hsunchen but continue to worship Odayla, god of the Hunt and his wife Seraba, goddess of Foraging.  They now see Odayla as sworn to serve the Blue Moon and her Moonson, but their power does not come from her; when Sheng Seleris slew the Moonson, their power was untouched and they are *very* proud of this.  They live in small clans, mostly hunting and foraging, but many of them get subsidies for fighting for the Empire.  Every clan is part of a 'tribe', whose ruler is the Satrap.  Several Elmal Horsefriend clans are allied to them.  

Satrap Andreka (Water, Truth, Spirit) is paranoid as hell, because the Sons of Postikar are probably going to make their big push DURING HER TENURE.  That's why she is now a follower of Jakaleel, because she's already crazy and knows it and *needs* insane mystical insight.  She is a shaman, a Stingray Hsunchen shaman, who commands water spirits; every river, lake, pond and the water in your teacup MAY be a spy for her.  Like every satrap, she has sworn the Sylila Elemental Oath and can potentially embody the Conquering Daughter with the correct rites.  

Little Cafol:  An ancient holy site of the Odaylings, a temple to Asrelia built around an underground spring.  The priestesses here hold a huge grudge against Cragspider, who blinded Asrelia once (Chalanna Arroy healed her, but Asrelia neither forgets nor forgives).  Under the eye of the Satrap because they once aided Postikar, who promised them revenge. (He tried and failed, to be fair to him.)  Other Earth goddesses are also worshipped here, save for Seraba, though Ernalda's shrine was destroyed by the Conquering Daughter.  

Big Cafol:  A city built around an ancient hill-fort built by Odayling, his wife, and his kin during the Great Darkness, to protect his people.  It is the spiritual heart of the Odaylings and to enter it is to pass into the distant pass in almost every way.  Temples stand to all the major and minor gods of the Storm Tribe here, save the Earth goddesses, worshipped at Little Cafol.  (Seraba *is* an Earth goddess, but her shrine is here, joined that of Odayla.)  

Dara-Ni:  This area is dominated by Dara Happan urbanites and Lodrilli farmers, though some Hsunchen live here.  It is a green and pleasant land, and Pela, goddess of Barley, flourishes here, though rice is grown close to the rivers.  The war against Sheng Seleris taught the locals the need for allies and unlike many satrapies, farmers, city folk, and Hsunchen are more likely to cooperate than to fight each other, in part because they have a common enemy in the Sons of Postikar.  

The Daughter's Roads:  These great roads of black tar and gravel, bound together by magic into a solid, brick-like surface, bind Sylila together, allowing for rapid movement of troops and concert.  The lower level allows faster travel for trade and normal soldiers (footsoldiers can march 30 miles a day, and wagons can match that speed).  The upper deck allows you to move hundreds of miles in an hour if you know the correct rites.  During the War with Sheng Seleris, these roads were critical to the defense of the Satrapy.  

Jillaro:  A mountain rises from the plain, called up by the Conquering Daughter; she built her capital around it on a series of roads which spiral to the central acropolis, where the Satrap dwells and a hundred foot statue of her keeps its eyes on Old Jillaro.  The city resembles the Air Rune from above and boosts the power of the Odaylings who visit the city and who defended it against Sheng.  The citadel resembles the Water Rune and likewise boosts the Water Rune; a great spring draws forth a river that runs down the mountain into the Estos River, which curls around the southern and eastern sides of the city.  Jillaro is noted for its many museums of early Imperial and earlier age artifacts and art.  

Kistium:  This city is half underwater and half *made of water*, centered around a temple to Erinflarth herself, made to appease her wrath long ago.  The city is full of Fish Hsunchen, true Animals, and water-rune people in general.  Dendara the Weaver, Wife of Yelm, is popular among the city folk; the Hsunchen of the surrounding areas bring their wool and flax and other plants to be turned into thread by her expert weavers.  But the city is most noted for its fish production.  Only of fish types with no corresponding Hsunchen, though.

Nothium:  A wealthy city of wine producers, surrounded by endless vinyards.  This city flourishes on the trade and worships Jeru the Staff.  But the city is also notable because of its alliance with Elmal Horsefriend Hsunchen who conduct famous races in his name each season.  This attracts tourists and worshippers.  Once every decade, they hose a giant Games which centers around Chariot and Horse and Other Steed racing.  (A lot of the Sables come, and some Praxians make the trip from Prax now!)  Despite its wealth, the city *feels* like it's still 1410 when you look at architecture and clothing.  

Old Jillaro:  Long ago, gods and spirits protected this city from evil in the Great Darkness, but Shargash came and kidnapped them all, then watched and laughed as Chaos laid waste to the city.  The EWF rescued the gods and spirits, only to get curb-stomped by the fall of the EWF.  It is said that Postikar found and liberated them and turned the ruins into a great city of metal, glass, and stone, the capital of his empire.  But the Conquering Daughter defeated and imprisoned them again, and now insane, murderous Jolanti stalk the ruins.  There are great, mysterious treasures to be found but you'd better hide what you found or most Sylilans will hack you into kibble.  The Brain of Postikar may be hiding in the ruins.

Old Sylila:  Home to the Orlanthi Odaylings and some Elmal Horsefriend allies.  In many parts of it, you could easily believe you're back in the First Age, until you see some Imperial Plaque suspended over the door of a steading because Grandpa fought for the Empire.  The Odaylings are suspicious of anything machine-like, due to Postikar.

Palace of Flowers:  This great temple is designed to appease Aldrya for the Empire flattening one of her great forests and turning the Aldryami into kindling.  A lot of goods flow here to be sacrificed.  Plant magic is very strong here as you might expect.

