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Renaissance era mercenary campaign advice


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Hello All!

I'm interested in knowing if there any additional resources for the types of guns and armor used in the 1500's I bought the book that just came out and I'm going to be running a low fantasy set in a Germanic inspired renaissance era. I noticed the core book has well just a musket which reloads slower then an arbalest?

My current plan is to house rule that anyone can do it in 1/4 at 50% 1/3 and at 70% 1/2 the campaign will feature magic though guns are considerably rare and expensive most of the gun smithy's being destroyed in the cataclysm [demonic invasion roughly 70ish years ago] so it's mostly in the hands of house guards and nobles. I get the feeling the musket stats in the book are for a more common musket? 

This is also a fantasy world so i was thinking of beefing it up 1d10+5 and in some cases 1d10+6 or even 7 [they did just stare down a demonic incursion]

I know the 'new edition' just came out and any resources may need some conversion but overall im excited for this system already read through to the GM's section.

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Wow thanks for the feed back everyone! I checked out the links and they have some super useful reference materials!

I've done a read through of the core book and the percentages for skills make group combat much easier Huntsman have lets say 50% Bow skill [wip] 30 fire 15 hit 

My main next question is how are Calvary handled in terms of their chargers? More specifically lancers into formations and running down individuals.

I noticed both the mythras and the d100 srd have prices in coin value were as the book uses 'wealth levels' I recall there being a conversion in the book is that the same 'wealth rate' i would use with respect to srd and or mythras downloads? I dont forsee it being a huge issue and I enjoy GM prepping my own economics but i am curious

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1 hour ago, Mjollnir said:

BRP Ruleset?

OP specified "I bought the book that just came out" and (in this forum) I think we presume it's the new BRP:UGE edition.

C'es ne pas un .sig

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