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Heroforge Voodoo-fu!


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2 hours ago, Joerg said:

Does Heroforge enable darker hues of skin? These are all a lot paler than how Sartarites are described.

My understanding of Sartar is that the locals are of 'Gaulish' or classic 'Irish' coloration and that there's more physical diversity in the Lunar Empire.

But HF itself has a wide range of colors, from human to fantasy.

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10 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

How are you differentiating your Rune Levels from non-Rune Levels???

I don't like the armour selections - not enough Bronze Age stuff.

Since you complained about the price (and quite rightly so), why not just get a 3D printer, and then get the files to print from? Then, do the painting yourself (or, as I did, get someone else to do them for you)?

Rune levels are identified by carrying iron or Rune-metal gear instead of bronze /gold-tone. For example, the amount of copper and iron in Ernalina Axe-Sister's equipment.

As for the armors, you won't find much Heroic Bronze Age armors in HF [no Dendera Panoply, boar tusk helmets, Minoan dresses etc.]. I've selected the most 'Bronze-ish Age' gear but there's a wide range of stuff I'd like to see myself. They do address the tropes pretty well and are adding stuff all the time.

I don't know a whole lot about 3d Printers. The couple that I've been exposed to stank quite a bit and I live in an apartment building. I don't want to be a source of vile smells.

I think if HF were to add anything, I'd like them to add more expression to the eyes. With the selections currently available, it's fairly difficult to make a figure look angry, with knit brows and an intense gaze. The expressions of the eyes are pretty limited at this point. But let me say that all this is rather more critique than criticism. I'm amazed with how much you can get done with just a little practice on Heroforge.


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9 hours ago, Joerg said:

Does Heroforge enable darker hues of skin? These are all a lot paler than how Sartarites are described.

Lots of options, depending on how you wanna do things.

Fortunately it only costs money to have them printed or turned into tokens, so easy enough to experiment.


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