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Damage bonus


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I cannot find any rule regarding missile/thrown weapons and damage bonus. In other brp-derived games, missiles do not use damage bonus, while thrown weapons get 1/2 db. Is this or any similar rule in the rulebook? I cant find it.....Or do all attacks use the full db?

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I have always played it like the way you described, ever since RQ3 back in the '80s, I just presumed BRP BGB and OQ did likewise...

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I only have the River of Heaven version of Openquest rules, but on page 25 it notes that you get your DB for melee and thrown weapons. 


I don't agree with that rule, so I'd say go with what you prefer (1/2 DB sounds good for thrown weapons).

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Its on P16 of OQ Deluxe, P18 of OQ Basic and even P13 of OQ1. In all cases its the first sentence of the description.


"The Damage Modifier applies whenever the character uses a melee or thrown weapon."


If you don't agree with that House Rule it to your hearts content :)

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