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Mythras SRD, Classic Fantasy SRD, and BRP UGE SRD website repos public


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3 minutes ago, Raleel said:

all markdown


which is listed as MIT? 

If you look at the right sidebar in the link for BRP that you posted, the License for the project is listed as MIT; correct license should be listed as ORC, yes? I assume that there is no ORC option available in the project settings, but can you manually edit it? Should be the same for the other two projects as well. 


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Thanks for doing this.

I've now downloaded from the repository and created a nicely formatted series of Word documents that are being used to create a NEWT Fantasy BRP SRD that I'll tinker and hack to my heart's content. 

It also made me learn how to use github, which is something I should have done over a decade ago in my last IT role, except our boss wasn't into sharing code with rest of the team  🤣 

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20 hours ago, plyr0 said:

Hi, converted OpenQuest: https://github.com/plyr0/OQ3SRDMarkdown

For those to whom it matters, OQ3 was released under Creative Commons licensing:  https://openquestrpg.com/srd/

All the SRD's at Raleel's repositories were released under the ORC license, rendering a mix&match blend clearly do-able; I don't know if CC+ORC allow "crossing the streams."

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