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Armour and Heat

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According to page 261, the Burden of the armour can be used with the optional

fatigue system, and according to page 219 the character loses two to four times

the normal loss of fatigue points per combat round of activity when he suffers

stifling heat or freezing cold. Combined this could probably be seen as a rule for

the "armour and heat problem".

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

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Are there any rules in any of the BRP books/supplements covering the effects of heat on a character who carries heavy armour?

The fatigue system I developed for Outpost 19 and which Rod used as the basis for his system in Classic Fantasy is explicitly intended to accommodate that sort of thing. Heavy armour is precisely the sought of factor that should in my system influence when a GM should consider dropping a character a fatigue level, or when they call for a stamina roll to avoid such a drop.



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