Penkrathos:   Prominent Sylilans are buried here and the city is dedicated to many gods of Death, including Verenmars, the Missing King - he ruled here in the Second Age and was buried here, but Tarshite raiders stole his remains long ago and his cult is still looking for it.  There is a huge graveyard for the war dead here, from the War with Sheng Seleris.

Rist:  This is a giant breadbasket, empowered by the Palace of Flowers, which is critical to feeding the cities of the Osilir River Valley and Sylila itself.  

Suda:  Suda would be a normal market town, except that some adventurers angered the Crocodile God (by chopping his priests into hamburger and looting everything) and now the city is prone to random crocodile attacks and Crocodile Hsunchen raids.  They need help; they appealed to the Moonson and he sang a song about reaping what you sow.  This is hampering the city's trade tremendously.

Sun Dome:  This ancient survival of the Yelmalian Faith does everything just as their ancestors did... or so they hope, anyway.  They provided key aid to the Satrapy against Sheng Seleris and still put thier force of disciplined pikemen at her service.  Their annual rite of killing the Dragon Emperor has not endeared them to the Dragonewts of the Empire, but since this rite also *repels* said Dragonewts from around the Sun Dome, they don't care.  

Thubana of the Towers:  Long ago, an ancient king saw Yuthuppa and decided - I want one.  This city basically rips off Yuthuppa in every way, just not as well, from having star towers to being full of people trying to pretend to be Dara Happan when they *do not know what they are doing*.  However, the power of the towers was quite useful in neutralizing the celestial magics of Sheng Seleris.  So everyone lets them go on doing it wrong.  

Tranthos:  This trade city is a fairly normal market town for the area, but nearby is Sword Hill, a holy place for the Humakti of the Satrapy and the result is that the city is frequently home to Humakti and a good place to hire mercenaries.  Every so often, the Humakti ride off together to the battlefields of the war with Sheng Seleris and slaughter a lot of undead.  

Adventure Seeds:

  • Cragspider Must Die:  A dangerous, high-level mission.  The High Priestess of Asrelia has had enough of Cragspider.  Sure, Cragspider somehow fused the last team of assassins into an unholy flaming eight headed monster which ate the last High Priestess, but that just makes killing her all the more necessary.  There's an ungodly amount of money waiting for anyone who can bring them Cragspider's head.  Good luck.  
  • Daban Doesn't Do Jillaro:  The ability of the Satrap to channel the Conquering Daughter depends on Celibacy.  Who hates celibacy?  Daban, a potent priest(ess?) of Uleria, who may be male, female, or whatever they feel like today.  Daban is determined to seduce the Satrap for unclear reasons.  She would like Daban gently sent back where they came from.  Best to avoid an incident since Daban is also a Hare Hsunchen and has connections at the Moonson's court.
  • Flaming Swords of Death:  Yelmalio and Humakt are generally neither hostile nor friendly.  But both regarded Sheng Seleris as an abomination (as all good Imperials do) and they combined their powers to create Seven Flaming Swords of Death which wrecked havoc on Sheng's army.  But magic blades want to be used and they have all gone a'wandering.  If you can find one of these blades and return them to either group, you will be rewarded.  
  • Simulacrums of Suda:  The Mayor of Suda was eaten by a crocodile... and turned out to be a disguised Jolanti!  The city may be *riddled* with Jolanti infiltrators.  Please investigate!  
  • Suddenly, a Sage!:  A priest of Buserian suddenly appeared in the Star Tower of Thubana which corresponded to his own back in Yuthuppa.  He's not sure how it happened but if you can jump between towers, this would be *very* useful for the Satrap, who wants you to investigate.  
  • Too Much Enlightenment:  One of the Priestesses of the Blue Moon in Jillaro seems to achieved some sort of mystical insight which is causing her to howl at the moon, babble inanely, and scream prophecies, mostly about people's death.  Please escort her to the Imperial Capital for Jakaleels' people to either induct her or fix her.  
  • What Goes Around, Comes Around:  Aldryami are on the move around Thubanna.  They're just selling seeds and measuring things but the Satrap is sure they are up to *something*.  Where did they even *come* from?  The Satrap is convinced they plan a Thornblight.  No one else is even sure what that is - please confirm or disprove this.




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Kingdom of Aggar

Aggar is a recent addition to the Empire; it was sort of independent, in the same way that if you are next to an elephant, it doesn't control you but might crush you at any time.  Aggar is full of Orlanthi who do what Orlanthi do best - murder each other in endless raids and feuds made worse by the Empire's efforts to suppress the Ernalda cult.  This is going badly in Aggar, which is well on its way to total anarchy.  The Aggar live by a mixture of growing grains, herding sheep, cattle, and pigs, and murdering each other for whatever they can get.  With some hunting on the side.

About a third of the clans have adopted the Changing Way.  In these clans, Orlanth is married to the Blue Moon, but they are otherwise the same; the other two-thirds have Orlanth married to various of Ernalda's hand maidens, various Solar goddesses, or even in one clan, he's married to Vinga and if you don't like it, they stab you.

Some clans do help with imperial wars, but the whole place is basically a bleeding wound that no one is sure how to fix short of killing everyone and replacing them with Hsunchen, but that sounds like what the Red Claws would want.  

In theory, they owe fealty to Tarsh as well as the Empire.  In practice, it's like trying to order cats who are fighting each other to stop.  And the war in Sartar means resources to deal with it are few.

During the Wars with Sheng Seleris, his armies discovered the one thing which can unite Aggar - being invaded by non-Orlanthi who use fire magic.  This convinced the locals that Lokamayadon had come again and only they could kill him.  They certainly killed a lot of Pentans.  

