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Sword & Sorcery Campaign with Friend


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A writee friend of mine is working on a Sword & Sorcery campaign influenced some setting elements from Clark Ashton Smith, Flash Gordon, Lovecraft and I've been helping him create some basic statistics in BRP. We've got Classic Fantasy, BRP, RuneQuest 6, the MRQ Lankhmar book, Renaissance Deluxe, Magic World and CoC to use as a basis.

We'll be using the Allegiance system of Renaissance Deluxe, uses of Sorcery may affect Allegiance directly. We're using a Cult System similarto that of RQ. BRP is the base.

He's been working on it for a couple of years using Barbarians of Lemuria and has decided he likes d100 after reading some of my new books.

Are there any d100 specific books on world building? We have a lot of material,which might get book online sometimes.

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Empires is still available through RPGNow, and only $1.

Thanks both for the info, two declining, one waxing and one alien empire are a major part of the setting he's developed. I think I can grab it at that price.

Cugel the Clever is the inspiration for a nation, and Rhialto has been mapped onto a cult with a bunch of Jack Vance spells.

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