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Brent Jord (Burnt Earth) a Post Apocalyptic Setting for BRP

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Welcome to Burnt Earth

"Yes, welcome, come in to the heat... Its starting to blow into a storm outside I beleive." The elderly man walks toward the hearth in the middle of the concrete room and hangs up an old kettle with water. He turns around, too assure himself that your still there and pulls his dogskin coat tighter around himself with his old wrinkled hands.

"Its not often I invite strangers inside, but you are an exception my friend. Something about your eyes I believe, something that speaks of hope... My name? I'm Einar, but do not bother with yours, the old memory is not as what it used to be." Outside the storm rumbles and the wind howls through creaks between the old planks fastened to the destroyed window.

"Please, do not let despair fill you, at least we are safe from the Red Mist here. Thats the nice thing about living this close to the Bergen Colony, almost no Blood Lichen." He leans forward and whispers. " Only those damn Sillids."

You look quickly around you, out the window between the planks, but no sign of Control Droids. Saying stuff like that can bring dire consequences.

" Do not worry friend, there are few droids out here, especially in this weather. But come on, tell me your story..."


This is the Post Apocalyptic world of Burnt Earth, with a focus on the land of Norway, but will also include exploration throughout the known world.

Cause this is our world, sometime in the future. All we know have been lost. Extraterrestial creatures known only as the Sillids, know controls us. The ruins are full of gangs taking whatever they wants, how brutally the want, the wilderness is full of cannibals and everywhere, hidden from sight, the Blood Lichen grows like some kind of real nightmare.

Burnt Earth is a place where almost everything is dark and somber, where happiness have fled and everyone who can hides out in what they call homes. But even here, there is a shimmer of hope.

Its this hope that the characters of the players bring with them. The opportunity of a better life, yes even the possibility to change the fallen world into something better.


This is a setting I have worked on for almost four years now, and it has grown and changed to what I would like to call the finalized version know being written.

It have had its own designed rules, used a simplified version of BRP, used the nWoD storytelling system and even been prepped for use with Gurps.

But now it have been decided upon the use of the BRP ruleset once and for all as the official rules for the setting.

For some on this forum and elsewhere, it may be a strange notion that not a larger country, like the U.S or other European nations are the main focus. The reason for this is basically, it is made by an Norwegian and have that as it focus. But the setting will contain a large world chapter beyond Norway, with many plot hooks to be used.

Though I doubt it, if someone here do not know what a Post Apocalyptic setting is, this is the brief summarization of it: Its a time after a catastrophe that has changed our world so much that it is not like it is now anymore. Often its a setting that focuses on survival against the elements and your own greedy kind.

Reccomended Inspiration Sources are:

Movies: The Postman (it is a great movie despite what many believes), Waterworld, The Road, Book of Eli, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A, Mad max, Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Planet of the Apes (all versions), Terminator Film and Tv Series (yes, most is before, but Salvation is post), The Matrix triology, I Am Legend, The Omega Man, Day of the Triffids BBC series (a new movie directed by Uma Thurman is coming), Jericho tv series (sadly cancelled...), 12 Monkeys, The Colony (a "reality" show about surviving in a post apoc world, its great and Season 2 is coming this august).

Books: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Eternity Road, The Postman, The Road, I Am Legend, the Norwegian Evv Lushun triology needs special mention.

Games: Fallout 1-2-3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Gears of War series, Borderlands.

This is just a few suggestions.


What I will do in this thread, is post some setting material, some stats and rules and so forth. The first posts will be a bit of history, as how it is remembered by the ones that survived, and discovered documents of the fall and the time before.

And for the Norwegians, Swedes and Danes and others that can read Norwegian on this forum, they can also use this wiki as a resource for this: http://brentjord.wikidot.com/

Hope you like what you see and come back for more. Any questions will be answered as fast as I can.

- Kjetil

Tea and Madness

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Hm, The Red Mist is spores from the Blood Lichen, an entity from another dimension that came when the Sillids used experimental Bombs, but more about that later.

Burnt Earth will have a page count of about 300 pages when finished, I believe. And is late post apocalyptic, that will say its over 100 years after the fall, given time for changes but the Earth is still in ruins.

