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When wanting to test settings, I noticed how it is headache to create test-characters or encounter tables. I then wrote pdf files to compute everything within seconds: skill points allocation (included skill categorie bonus), character training (how much time do I need to increase of a given amount of %, or how much do I improve a skill within a given amount of time training) and encounter table (find the right d100 rolls for each encounter within a minute and dare make your encounter tables).

If you think these magical tables can be useful, I'll upload them in the download section. Otherwise I'll keep them for me and create millions of characters and encounter tables just for myself :P

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Agreed, they are all useful.

For reference tables they are good rolled up into one PDF.

For random tables, I sometimes write a program that generates 2000 rolls, so all I need is a D20 and D100 and I can have fast rolled tables. So, for Deus Vult Scenarios and RQ Ruins, I generated 2000 of each to save time in generation.

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Boy, could have used the encounters chart big time about a week ago. I was trying to do encounter charts for the new Green book and kept coming up one or two points off. Then I had to re-add and re-check the tables again. It seems like I was continually rolling fumbles on my Math Skill.


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