King Dardurev, Son of Andrin (Air, Mastery, Motion) is the king of Aggar.  He is getting old and he can feel power slipping through his fingers like a greased pig.  About 20% of the clans actually obey him, but the rest are fractious and paying his annual tribute and taxes to the Empire is sapping his wealth.  He feels a call to fly south to Kero Fin and seek a proper ending for himself, but he knows if he leaves, Aggar will simply go down in flames and he can't do that.  He's trying to find someone he can support to follow after him but his luck, so far, is not good.  

Autumn Mountains:  A high range, sacred to the Orlanthi; only the most nimble, Trolls, and those who can fly can cross them.  There is rumored to be an underground city of Jolanti here, of unknown origin.  

Billiz:  This region of hills is home to very traditionalist Orlanthi who are busy fighting with trolls for control of the area, herding animals, and killing each other because their grandfathers did.  The King of Aggar has about as much authority over Billiz as the King of Loksalm does.   There is also a major group of Telmori who fight with both groups.

Burnt Hill:  Long ago, these lands were ruled by the Berennethtelli, one of the various branches of Orlanthi.  Rastaulf was a thane who dumped the High King to become a Clan Chief, then went on a heroic quest with his companions to recover the Vanak Spear from the Empty Mountain.  Then he got in a feud over a dowry, people got murdered, he refused to negotiate weregild, and so one of the most powerful Orlanthi priests ever (who then betrayed Orlanth and tried to replace him with a male sheep god),  Lokamayadon, who then burned Rastaulf alive at this site; his friend Eringlarth took the Vanak spear and heroically died for nothing at the Battle of Night and Day.  This made this a holy place where many Heroquests happen and pilgrims come and people swear vengeance that leads to a hundred deaths became one of the cows they got with their wife had an odd spot pattern.  Perhaps no other location better embodies the flaws in the Orlanthi lifestyle.  It also suffers the problem that people keep getting the idea one of the pieces of Nysalor is buried here.  

City of 10,000 Magicians:  This city is laboring under a prophecy, laid down by the EWF when they built a school of sorcery here, that once 10,000 magicians have passed through the gates, the city will be destroyed.  This is why one past magician earned the city's favor by creating Potiphar's Magical Mobile Staircase, which is used to let magicians enter and exit *over the wall*.  But sooner or later, someone is going to trigger the doom, and many fear the Hero Wars will bring it on.  The city is home to refugee Dara Happans and Pelandans who fled here during the era of Sheng Seleris.  

Diamond Hills:  Once riddled with diamonds left over from the Diamond Dragon slain in 920 by Alakoring Dragonbreaker.  There is a shrine here used for dragon-slaying Heroquests.  There are constant rumors of Mostali in the hills, mining for diamonds.  People still find diamonds, but it's rare.  Postikar the Crafter is known to have mined here for special diamonds for his strongest Jolanti servants.  

Eanal and the Forantin River:  Pelorian farmers live along the Forandin, growing crops which fuel what passes for the King's treasury.  Eanal has a great temple of Orlanth but the temple of Ernalda lies empty; Orlanth officially is married to Jera the Herbalist to avoid trouble with the Empire; the result is that herb gardens flourish up and down the river and the art of medicine is strong, which is needed for all those injured in feuds.  King Dardurev has built a great shrine to  Orventili the Peacemaker as well, but it hasn't worked yet.

Masassakar:  This city is home to the Temple of the Iron Crown.  During the Great Darkness, this city was built by the King of the Iron Crown, a mysterious and terrible being who used the crown to create a great empire, only to sink into madness, breed his subjects into monsters, and eventually die at the hands of a Star Captain.  The crown has driven a series of saviors mad over the centuries; each savior slays the previous holder, is tempted by its power, and eventually becomes a madman and tyrant.  The Moonson killed the last such tyrant, but instead of taking the crown, had the temple built and rites carried out which keep it asleep and unable to hurt anyone.  Everyone assumes, though, that sooner or later, it will cause trouble again.

Nomis:  This city survived the Great Darkness by allying with the Mostali, who built its great walls, which even the EWF could not break, but only take the city by treachery.  The Kingdom of Saird eventually liberated the city in a mighty battle which warped the land around it.  Many mines dot the hills, producing many wonders - black rocks prized by the Mostali of Jord, pieces of the future which resemble crystalline mirrors in which you can glimpse it, and talking stones - some become great advisors, while others are treacherous.  Nomis functions as a trade center for the Orlanthi Hsunchen who dwell around it, mostly Alynx Hsunchen now.  

Phandaros:  This city is noted for being dedicated to Garzeen, son of Issaries, who is rarely worshipped on his own.  In Phandaros, he is seen as a god for *Urban* Orlanthi, ending feuds and uniting the town through the market, while his father is the god of trade between clans or clans and towns.  Many grain goddesses are worshipped here as well.

Salantor:  This region is basically riven by endless feuds; an unfortunate Sun Dome is stuck in the middle, trying to keep a low profile while everyone else kills each other.  They enforce royal authority to the very, very limited amount there is any here.  

Soren Mountain:  This is one of the great sacred peaks of the Orlanthi; there is a shrine you can only reach by flying, home to very powerful Rune Lords who are usually busy Heroquesting and dealing with issues like the Color Blue being on a rampage again.  They command great wisdom... if you can understand it.  

Talada:  This city is built in and around an ancient Vingkotling Hill Fort.  It is the capital of the Gloaming, Orlanthi mystics with Darkness powers.  They live with Trolls who dwell under the fort.  They are sufficiently weird the King tries to just ignore them.  The Orlanthi around Talada live by hunting and foraging and worship the goddess of the local landscape.  

