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Prince of Sartar?


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Begging the indulgence of the mods, I honestly didn't know where to put this question.

So has anyone heard from the authors of the Prince of Sartar webcomic?

When most of the webcomics I've followed died, they posted a farewell and I haven't seen anything from this one.

And I have to admit, they quit posting at a pretty exciting part.

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He said exactly that at the end of the RuneQuestions panel at Dragonmeet 2019. The web comic was a true labour of love, he really enjoyed creating it, but it was a time-sink and nowadays he has a (more than) full-time job creating RuneQuest books. He also said that once everything he's working on has come out and he's "sitting on a mountain of loot" (Jeff's phrase), he'd love to return to it.

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