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I didn't know there was a BRP wiki. I've become chief bottle washer on the MRQ Wiki hosted by Sceaptune Games, I don't know if Tim @ Sceaptune would want it to expand it's scope to cover RQ6, or if TDF/Moondesign would want their own wiki, but that would make three. If BRPCentral were to host a wiki, that could become a place to unify everything in one place - Basic Roleplaying, MRQ/Legend, and RQ6, would that be an option?

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Ah. That would make a unified BRP/RQ wiki tricky, as MRQWiki is MediaWiki so everything would have to be re-markuped.

Yup, and the doku-wiki software isn't really any good. I would love to see something with a bridge to the forum software, but so far that does not exist.

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