Adventure Seeds:

  • Burning Man:  A central problem for the Heroquest which enables you to get the Vanak Spear is that someone has to be Rastaulf and get burned alive so you can be Eringlarth and have the spear.  You can do Rastaulf's original quest, but that's doing it the hard way.  Ideally, you find someone who committed murder over a dowry.  A group wants to do the quest and needs a Rastaulf and wants you to find someone suitable - given the number of feuds, this won't be hard.  
  • Feuding:  In Aggar, some feuds have been going on since the Battle of Night and Day or even before.  Everyone's always eager to buy mercenaries who kill people without them being blamed for it.  
  • Hidden City of the Jolanti:  Your client wishes to know if the Jolanti city under the Autumn Mountains is real and whether they are some of Postikar's toys running amok.
  • Jareenanna:  It's a classic tale.  Boy meets girl.  Boy promises to bring back silver rings from an adventure in the Autumn mountains.  Boy meets another girl, gives her the rings.  First girl turns into a bear and slaughters boy and his entire family, kills other girl and her family, flees into the mountains.  Both families will reward you well if you hunt her down and avenge the deaths.    
  • Lord of the Iron Crown:  One of the endless rebels against the King has stolen the Iron Crown and has to be put down before he can take over all of Aggar and institute an era of darkness and turning people into monsters.  
  • Sage of Soren Mountain:  You've been confronted by one of the Wind Lords of Soren Mountain.  He gave you a prophecy you don't want or need, but if you don't fulfill it, 'Eurmal will move into your pants forever'.  Probably best to be sure there's no risk of that.
  • The Sundome Moonlift:  You just have to guard this Moonboat as it flies from Jillaro to the Sun Dome in Salantor, carrying needed supplies, then get it back, while Orlanthi try to rob and kill you.  Most of them can't fly but the ones who can tend to be rather dangerous.  But there's gold waiting for you at the end of the line.


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The Queendom of Holay

This land has been burned and plundered a lot over the centuries; it fell under the sway of the Bright Empire, then Arkat burned everything and then threw it into a cauldron to burn things which had already been burnt (or so the legends say).  Then it fell under the sway of the EWF, then it was laid waste by the Golden Horde, then the Dragons laid it waste, just to be sure.  

The result of this is that it ended up as a bunch of petty states in the early Third age with extremely rich black soil, due to layer after layer of burnt things being laid down over the years.  

At some point in this long history of being burned, one of the sons of a Dara Happan emperor founded the Kingdom of Saird when his father died and the Empire was split three ways, which went exactly as badly as you think.  Saird continued the tradition of dividing the kingdom among your heirs and then everyone fights over the scraps.  You would think a giant Dragon attack would have stopped this, but you would be wrong.

In the third age, Saird was a collection of petty states, theoretically ruled by a High King whose main job was to be killed and replaced by a new High King who would die if he tried to assert his authority.  Tired of this, some of the population converted to Yelmalio worship, built Sun Domes, then proceeded to impale would-be kings on their pole-arms as need be.

When the Conquering Daughter came, overrunning the powerful lands to the North, High King Ferenil managed to unite the lords behind him and rode out to challenge her, for he rejected the idea a woman could rule.  The Sapphire Knight rejected the idea that he should continue to live.  Their debate ended in the debacle of Mirin's Cross in 1347, where all the great lords of Saird were trampled into the dirt and the survivors hunted like rats by loperbeasts and slain.   Ferenil's head was mounted on a pike.  Queen Hallia of Filichet surrendered in the name of the newly widowed queens and swore fealty.  The land of Holay was created, a tributary to the Empire, ruled by Queens.  

Holay fought alongside Sylila during the War with Sheng Seleris.  It suffered heavy damage, but Holay folk are used to the idea of getting up in the morning and everything you have ever known is ashes.  They continued to fight and troops from Holay contributed to the final defeat of Sheng, though they were not allowed to use him for the ritual slaying of Ferenil as they requested.

The Jajalaring Dog People dominate northern Holay today, while central Holay, Saird proper, is a mixture of many peoples, and southern Holay is home to traditionalist Orlanthi who are gradually becoming imperlalized.  The Jajalaring have virtually entirely become Hsunchen.  Some of the Orlanthi have but most hold to old ways. 

Raids from Balazar and from out of control Aggarite Orlanthi have required the kingdom to develop a potent force of horse archers and light cavalry.  They also rely on Dog Warriors (heavily armored and accompanied by trained war dogs), and the Trained Bands of the cities, along with the Sundomer Pikemen.  

Holay is noted for producing a variety of oils, ranging from bath soaps to weapon polishing to grease for squeaky wheels.  Much of this oil comes from reeds grown along the rivers of the province, said to be a blessing of the Reed Goddess Imali, who created them to aid her water-going people during the Great Darkness.  

High Queen Feerinsta (Earth, Beast, Motion) is an ambitious priestess of Redayla, the goddess of horses and sovereignty in Holay.  Aided by her strong but not so bright husband Hyalor, Redayla became the dominant goddess of Holay thanks to the Conquering Daughter.  Feerinsta fights from horseback, firing deadly copper arrows and using her magic to enhance the mobility and strength of her cavalry.  She is young, ambitious, and unmarried.  Local prophecies claim she will marry *the King of the World*, whoever that is.  The Moonson has never actually *married*, so it's not clear who that is.  She possesses a powerful artifact from the Godtime, the Necklace of Radiance, which grants her powers of Fire and Light magic and ensures the loyalty of the Sun Domes.  

