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Out now in Print: FURTHEST, Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh, by Simon Bray & Friends

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Here's Simon Bray @blackyinkin leafing through his copy of Furthest:

And here's the "proper celebration" I mentioned: Nick's 10,000 pages of printed classic and community content on the Chaosium blog.


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1 hour ago, Revilo Divad Of Dyoll said:

Wow, that is pretty.

Thank you! Over on Facebook, I said: “This book is really gorgeous, I think it's my best layout job yet, supported by an Art Director's rolodex full of talented artists, all working in full colour.” And it’s even lovelier in print than it looks on the screen.

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4 hours ago, Squaredeal Sten said:

Received my hard copy of Furthest today.  So 20 days from order to receipt via cheapest USPS.  

How does it look?

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2 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

How does it look?

Beautiful slick cover.  I bought the full color version, first time i have done that.  

 Interior map illustrations are pretty readable.  The zoomed-in ones of sections of the city are very readable, a good thought.

Colored  backgrounds behind the text on all the pages make the text marginally less readable - though cataracts developing in my eyes don't help.  (It could be worse, textured colored backgrounds would be really bad::  This effect of textured backgrounds is  verified by an interesting real-life accidental experiment about 25 years ago.)

I like the organization of the descriptions of parts of the city, 'From the north east", "From the Oslir river'.

I like most of the illustrations of people.

The Furthest map and Kingdom of Tarsh map on pages 6-7 and 77 needs a magnifying glass (which i have) or a really close look (my nose gets really close to the paper) , so I am ordering a poster, and it was a good thought to sell those through Redbubble.

I like the Gazetteer Index!

I like the hierarchy of headline fonts.




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