Rubble and Ruins looks interesting anyways, and maybe I will pick it up sometime.

Next blurb will be up either later today or tomorrow, unearthing some more of the setting:

Colony 231 Bergen

Tea and Madness

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Norway, the land of a thousand homes and fjords have drastically changed, but still resembles what we know.

The Fall touched our country like all others around the world, and even we felt the wrath of the Sillids when one of their experimental bombs in the capital of Oslo, which is now a Death Zone.

No cities are left whole in Norway, the norwegian military fought bitterly for the two months after the bombs fell all over the world, and our urban territories felt the effect of that. Large swaths of nature got devestated in the process too, but today Norway have been mostly overtaken by nature.

Important Places:

Colony 231 Bergen

Tronehem (the former city of Trondheim)

Harestaden (the former city of Harstad)

Jotnenes Hjem (the new name of the area called Jotunheimen (The Home of the Giants))

Death-Zone Oslo

Vidda (The Hardangervidda, a mountain plateau)

North Vidda (a mountain plateau in the region of Finmark)

Troll (the Gigantic Oil platform outside of bergen)

(More important places will appear)

Colony 231 Bergen

One of the 235 colonies the Sillids have made on Earth, and the only one in Norway, and is the cornerstone of the Burnt Earth setting. The ruins around the colony, and the wastland past it is the one place in Norway where one can experiance every aspect of the setting.

After the Fall, have even this once fair city fallen to decay and become changed under the many decades that have past. Where the once fine central of Bergen was, The Little Lung Lake, there is now a Sillid tower; a form of commando central for the Sillids on th ground. Around the giant tower are repaired buildings, painted shining white, where the humans that have chosen to live peacefully side by side with the Sillids are, the few and privileged Collaborators.

Outside that which is the main colony, that is surrounded by a barrier, a huge wall keeping the devestated world outside, you find the ruins of what once was the city of Bergen; here and out to the regions of Sotra and Åsane, humans lives in a daily struggle for survival,

against starvation, Smog Gangs and the eternal eyes of the Control Droids floating everywhere.

Above Bergen, the gigantic Sillid cruiser floats, baptized "The Black Star". It is impossible not to notice it, even if one never look up towards the sky, for you can always hear its whale like song thundering above inn a bass-like crescendo, or feel the air vibrate as it moves to and fro from time to time. "The Black Star" is something that fils the humans in Bergen with both terror and awe, when they look upon its crystalline shape.

Out on the Island of Sotra one can find hope, because in an expanded Fjell Fortress (the largest fortress made by the germans in WW II, and also inside a mountain, Fjell = Mountain), you can find one of the few Libertines/Garden bases left in Norway (resistance force against the Sillids), who operates closely with the Norwegian Libertine/Garden HQ on the old "abandoned" Troll Oil platform.

On The Seven Mountains that surrounds Bergen, you find the wastelands, the first part of large swaths of nature where no buildings or Sillids can be found, where the cannibalistic Gast's lives and small Human villages lives in primitive lives to hide from the eye of the Sillids and the danger of the ruined cities.

The mountain called Fløyfjellet also has a dread secret, somewhere on the mountain, the dreaded Blod Lichen have taken root and have started expanding.

Next up: The different campaign types - Survivors, Libertines/Garden, Collaborators....

after that, the different threats - Sillids, Smog-Gangs, Gast's, Blood Lichen...

Edited by KjetilKverndokken

Tea and Madness

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  • 3 years later...

Sometime today my ass XD

This have been a carousel of a ride


And here is the intro text, its in Norwegion, but you get to see a few art sketches :) :


It is now set in stone, the game will be based on the Legend OGL after much up and down with systems, beta testing and so forth. And even a couple of days ago, a very talented artist came onboard, so this project suddenly have started to move with faster pace now.

Much of the setting blurb above is not totally how the game is anymore, as it have been refined since this thread started.

The game will still launch in Norwegian to begin with, and a British friend of mine will do the translation for an English version.

And it will be availible as a PDF and POD on drivethru when it is finished (sometime). Quickstart is to be finished in autumn.

Tea and Madness

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I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that you were releasing this for Savage Worlds. Are you releasing for more than one system?

"Tell me what you found, not what you lost" Mesopotamian proverb



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