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On Redeemed Broo


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43 minutes ago, Qizilbashwoman said:

Also uh some of those gotta be female Broo. I know Malia is the go-to when Thed says "you have tits, get out" but Ralzakark wants those CA healers.

In other places, female Broo have the smelly end of the stick, as they cannot worship Thed.

However, in Dorastor, there are many other deities they can worship.

In my Dorastor, Ralzakark protects female Broo and encourages them to join cults such as Chalana Arroy and Lunar cults such as the Seven Mothers and Etyries. They can also join the Humakti Sword Broo of the Broo Legion.

So, there are many chances for female Broo to shine in the enlightened utopia of Dorastor.

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