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Movement CoC/Magic World to BRP


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Great table! Very useful.

I don't know why there are these differences. MW movement rates come from Elric! and are identical to those in CoC. I think they originate from RQ2 movement rates. RQ3 movement rates are completely different and BRP ones are neither those in RQ3 nor those in RQ2/CoC/Elric!/MV.

Perhaps you could expand the table including a column for RQ3 movement rates.

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I have to verify, but I think RQ3 gives Movement in meters per Strike Rank, which would be 30m for a human, which would be the same as in BRP. But you are right, I could add a table for RQ3 to make things easier. Tomorrow. ;)

Yup I think you are right, MOV 3 in RQ3 = MOV 10 in BRP. It is with BRP 10 = MW/Elric! 8 that it gets tricky.

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Updated the file, so it now shows RQ3 Movement to BRP. But be careful, RQ3 movement is not as granular and can give ridiculous values. Use them as a reference only. I think some creatures in RQ3 were just not done right. ;)

Nevertheless, the RQ3 table is quiet useful and speeds up gameplay. Have fun with it! ;)

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It looks good, but is a little confusing.

What would be really useful is a combination of the tables, showing the MW/CoC/BRP/RQ3/RQ2/Legend/RQ6 movements and how they relate to each other, a little like the Coc/BRP and RQ3/BRP tables. The distances aren't that important to me, except perhaps metres per round, but a comparison of all of them would be very useful.

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What is "miles"? ;) seriously, about 12 miles an hour movement? That seems way too fast for me. Maybe running speed, but not walking.

Sorry, mad bad.

I should have said that is running speed, this also means that we can create real world sprinters like Usain Bolt.

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