Imperial Viceroy Victor (Water, Harmony, Stasis) looks like he is made of ice, the result of a Heroquesting mishap in the past.  He is a Cat Hsunchen - it is traditional for the Moonson to appoint a Viceroy of the same Hsunchen type as his current steed.  Victor is a man who prizes calm and order and thus is always aggravated with the disorder and conflict to be found in many of the Southern provinces.  At the same time, he is pretty good at bringing calm and ordr to things and is one of the reasons why Aggar hasn't 100% blown up.  Just partly.  He resides in Mirin's Cross.  

Places of Note:  

Barnborn:  This city is noted for being where Alakoring Dragonkiller died and for having a massive tomb to him that gets fancier every time the city's rulers can afford it; it draws many pilgrims and heroquestors.  He was ambushed and shot by an Aldryami who he had offended.  Dragons sacked the city during the Dragonkill, though thankfully they didn't stay.  Many suspect Alakoring's remains were eaten by a dragon but the site remains holy and he is worshipped here. During the Sheng Seleris wars, when his armies besieged the city, a dragon showed up, devastated the invaders, then set the Temple-Tomb of Alakoring on fire.  It was last seen flying off, gnawing idly on the severed head of Ronke, the Selerian commander.

The Black Eel River:  Tamed by the Conquering Daughter, the Black Eel has to be killed again every five years to keep the river calm and controlled.  The Nogatendites,are an alliance of Bird Hsunchen of various kinds who travel the river in great boats covered with feathers.  Their most potent holy people can make the boats fly for short times.

Bostok:  This city is a small trade hub run by Dara Happans and Pelandans, but it's tightly allied to Otter Hsunchen, who use their True Animal allies to drive fish into nets.  They trade much of the catch to Bostok, who salt and flavor the fish, then ship them elsewhere to get goods, some of which are used to pay the Otter Hsunchen.   A Temple of Issaries in the city is the linchpin of the trading arrangement.

Dolmisk:  In the Great Darkness, a Star Captain descended to the city and ringed it with a wall of fire which still stands today.  Creatures of Darkness cannot enter without burning.  Sheng's armies found out they couldn't enter without burning either.  However, Earth goddesses are worshipped here in profusion, especially Uralda, Esrola, and Pela, goddess of Barley.  Orlanthi clans live around the city, trading with it.

Dolsonin:  This market city has bounced back and forth between Tarsh and Holay as the fortunes of war have ebbed and flowed.  Right now, it answers to Holay.  Uralda is worshipped here; tribes of Cattle Hsunchen roam the country side around the trade city.  Dolsonin is basically the lynchpin of an alliance of Orlanthi tribes, like the cities of Sartar.  Some normal Orlanthi clans farm in the area and follow Barntar.

Dwernapple:  This small market town is most noted for its temple of Ernalda in Chains, which features Yelm and Dendara dragging Ernalda, dressed as a slave, through a street in a massive mosaic.  Ernalda cultists are sent here to be punished for their sins and the punishment generates magic that brings fertility to fields, crops, and cattle.  Some Imperials, especially those linked to the Liberation Crusade, find this place disturbing.  Others say Ernaldans brought this on themselves by her refusal to submit to the Blue Moon Goddess.  Dendara worshippers shout something about adultery and what goes around, comes around.

Fillichet:  The capital of the Queendom of Holay.  This large, wealthy city is a perfect square, thus enhancing the power of the Earth Rune within its walls; it is noted for the Great Bells of Fillichet, which ring to delight the Earth goddesses, especially Redayla, whose greatest temple is found here.  Many Horse Hsunchen dwell in the lands around the city.  One of the roads of the Conquering Daughter connects the city to Mirin's Cross and ultimately to Jillaro.  The city is noted for its annual Music Festival, which includes Games, theater, and music contests.  

Hojasinestel:  This old hill fort is the spiritual center of the Jajalaring Dog People.  They are actual Dog Hsunchen from before the Empire, highly respected now because they held onto the Changing Way when so many others abandoned it.  Jajagappa, God of Death, is their highest god, for they understand all things die.  Their greatest honor is to be buried under the fort/temple.  Those who die in Jajagappa's good graces, he comes for their soul and escorts it to his home, a great hunting ground and fights off any demons who seek to take your soul, especially the Name Eater; all whose souls fall into the Name Eater's hands have their great deeds and their name forgotten, as if they never existed.  Jajagappa can kill but is not a god of killing and his priests and priestesses frown at gods like Humakt and Shargash who can only kill and destroy.  

Holay Fort is simultaneously a clan hold and a temple of Issaries, and a fort; controlling this ford has made this clan wealthy... by Orlanthi standards.  

Mirin's Cross:  This city is unusually large because the Imperial Viceroy who oversees the tributary kingdoms resides here.  Mirin's Cross is part of the Holay history of being destroyed over and over.  It survived the Great Darkness, only to get trashed by invading horsemen during the early years of the First Age.  The Bright Empire rebuilt and built a Sun Dome.  Arkat set the Sun Dome on fire, threw flaming chunks everywhere, burned the city down, and danced in the ashes.  A new Sun Dome was founded, which was then conquered, sacked, and rebuilt by the EWF, who introduced Draconic Yelmalio and turned the city into a training place for troops.  Then the Dragons burned it down, but the location strategically strong, so it ended up as a fortress of Saird, being sacked several times.  Then the Conquering Daughter obliterated the armies of Saird at the Battle of Mirin Cross and now there's a huge graveyard east of the city to the dead of that battle.

