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The Big Book

Jason D

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I was talking with Dustin Wright earlier this week about Interplanetary and other additional BRP books, when I mentioned that folks here on this forum called it the Big Yellow Book.

He said that he'd sort of hoped that folks would refer to it as the Big Gold Book, to avoid confusion with the phonebook (though it rivals it in size).

Thought I'd ask that, as a favor to Dustin, future commentary refers to it as "gold" rather than "yellow".

And good things were indeed discussed to follow IP out the door... hopefully much more rapidly!

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Hardback. With the originally commissioned cover art.

As long as we're dreaming. I want faux leather hardbound with the original chaosium logo from the readers copy stamped into it. If they do that, I'll buy two.

Oh yah, and a game master screen.


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