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The utility of the Seven Mothers cult?


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17 hours ago, Orlanthatemyhamster said:

So unlike Mr Orlanthi or Miss Ernalda, you have to join two cults to have some real benefit in your day to day life?
Seems like a bum deal to me. Twice as poor.

The Lunar Book makes it fairly clear that this is not the case:

  • you can join all Lunar cults directly, without joining the 7M first.
  • you can explicitly 'transfer' to/from the 7M to other lunar cults, keeping initiate/priestess rank.

Note that as a long term pet peeve, there are no actual rules anywhere for transferring between closely associated cults. Taking the rules pedantically, you end up in the new cult with no rune magic, and a 0% Worship skill. However, common sense suggest you keep rune spells common between the two cults. With virtually all Lunar cults being associated, cult transfer will rarely lead to a major loss of magic or status.

The Lunars don't seem to have any form of adulthood initiation rites, unless 'being conquered by the Empire and living under the Glowline' counts. The Red Moon is the common Other Side of all Lunar cults, and all lunar deities have palaces there. So transferring between cults is basically a matter of walking from one to the other. The only tricky part is gaining permission to enter; there is probably a form you need to fill out.

The 7M is the lunar religion packaged as a regular cult, capable of operating beyond the glowline. It can be thought of the equivalent of on one those US army commissaries that provide branded fast food to anywhere in the world within reach.

Within the borders of the US, you don't actually need to join the Army to eat at Burger King.

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, radmonger said:

Note that as a long term pet peeve, there are no actual rules anywhere for transferring between closely associated cults.

I always allow "logical progression transfers" in my game, such as into more specialized Lunar cults, Ernalda -> Asrelia, "I swear eternal vengeance and paint my hands and face black - I mean BG", possibly Re-Life Sickness into Humakt/CA (haven't decided yet, it hasn't come up).

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