Yet another Sun Dome has been built here; the city actually repelled Sheng's forces to everyone's surprise, so the cycle of the city being obliterated may have come to an end (cross your fingers).  The Imperial Viceroy has a citadel here and there is a great temple complex to the Seven Sailors.  There is also a major temple to Redaylda and her husband Hyalor and their attendant gods and goddesses.  The Daughter's Road links the city to Jillaro and Fillichet and helps make it a huge trade hub; the Bazaar of Mirin's Cross is a place where anything can be bought and sold.

Nodnor:  This city survived the Great Darkness by going to sleep until it was over.  They then got conquered by everyone and their dog, but were very good at surrendering and not being destroyed.  Their luck finally ran out during the EWF era, when the Dragonkill led to them being slaughtered; there's nothing left but draconic ghosts now; every so often, Dragonnewts do rites in the ruins.

Plain of Stones:  This appears to be an endless army of menhirs in strange formations; some form geometric shapes and others are scattered.  Tradition holds that they were turned to stone by some threat in the Great Darkness.  Spirits flock around the area and lots of shamans come here to get Earth-related spirits.  Some of the menhirs have gone missing over the centuries - many believe Postikar took them for study / to turn into Jolanti.  

Riyestan:  This once thriving city has been a ruins since the Arkat Wars.  During the Great Darkness, Rivesta Earth Mother and Kemar Seed Father taught the secrets of night farming to the people of Rivestan, enabling them to survive.  Riyestan was laid waste by Arkat, who turned Kemar Seed Father into a torch and used him to burn the city.  But two sacred trees grew in the ruins and their followers still worship them there, learning the secrets of night farming.  

Soldier's Ferry:  Queen Dushrenalva became obsessed with the idea Holay would be destroyed unless it obtained a port on the Elf Sea.  This led to a war with Imther and the seizure of this area.  This is basically an old hill fort which controls a river ferry and it's staffed with a mixture of Sairdite cavalry, Orlanthi infantry, and Dog People.  

Thernan, City of Peace:  This peaceful market town is sacred to Chalanna Arroy, whose priestesses oversee the Healing Baths of Thernan, which even the Moonson has used.  It is nearly impossible to commit violence here; you just can't bring yourself to do it.  When Sheng's forces threatened the city, the commander repented everything, handed himself over, and became a monk.  Many locals are descended from soldiers of Sheng who quietly surrendered and integrated into society.  

Zalan Sun Dome:  In most ways, this is a very normal Sun Dome; its soldiers hold the line against Aggarite raiders.  Once a decade, trolls boil out of the ground and try to eat everyone, then die.  It's unclear why but this has been going on for centuries.  This led to the controversial book, '101 Ways To Kill Trolls', banned in the Empire, which guaranteed its heavy circulation.  

Adventure Seeds:

  • Carmanian Lunatics:  A crazed cult spin off of Carmanian traditional religion believes if they burn Mirin's Cross to the ground, they can prevent the Hero Wars.  Or bring back Carmania.  Or... something.  Find them, deal with them.  
  • Dial E for Elmal:  Elmal Horsefriend cultists from Aggar have been harrassing the Sundomes, trying to get them to abandon Yelmalio worship, pointing out Yelmalio lost his fire magic because he is just Elmal's incompetent punk brother.  The Kingdom needs the Yelmalio Phalanxes since no one else in this kingdom knows what 'discipline' is.  Find a peaceful way to end this so we don't get invaded by angry Elmal cavalry hordes.
  • Ghosts of Nivorah:  Before the Great Darkness, a Solar city stood in these lands, Nivorah, crushed by the great ice.  Or drowned in the great flood.  Anyway, it got trashed.  Now raiding bands of chariot-riding ghosts from that land are stalking the land at night.  Something has gone horribly wrong and must be fixed.  
  • Into Hell and Back:  The Guard Who Cried Lion has taken the soul of an important hero of the Jajalarings at his death and they must attempt a dangerous Heroquest to recover his soul.  They need help.  That means you.  
  • Oil of Holay:  Marcus Gaius, a Dara Happan of a traditional family, has kept his family afloat by selling 'authentic Oil of Holay' to other Dara Happans as a cleanser and skin-purifier.  The Imperial Arteries think he's actually just selling olive oil with a few spices mixed in.  Please investigate.  
  • The Land of Nod:  Dragonnewts did a rite inside the ruins of Nodnor and now a curse of sleep is slowly spreading across the area.  Everyone is panicking; find out why they did it and how to *stop* it.
  • The Stone Army:  Ernalda cultists are trying to awaken the Plain of Stones.  You must stop them before they have an unstoppable army of stone people.
  • A Treasonous Book:  Someone is bulk-producing 101 Ways to Kill Trolls again, in Mirin Cross.  Find out who so the BRT can deal with them.  




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On 1/7/2021 at 2:56 AM, John Biles said:

Because my attention is on politics, here's just some adventure seeds for Kostaddi:


  • When Pigs Fly:  A flock of pigs has been *swept into the sky* by the winds which assail the city of Hargoth for its sins.  Please save them before they become flat pork



The pigs are owned by one Somer H Jimson.

"Still good, just a little airborne!"

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The worst thing is when you do a big write up on Imther, then your browser explodes before you can post it.

A Myth of the Blue Moon Goddess:  Her Battle with Yannistar the Last

The great secret of the Carmanians was balance.  In one hand, war and dominance.  In the other, peace and empathy.  The hands of a Shah must heal and slay.  But few can wield both weapons and serve both gods at once.  The Bull Shahs abandoned the right-hand path of peace and empathy in favor of hitting things until they could be enslaved.  Because they had abandoned the true way, the very gods of the Carmanians themselves abandoned the last of the Bull Shahs.  All Biskodar and Yannistar the Last knew was how to kill, plunder, and enslave.

