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Dragon Lines would make for a great Kung-Fu World. The issue is that Sage Kobold Productions are branding their products with the 'world' suffix right now. I've spoken to people about Magic World and they thought I was talking about a game using the Apocalypse World Engine no less than three times. Magic World is safely ensconced, I think, but Chaosium will have a hard road ahead if they want to reclaim the 'world' titles now.


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Can you please link to the specific post to save us all having to trawl through the RPGsite?

I'm trying to find it, too. It was most likely a thread about Magic World.


Found it.

from zomben (on that forum):


The subhead for the BGB is "Adventure Roleplaying in Different Worlds" (or something; don't have it to hand).

"X-Worlds" is going to be something you'll be seeing more of in the future.


A handfull of rules tweaks, and all the stuff from Elric! and a bunch of bits from RQIII all shuffled together. It also gives you a way to get all your players a copy of the rules without scouring used game and auction sites for the old books.

I'm going to be totally honest, if you already own all that stuff, you probably don't need Magic World. But, I sure would appreciate it if you bought a copy.

Here is the link to the post [http://www.therpgsite.com/showpost.php?p=595719&postcount=33]

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