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Hydra - Adventurers from the Lunar Provinces

Peter Hart

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Published this on JC a few days ago.

Thanks to all who have bought a copy. One 5 star rating so far so many thanks for that.

Any feedback, comments and/or suggestions welcome!


The Lunar Provinces sit between the Lunar Heartlands in the north, Balazar in the east, Sartar and the Grazelands in the south and the Hydra Mountains and Dorastor in the west. They consist of five kingdoms: Aggar, Holay, Imther, Tarsh, and Vanch.
This book, in conjunction with the RQG main rulebook, allows players and gamemasters to create adventurers from these lands. It includes homeland passions, runes, cultural skills, family history events and regimental tables.
There are also twenty fully detailed pregenerated adventurers.
Also included are homeland maps and "Jonstown to Eneal" describing Salvatrix the Sober's meandering journey through the Lunar Provinces.
Originally designed as a supplement for the forthcoming adventure "Hydra" this book can be used independently.

Jonstown Link http://tiny.cc/nzo1vz


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I finally had a chance to pick up this work.  It's a useful mix of character creation (primarily for those with a military background and including new background events for the Lunar Provinces), pre-generated characters (easy to use as NPCs), encounter tables and a few encounters, plus a travelogue through the Lunar Provinces.  Definitely recommend for anyone starting a game in the provinces or looking to have Lunar-oriented characters.

(It also complements my own Edge of Empire quite well, and I'll definitely drawn upon in my own newly reincarnated Imther game.) 

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