And so the Seven Sailors brought the Blue Moon Goddess back, just in the nick of time.  She and her followers defeated Biskodar, but his son Yannistar simply committed *more* crimes.  Finally, the Blue Moon Goddess, Annilla, confronted him at the Battle of All Directions.  She held a whip in her right hand and her left hand was clawed, for as the Goddess of the Changing Way, she could change all of her body, or none, or just part.  She can become any animal in whole or part.

The Bull Shah rode on a horse, for he was not in touch with his inner beast.  He could not see the truth.  He did not know what he was.  He fought with a shield in his left hand and a scimitar in his right and he cruelly controlled his horse with bridle and spur, for it was no True Animal and no kin to him.

Given how many of his own kin he murdered, perhaps the horse was better off that way.  "Yannistar Fireblade!" the Blue Moon Goddess shouted.  "I hold in my hands all the power of the gods of all these lands!  It is not too late to embrace the truth!"

Yannistar laughed and brandished his sword and shield.  "There is only one god who matters and he gave me these!"  His blade was suffused with fire and his shield shone so bright that Yanafal Tarnils had to close his helm and blind himself and the rest of the Seven Sailors had to shield their eyes.  But the Blue Moon Goddess knew that Water came before Fire.  That Water had invaded the Sky and mastered it, turnng it blue.  And she was Water incarnate in all its forms.

"Name what each of my hands holds!" the Blue Moon Goddess demanded.

"Your left hand is empty and your right hand holds a *whip*, a weapon useless to strike anyone but a slave!", Yannistar shouted.  "And I am the Shah of Shahs, the King of Kings, the Emperor of Peloria!  Yelm licks my feet and Navaria is the head of my maids and the Head of Orlanth sits on a stick in my trophy room!"  The story of the Head of Orlanth is a story for another time.  

'My right hand is civilization, my left is the wilderness," she said, then struck his shield with her clawed hand and darkness snuffed out the fire.  "My right hand is law and my left hand is freedom."  She struck with her whip and water drenched the flames of the sword, putting it out and then throwing his sword away.  "My right hand cannot kill," she said, now knocking his shield away.  Then she seized him by the throat with her left hand.  "My left hand kills without guilt or hesitation."  

"The right hand path is weak!" he shouted, despite being choked, for while Yannistar had nearly infinite flaws, he was not a coward, only a bully.  

"Both paths are weak if you do not balance them," she said.  "Jakaleel, show him the TRUTH!"

And Jakaleel stared into his eyes and whispered the seven secrets to Yannistar.  Each peeled away one of the seven lies, until he stood naked before the Blue Moon Goddess and dwindled, becoming what he was in truth, an angry bull, who only knew how to charge.

But bulls have their uses, so the Blue Moon Goddess removed his rage with a kiss (for now, for nothing can get rid of anger forever, and indeed, anger too is part of the way), then handed him over to Deezola to find him a herd to rule over.  That, he could manage now.

She Who Eats watched him go, regretting she was not allowed to eat him.

Eventually, she would, but only when he became old and it was his time to go.  For remember, all of us eventually become food.  Thus the cycle turns.

You may well ask - should the Goddess not have *six* arms and one mouth?  That is a later revelation for another day.  


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A Myth of the Seven Sailors - Yanafal Tarnils

Yanafal Tarnils was a Carmanian Satrap once, and like the other Carmanians, he had fallen into the dark ways of Ganesatarus the Dark, forgetting he must be balanced with Idovanus the Light's teachings.  All he knew was how to kill and he served Humakt, the Power of Death and servant of Ganesatarus.

There was a clash over the succession and Yanafal backed the wrong brother and he was driven into the wilderness, having learned that strength alone can not bring victory, for numbers can defeat strength and there is always someone stronger.

He went to work for Deezola, who ruled Torang with gentle kindness.  It was there he learned the strength of Idovanus, where he became a soldier instead of a warrior, learning both to command without slaying and to serve without cringing.

Together with five others, they became the Seven Sailors; that story is a story for another time, for this is the story of him at the Battle of All Directions.   The old Yanafal would have rallied his men and charged straight at the enemy as the Bull Shah did; the Bull Shah was an arrow in flight, and once loosed could only go forward.

But the Blue Moon had opened his eyes, enabled him to change.  It was his wisdom that led to digging the tunnels by which the loperbeasts, trolls, and others could move to surround the Bull Shah's army.  This was strategy, something Humakt did not know but Yanafal Tarnils did.

It offended Humakt, and Satrap Martev came against Yanafal, and Humakt came upon him and Humakt confronted the servant who had abandoned his path.  "Traitor!" he shouted, and both Martev and Humakt agreed that Yanafal had betrayed his proper allegiance to the Shah when he had served the Shah's brother.  

"You are the one who has betrayed the gods by abandoning the way of Idovanus instead of balancing the two hands of a greater goddess who stands above them," Yanafal said.  "For Ganesatarus is the left hand of the Blue Moon and Idovanus the right, parts of a greater whole.  Instead, you have blinded your right eye and abandoned your right hand!"

"Metaphysical claptrap!  I will slay you as I slew Vivamort and many others!" Humakt said, then came at Yanafal Tarnils, sword against sword, shield against shield and none could deny that Humakt was the greater warrior, driving Yanafal Tarnils back.  Five weapons broke in Yanafal Tarnil's hands as they fought on horseback, and without his loyal squire Hanafal Shalat, he would have lost, but Hanafal carried a brace of weapons, and so Yanafal fought with sword, then spear, then axe, then mace, then a great hammer, but each broke when Humakt hit it enough.

