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Post-Dragonrise Sartar Tribes?


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What tribes are under Kallyr after she assumes the Princedom?

I'm assuming: Colymar, Lismelder, Sun Dome, Wilmskirk (Locaem, Balmyr, Sambari), Jonstown (Malani, Cinsina, Culbrea, Torkani), Swenstown (Kheldon, Belkoth, Aranwyth, Dundealos), Durulz, Telmori.

Did the Alda-Chur (Dinacoli, Princeros, Tovtaros, Ventaros) and the Alone (Amad, Bachad, Tres) tribes stay with Tarsh at first? Did they move under Kallyr after the Battle of Dangerford and conquest of Alda-Chur?

Any others? Any corrections to the above are most welcome!

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The Alda-Chur and Alone tribes remain outside of Kallyr's authority during her rule, and only come back during Argrath's first campaign in 1627, as far as I know. 

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12 hours ago, Scorus said:

What tribes are under Kallyr after she assumes the Princedom?

RQG states who is the ruler of each homeland / Region, so in the Sartar / Alone region it says Ruler: King Pharandros, for Dinacoli, Princeros, Tovtaros, Vantaros. Lunar rule continues but has been dramatically weakened. (page 104). See King of Sartar and Glorantha Sourcebook for more details.

It also says that The current Prince is Kallyr Starbrow, and her rule is in its infancy. Though she has not yet lit the Flame of Sartar, most of the tribes acknowledge her. (page 103).

She has only just become King of Sartar, after the Dragonrise in 1625 and dies at the Battle of Queens in Fire 1626. There might be a note somewhere where she lights the Flame.


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Between the Dragonrise and the Battle of Dangerford, presumably only the Kheldon and maybe other Swenstown tribes fully recognize and fully support Kallyr. She has not the best of reputations due to her failed revolt years ago, and most tribes simply allow it's coronation and are neutral towards her if she doesn't disrupt the particular tribe's interests. The relation of the Telmori with their surrounding tribes was soured during the lunar occupation, I think even to the point of existing an open war between them and the Cisina and Culbrea (and Wulfsland, loyal to the Empire), so gaining their support would mean to end this conflict. Wulfsland and Johnstown are still occupied by forces loyal to the Empire, as are the Alda-Churi and Alone. It's worthy to note that a lot of Tribal Kings are killed in the Dragonrise, so many tribes are leaderless and consumed in infighting to elect a new king, so not only they have greater problems, but also with no king they cannot really recognize Kallyr even if they wanted to. 

After Dangerford I would say all traditional tribes recognize Kallyr as Prince (even if some are not precisely excited about it, like Leika) and the lunar garrison of Jonstow is expelled. I think she lights the Flame that storm season or sacred time, but the victory can hardly be shorter lived, her LBQ goes horribly wrong and she soon dies at the Battle of the Queens next year's Fire Season. If KoS fonts are to be trusted (they are obviously pro-sartarites), the accumulation of lunar troops in Alda-Chur and the abuses they commit alienate it's people from their previous pro-lunar stance, and creates a perfect environment for Argrath to be hailed as a hero when he arrives. 

The Sun Domers never swear fealty to Kallyr, as they neither had done to any other Prince after Tarkalor. 

About the Pol-Joni I have no idea, they are probably closer to Argrath. 

About the Torkani I haven't read anything either but in MG they have grown closer to Dagori Inkarth due to their isolation with the other tribes, and the fact that the Uz there have remained free of lunar influence and also seem to be growing in power in recent years. 

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