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Applying Damage Boosting to Missiles


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The RQ III spell Damage Boosting says that it can be cast "on anything that can be used as a weapon," and lists, as examples, "a sword, fist, chair leg, ale mug, etc."  In the case of missile weapons that use ammunition, such as bows, crossbows, or slings, does the spell affect the weapon, such that each missile launched with that weapon is boosted for the duration?  Or must it instead be cast on a single piece of ammunition for that weapon (e.g., an arrow)?  The spell obviously becomes very powerful if the party sorcerer can boost the elf's bow with a +10 Damage Boosting, and makes Damage Boosting much more powerful than spirit magic analogs like Fire Arrow or Speedart, where the Magic Point cost is per missile.


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13 hours ago, Agentorange said:

I always took it to mean it was cast on the missile itself. You could cast it on the bow to make it a hand to hand weapom ala Legolas I suppose.......

Same for me.

9 hours ago, Godlearner said:

Missle only. There were a number of published scenerios with NPC having Damage boosting on one or two arrows.

Griffin Island had it on arrows and javelins.

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