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What does one have to do to publish a monograph?


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Because I'm considering writing a couple. Nothing fancy, just a 1 or 2 page treatment that would work as supplementary material for Stupor Mundi or Merrie England.

Specifically, I am thinking of a treatment of the Waldensians (being a descendant of one myself, I thought it might be cool), and maybe moving towards something about the Borders, the North and the Isles regions and the Anarchy. Assuming there was enough interest. At the very least doing up the Waldensians would be a good dry-run of the monograph process.

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This page should be helpfull: http://catalog.chaosium.com/pages.php?pID=14&CDpath=13

You might also find some additional information here: http://catalog.chaosium.com/pages.php?CDpath=13&osCsid=1929aee13c17a2a1529495e63f1efcea

Basically, you have to submit a proposal to dustin@chaosium.com with "monograph proposal" in the subject line, describing your proposed monograph, and what the different chapters will contain. To appear in print, the monograph must be at least 48 pages.

Then, if your proposal is approved, you have to inform us about it, so we can put up a new news blurb at the front page. ;)

Cheers and good luck!


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If it is a supplement for Stupor Mundi or Merrie England, then maybe Chaosium is not the best target, as both these books are intended for MRQ. And published by us and not by Mongoose or Chaosium. There is no problem with asking Dustin, he replies very promptly and kindly. I doubt a 1-2 page supplement would be a good idea, though. What would the price be? 50 cents?

Incidentally, I had guessed you might have Waldensian ancestors. The area around Pinerolo is heavily populated by Waldensians. In fact it is the only non-Catholic area in a romance language speaking country in Europe. There is a brief treatment of Waldensians and Cathars in Stupor Mundi, but not much. Some more about the Cathars in Merrie England, and Soltakss is planning to expand his treatment of the Crusade against the Cathars for a future expansion of Merrie England, and we are currently debating how these proto-evangelical Christians could be treated in BRP terms.

Drop a line to me, along with Dustin, if you already know what to do. And even if you do not know. There is a "Contact" link on the Alephtar Games web page.

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Yes, I am planning to include the Cathars in the next Merrie England supplement, as well as the incredibly bloody and nasty Albigensian Crusade. I don't know a lot about the Waldensians, so a supplement covering them would be interesting.

Val-de-Loupe is a Monograph and looks good to me, so that could be one way to go. I've gone with Alephtar games for several reasons:

  • The book is printed and is available in shops
  • The quality of the books seems higher than the Monographs
  • I'm not keen on the Monograph terms (although they could end up paying more than writing a supplement)

Drop me a line regarding the Anarchy/Second Crusade etc and perhaps we could collaborate on something for Merrie England.

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