And now the brace was empty, and Humakt cried out his triumph.  "Now, you will die!" 

He raised his sword high and Yanafal shouted, "NOW."

And Danfive Xeron popped out of a hidden pit and slit the hamstrings of Martev's horse; Martev fell off his horse, but he wasn't down yet.  He slew Yanafal's horse and he tumbled down to the ground.  "Mercy!" Hanafal shouted, panicked that his commander would die.

"Mercy is weakness," Humakt said; Danfive Xeron had slipped away into the shadows again, called away by the Blue Moon Goddess.  He raised his blade to strike.  And the final weapon of Yanafal Tarnils flowed out of the bag like a trickle of water, then formed in his hands into a trident; he caught the falling blade, twisted it and took it from Martev, who felt the god leave him.  Then Yanafal rose and plunged Humakt into Martev's heart.   In the end, those who live by the blade will die by it.  And in so doing, Humakt slew himself.

"Our strength is the strength of many coordinated by a rightful leader.  Together, we can overcome any foe," Yanafal told him.  "I serve the Blue Moon and in that service, I find a freedom you never gave me, for now I am the hand which wields the weapon, and not a weapon to be wielded.  But you will never be anything more than that."

He picked up Humakt and sheathed him, and Yanafal Tarnils bears Humakt still.  Let no one tell you any different.

Soldiers and warriors each have their role, but the soldier's role is greater.

Thus says Yanafal Tarnils.  





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A Myth of the Seven Sailors - Irrippi Ontor

Books are the memory of a society.  That is why Irippi Ontor entered the service of Buserian - the oppression of the Dara Happans by the Carmanians angered him.  He sought to understand how the Dara Happans had thrown off past oppressors.  He wanted knowledge in order to *act*.  Without memory, history just repeats itself as we make the same mistakes over and over.

His search was long and futile, until one night, an eagle came to him, leading him to a ruined tower.  Before his eyes, it rose, intact and whole, but spectral.  He followed the Eagle to the top, and there he found the Prophecy of the Blue Moon.  That guided his researches and he set out to find the others, to do what must be done.

But that is a story for another time.  This is the story of his final battle, how he died and how his knowledge was not lost to us.

While Irrippi and his True Companion, Farsight, would scout and his magic would help the Blue Moon Goddess make war, ne was no warrior at heart.  He did his duty and shared his wisdom.  Yet, he always hoped that his foes would see reason, understand the truth, and do the right thing.  Some did, which is how he brought the Ripper Horde into the Empire.  But many did not.

He created the Imperial War College and it faced its first great test at the Battle of All Directions.  Their duty was to battle the Carmanian Magi, masters of fire magic.  They called down rain to snuff the fires, but the Magi continued to call more fire.  They called gusts of wind to snuff the fire, but the Magi continued to call more fire.  They called up darkness, but fire dispelled the darkness.  The College called down a rain of stones and the magi burned them up.

It seemed nothing could stop them, none of the elements.  They did not even try fire, for they could not beat the fire mages at their own game.  Yet, they had to be stopped.  Force was not enough.

But Irrippi now realized his mistake - he was a thinker, not a warrior or even a soldier.  Rushing head on at the foe was not his way.

So they did the Earth-Shattering Dance of Lodril and the ground cracked open, swallowing the fire magi, who were then consumed by trolls attacking them in the tunnels beneath the battlefield.

If you can't win the game, *change* the game you are playing.

Cunning will always trump strength.


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A Myth of the Seven Sailors - Jakaleel

Jakaleel knows what you did and she is amused you think you are tough and dangerous, for she has seen real toughness and real danger.  What do you know, child?

If you didn't want your hand to turn into a snake and bite you, you should have been more respectful.  Jakaleel knows what you did in the dark and what you will do and what you did though you could not.

A story?  Jakaleel will tell you a story.

Jakaleel could always hear the voices.  They drew her out of her village and into the Jord Mountains and into the tunnels below.  There, she met a Mostali; he could hear the voices too, but had to pretend otherwise, because his people wanted him to be a machine made of flesh.

His supervisor is probably still under the pillar we trapped him under, complaining that lifting pillars off himself isn't his function and screaming about the Decamony.

Down, down, down, Jakaleel went with the Mostali.  No, not that kind of down.  

In a deep cavern, she found a river.  The Mostali had a rope, so she threw him across and they made a rope bridge and crossed it, then went deeper.  

Sometimes the rope is just a rope.  I can arrange a goat if you can't clean your mind, child.

Then we reached lava.  Lava is rock which melted.


Yes, I know.  Haven't you ever heard of volcanoes?  Lava is the blood of Lodril.

Lodril also thinks about his manhood too much but even old Jakaleel wouldn't try that, so we found some gems and threw them in and he let us pass because they were pretty.

There was a cavern of intense winds, but Mostali are low to the ground and old Jakaleel is a pretty sturdy woman.

The howling of the damned was harder to deal with.  That did for Jakaleel's friend.  He turned back and she never saw him until they were re-united on the Blue Moon.  But that's a story for another time.

In the end, we all face the darkness alone.  It tried to eat me, but Jakaleel ate the darkness and understood its secrets.

Those secrets are still rattling around inside her head.  But those secrets enabled her to build the Soul Boats without with the Seven Sailors would have failed to revive the Blue Moon.  Sometimes, the darkness takes over... power has its price.  Wisdom has its price.  *Everything* has its price.

You got to smart off to Jakaleel and live.  And now you have a hand you can tell stories about.

It won't panic and abandon you to die, either.

What?  You wanted to hear about Jakaleel at the Battle of All Directions?

That's a secret and you aren't ready to pay that price.

Trust me.


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