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Würm - the Ice Age Roleplaying Game - 60% discount

Brian Duguid

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Admins - please just delete this post if it's not acceptable here!

I've just picked up a copy of Würm - the Ice Age Roleplaying Game from Chaosium, it's currently on a massive discount along with various adventure booklets, scenario books etc.

Why is it relevant here? Well, it's a game about the lives of paleolithic peoples (both homo sapiens and neanderthals), a labour of love by the author Emmanuel Roudier and filled with his beautiful artwork. There are spirits, magic, period-appropriate animals, fantastical creatures - even people who can shape-change, and who have totemic bonds with guardian animal spirits.

Sound familiar? There are obvious similarities to some of the Hsunchen peoples in Glorantha, particularly the tribes of Fronela (Rathori, Uncolings, Hogari etc), and quite apart from its own merits as a game, this is a really useful sourcebook to understand the paleolithic/neolithic technology and culture of Gloranthan Hsunchen. I'm really pleased I bought it, and the current price is excellent value for money.

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An Unofficial Buyer's Guide to RuneQuest and Glorantha lists everything currently available for the game and setting, across 60 pages. "Lavishly illustrated throughout, festooned with hyperlinks" - Nick Brooke. The Voralans presents Glorantha's magical mushroom humanoids, the black elves. "A wonderful blend of researched detail and Glorantha crazy" - Austin Conrad. The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Stunning depictions of shamanistic totem-animal people, really evocative" - Philip H.

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