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Does 1 SIZ = 1 ENC or 6 ENC?


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Page 180 of BRP states:


"In human scale, one ENC is generally equal to up to 1 SIZ point. More accurately, 1 ENC is equal to 1/6 of a SIZ point."
The first part of the sentence contradicts the second.  Does 1 SIZ = 1 ENC or 6 ENC?
In other words, would an average SIZ 13 human weigh 13 ENC or 78 ENC naked?
If we use the 6:1 ratio, could a horse carry an average man with 22 ENC of armor and weapons for a total of 100 ENC?
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p296 A SIZ13 person is roughly 170lbs / 80kgs


Every item has an ENC value, measured more by how difficult it is to handle, rather than by its weight.

The ENC of a SIZ13 block of lead is very different from a SIZ13 lump of wood.


ENC is all about the ability of a PC to carry an object. A 10' pole has a greater ENC value than a block of dried meat as the volume and ease of carrying it is different.


There is no simple conversion.


If you are a SIZ 13 person in heavy armour you buy a more expensive horse - one better able to carry you and your armour, maybe even a second horse to ride while your armour and gear is carried on another animal. It's one of those 'don't sweat the small stuff' things that worrying about bogs you down.


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Is a person (STR 13) tried to carry another person (SIZ 10), then that person would be 60 ENC and would be virtually uncarryable, so using 1 SIZ = 1 ENC is reasonable for the purposes of carrying someone.. 


However, for the purposes of converting equipment to SIZ, it it worth using the 6 ENC = 1 SIZ, so you can see how much loot your flying carpet can carry.

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"In other words, would an average SIZ 13 human weigh 13 ENC or 78 ENC naked?"


Hmmmm, planning to make off with the Princess, are we?  ;)   It's all good.  Barbarians aren't proficient with math anyway, so you can haul her away from Daddy regardless of how pleasantly plump she is.

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SIZ to ENC conversions have been somewhat contradictory through the variations of D100. Probably becuase they had different ENC rules. To be honest, I don't think either 1:1 or 6:1 works very well. 


The problem is that SIZ, as a stat, is not linear, nor can you add it directly. That is eight SIZ 10 things don't weight the same as .one SIZ 80 thing. So any conversion of SIZ to ENC won't really hold up.

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