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Was there ever a Draconic Eurmal Cult?


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According to King of Sartar, Eurmal taught men to speak to dragons. So the question is, was there ever an Eurmal Draconic cult? What was it like? Could Eurmal be persuaded to do this again? Who was the foolish man?

Quote - King of Sartar


The Dragon Wars

From the beginning of Time, Orlanth and the dragons have been enemies. Orlanth slew Aroka and Sh’harkazeel, and many which were lesser. They had, in their turn, ever plotted against Orlanth and humankind, who had robbed them of their ancient world.

One day Eurmal found a new way to betray his master. He found a foolish man, and he split his tongue, the way that a bird’s tongue can be split to make it talk. And he also split the man’s brain, and his heart. That way the man would understand dragon speech.

The man, who is called Rostand the Speaker, enjoyed the effect. The dragonewts, which were always something to fear, spoke to him and he understood. He found his way to a dragon, and rather than being eaten, he learned a song from it!

Rostand though this was great fun, and so he got his friends and his family to try it. It was a simple operation; soon they were all doing it to each other.

It was easy to understand the dragon speech, and to learn to do new magic from them. Many people wanted to do this, and did.



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7 hours ago, EricW said:

So the question is, was there ever an Eurmal Draconic cult?

Shh … it’s a secret!

As an aside, does the Trickster owe any loyalty to rocks-for-brains sociopaths like Stormlad? If not, then who was betrayed by the murder of the Sun (played by Kenneth Williams, with Sid James as Lodril)? I like a good sunset, me. Dawn chorus? Lovely!

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