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Nearest temples to Ronegarth

Mark Mohrfield

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5 hours ago, Mark Mohrfield said:

Anyone have any ideas as to where the nearest temples to Ronegarth for such player-character popular deities such as Orlanth, Humakt, Storm Bull etc. are located?


In Pavis for Lightbringers, and maybe - Humakt well at least a shrine.  in Sun County for Yelmalio, major temple..  For Storm Bull and Waha try tribes' mobile temples. Else at the block for a najor SB  temple.  Eiritha at the paps?  Or closer-   acvording to Borderlands a sufficient collection of temples is to be found at Hiorn Gate  west of Ronegarth.  Detail to be hsndled by the G M as needed..  Chalana Arroy at the paps too.  For the Red Goddess it is dependent on date.

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Horn Gate per Borderlands
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1 hour ago, Mark Mohrfield said:

Anyone have any ideas as to where the nearest temples to Ronegarth for such player-character popular deities such as Orlanth, Humakt, Storm Bull etc. are located?


I mention shrine locals and above here as well as actual temples locations... hereabouts many shrines and temples are mobile or at a town or a city (one city and a very few towns...) or special sites so knowing where shrines are is probably helpful for when getting to a temple is hard or does not have the spell you wish...

Tourney Alter for Humakt, Sun County for Solar worship and allied deities (PC and Pavis as well in varying amounts)... Pavis County for Orlanthi and co. worship... any good size oasis for Issaries. Pavis and the paps and mobile as Sten says and, well, the Bull... well, that is problematic... as always with that cult... 😉 I would  assume most Storm Bull worship occurs in tribe on the savannahs and desserts of Prax and the Waste. I do not think the Block is a temple or a shrine but, instead,  a prison to be watched forever. Hmm. Gorrakkiki and Zola Fel in Corflu and Zola Fel all up and down the river above and below.... Chalana Arroy, in a great many places... Earth and co at the Paps. Lunars  anywhere after Argrath (doubt it)... Orlanth at the Pairing Stones, no? Corflu, Pavis, Moonbroth, Pimper's Blocks and many large oasis before 1625... not sure if the Grantands ever got a shrine or temple


Shamans and Nomad god devotees are a special lot with their own needs and I do not know enough about them to comment.

Oh and Daka Fal at Hender's Ruins.

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Pavis New City for just about everybody.

The Rubble has temples for Yelorna, at least one Lanbril Gang, Aldrya, Kyger Litor and other Darkness cults.

Sun Dome for Yelmalio and what very few Yelmites are in the area.

Garhound for Lightbringers and 7M.

There is a Chalanna Arroy minor temple [or hospice?] at Horn Pass.

Hender's Ruins and Monkey Ruins are major Axis Mundi sites for Daka Fal, don't know if there are resident shamans there, however.

Tourney Altar is a site for Humakt, but no resident temple that I know of. Logically Moonbroth Oasis would also, it being the site of two major battles.

Corflu for Zola Fel, 7M, Dormal, and Gorakiki.

Paps for Waha, Eiritha, and Storm Bull.

Note: With Waha and Eiritha, each Praxian tribe worships in their own unique way and each tribe is, in effect, its own subcult. But the Paps is the source for the 'universal church' of each cult where each tribe's practices are respected but generalized so all may worship in peace in one place.

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